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1. "Wow, what did you do?" This is sort of a silly question. Obviously, I had a baby, then about 5 1/2 months later, we got pregnant again.  I don't think I need to go into the "how it happened" part.  But this is literally what someone at the dentist said to me!

2. "How did you find out?" I had thought about my cycle arriving some time between Christmas and New Years.  We traveled out of state for about 4 days and then we loaded right back into the car to go out of town again and so, I just didn't think about it.  The morning after we returned home, I just took a test to see if it was positive or negative.  I took it, hopped in the shower and didn't think about it.  I had Coen in bed with S and when I got out of the shower, I picked it up, confirmed with the paper that it was positive, then I flipped open the bathroom door in tears, and said... "Babe, I think you need to look at this..."  And that was it.  I think we both said "Holy Crap!" about a thousand times... because holy crap, we're pregnant again!

3. "Was it planned?" Well, no. But our family plan was as such.  It took us almost 5 years to get pregnant with Coen, in having this be such a challange, we said that we wouldn't try, but we weren't going to protect, either.  We want a big family and we didn't want to run any risk of having more trouble with getting pregnant again.  So, we just didn't even think about it. Obviously.

4. "How many children are you wanting to have?" We had always talked about 3, because I'm a product of 3 and I love having a brother and sister.  But, recently we were talking about 4.  Who knows.  We just have to wait and see how it all pans out, but 2 will be a blast and I cannot wait!

5. "You're still nursing?" Yes, and because I'm pregnant, it's effecting my milk supply.  However, I plan to pump and nurse for as long as I'm needed and as long as I can.

6. "How did you tell S?" See question 2.

7. "Do your parents know?" We waited to tell most everyone until about 9 weeks.  My family, it was right before my sister's husband departed for Chicago.  And S.'s family the night before that... They are all in shock, but excited.

8. "What do they call that?  Irish twins?" I think the "Irish Twins" term comes from 2 babies born with in a year of one another, so we are outside of that by 2 months, cut me a break!

9. "How are you feeling?" Feeling great.  Every once in a while, I feel ill but I think it's mainly because I need more water or just need to eat.  Being a nursing/pregnant mother kills my calories, instantly and makes me eat about every 1.5 hours.  It's nuts.  But all in all, I don't feel sick at all or yucky.
10. "Are you excited?" We are over the moon with excitement.  Never thought it would be that easy, but here we are.  It's going to be a joy to have them close in age and be instant friends.  They won't know any different so it will be great!

12. "What are you parents going to think?" See question 7.

11. "Will you be finding out the gender?" Yes, because if it's a girl, I want to know.


Wendy said…
So happy for you Jill! :)
Stephanie said…
I think this is so wonderful! There are several blogs I follow who struggled getting pregnant with #1 and within 8 months got a surprise with #2. I sure hope it's "easy" for me the second time around too!
Leah said…
JILL! I seriously can't think of you without smiling!
Nicole said…
Congratulations! This is wonderful news!!

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