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I'd like to start off by saying, we made this decision because of our family, our health, our sanity and we did not to harm an animal in anyway.

William was our cat.  William was rescued by me one night, 2 months after we lost our first cat Oscar.

Oscar was our cat that I willingly adopted from the human society in town.  We  wanted a cat and he fit the bill to a T.  He was like a dog, not a cat.  He would run to the door when someone would come over, he rarely hid, he would play fetch, he would let you cuddle him and cradle him like a baby and he was loved by everyone that ever met him.  He just wasn't like every cat...

Oscar died tragically and we were seriously heartbroken.  We found him alive and really beat up... it was the most awful day of our lives.

So, 2 months later, I'm out with some friends, we're at a bar in our hometown and someone from our group leaves.  Before I know it, she's running back inside with this kitten that she has just "rescued" from running into the 6 lane high way.  She says over and over again that someone has to take this cat home.  So, with much hesitation, I take the cat and start to think about taking him home. And then, before I knew it, I was driving him home.  That night I kept him in the basement in a dog crate with a small litter box and some food/water. 

My husband was out of town and didn't know about this new kitty until the next day. Needless to say, it wasn't a happy conversation.  We wanted Oscar back, we didn't want a replacement.  But he was cute, so we gave him a try.  But (believe me) that wasn't before I called every shelter in the area to see if someone would take him.  I got a big fat, NO from everyone, so we kept him.

When we rescued William, he was about 6-7 months old.  We immediately took him to be declawed and neutered.... only to find out that he was already neutered. Maybe he was someone's cat?  Who knows... I just know that living right by a freeway, almost dying and having the potential to die again wasn't a good place to be, so... with us he stayed.

Using the litter box, from the get go, was a little foreign for William.  Maybe because he was an outside cat before and didn't know any different, who knows.  Either way, we spent the first few months, just cleaning up stuff that we had never experienced with our first cat and boy did it send us through the ringer.  We thought... new location, new process... give him time.

We had thought things were working out, but they weren't.  So we took him to the vet.  We increased him to 2 litter boxes and for a while, that worked.

Then, we found him again... so we added another box... 3 litter boxes and it was all good.  He was using them all but not using our house and we were shocked.

Then it went down hill.  We were installing a new TV and changing out TV cabinets, when my husband flipped a bag that we had placed in one of his "spots" and it was just FULL of  urine.  We were not happy campers. 

So we took him to the vet, again, to check for a UTI.  Never did he have medical problems.... so, we ended up putting him on anxiety medicine.  This worked wonders, almost immediately.  And worked for many years (mind you this is over a about 6 year timeframe, in total).

Then we had Coen and he had a personality change... for the better.  He wanted to be around, he wanted to see Coen, he wanted to be close... but something was a little off, still.  We didn't change his routine, we didn't stop doing the meds, we didn't change his litter, we just added Coen (which we thought he was okay with).  Until about 6 months.  He was still acting the same, but he started hunting around for spots again.  One day when I was home, I saw him try and go to his TV cabinet spot.  So I took a paper towel and stepped in that spot.  It was wet.

So, we sent him to the basement.  Our basement is large, so it wasn't a punishment... it was just his new living quarters.  We couldn't have him ruining our house and risking the health of our lives and our children.

Risking how... Peeing in places that we will never know about and putting our mouths or hands in it and then putting them in our mouths or on our bodies. It's just pain nasty.  I don't think I need to go into it all... you get it.  Animal pee is not a good thing for anyone to be around.  Espeically pregnant mamas and babies, let alone anyone else.

He was doing fine in our basement.  I was calling every shelter to find him a location, asking co-workers, posting on facebook... doing everything in my power and was getting nothing by NOs. We had no where to turn, so he just lived in our basement for about 3 weeks.

Then S said he wasn't using the litter box. So the next day, I went searching for the location that he was peeing.  Now keep in mind that our basement is full of our holiday/childhood items, kid items that we haven't used yet and all of our in-laws items.  So there are a number of places that his new "spot" could be.  Within two minutes of being down there, I went right for where I thought and hit the jackpot.  It was bad.  It was gross and because I was pregnant I couldn't really get into it.  So I just went up and told S and said that I would take care of it.

He ruined our house upstairs, he ruined what was a really great life for him and now he was ruining his temporary home in the basement and specifically items that weren't ours.

It was bad.

So, that morning, I packed William up and I drove him to our local humane society to surrender him.

It was bittersweet because while I didn't have a single emotion about taking him there, he was our cat and I did everything in my power to help him.  And all he did was pee on it.

So, with that... we are without a cat in our home and William has a new home.

It wasn't a tough decision and believe me, when he was okay and using his boxes, I still fought tooth and nail to keep him.  I wanted nothing but the best for him and he just didn't get that.

Sad yes, but we will all be healthier without him.

Goodbye William.


Stephanie said…
It's always hard to lose or have to give up an animal for whatever the reason may be, but I definitely think you did the right thing. Now that we have two-legged children (ha, our dogs were always our four-legged children) they come first and you have to look out for them. And the spots around the house would drive me insane too. He'll find a new good home!
Jeannie said…
We have been fighting the same battle for years now; Only to end up putting her down for other health reasons. For me, it was one of the toughest decisions as to what to do with her as the while she was peeing in our house... I know it shouldn't be, but it was.
Mrs. B said…
Oh, I totally, totally know how you feel. I adopted 2 cats years ago when I was in college. One was wonderful the other one was awful. She terrorized the other cat, growled and hissed at us if we tried to touch her, and peed all over everything. I was living with roommates at the time (their apartment), and the nice people they are, they tolerated this awful cat. I kept her for years because - that's just what you do, right? You adopt the cat and it's your responsibility. Then one day she attacked one of my roommates when he was feeding her. Huge, deep cut all the way down his forearm - from her teeth (she was declawed). So, after that I had no choice, I had to get rid of her. I felt so bad, I even cried even though she was seriously the WORST CAT EVER. But I totally understand, people are more important than animals, and you did the right thing. I hope your home is more peaceful!

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