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feeling a little mia

I haven't been avoiding writing about pregnancy #3, I've just been waiting for the right moment to disclose all the weekly updates.  Being pregnant so closely to Coen's arrival has us running in 100 circles.  So much going on...
  • Do we buy a new car?  When?  Do we trade in my car that we own or my husband's car that is smaller and not feasible for two car seats?
  • Do we have them room share?  If so, do we repaint everything so that it looks like the same room in the "new" room or do we just leave it alone?
  • Of the bills we have, what do we pay off first?  Do we need to consult Dave Ramsey?
  • Do we need a new washer and dryer? Eco-friendly, save on our water bill, be more gentle on our clothes... safer?
  • When do we buy another crib?  Do we want to take the one from Sean's co-worker?
  • When do we finish the basement?  The moving idea will have to go on hold, but finishing the basement must become a priority.
  • Do we still go on a family vacation or do we hold off to save money? Or do we try to go somewhere closer and save money?  Or do we just go to Chicago for vacation?
  • What can we donate?  What can we get rid of? 
  • When can we get our house guests items out of our basement so that we can re-organize our items?  When will they make this a priority?
  • We need patio furniture, when do we buy this?  Do we live without for this summer and buy next year?  Or do we just wait for a big sale or to find it at a thrift store?
  • Where can we find extra money?  Do I start selling Pampered Chef again?  Do I sell something else?  Do I find another job?  Do I work from home part time on the weekends doing something totally different?  Doesn't money grow on trees SOMEWHERE?  If so, can someone tell me where? 
Just a lot going on.

When we calm down and figure some things out, I'll start formulating the updates.

Until then....


Erin said…
We understand!! Good luck with getting everything worked out. I've been thinking we should consult Ramsey too, but then again I'd rather just find those money trees :)
Jeannie said…
I feel that way and our babies are almost 3 years a part!! I think just bringing another child into the equation is stressful all onto itself.

Good luck! I know everything will work out fantastically :)
molly said…
Oh my goodness. Holy crap! I totally missed that you were pregnant again! Happy Happy, Joy Joy! Congrats, Jill. I think this is so wonderful!

My younger sister and I are only 13 months apart and we all made it out alive (including my parents, hehe).
HUG. Take your time. And yes, I totally get it. It's a LOT.

We'll be here waiting. I hope you find some peace soon.
Wendy said…
Yikes, you've got a lot rolling around in your brain. Everything will work out ... just remember that. It will all settle down and fall into place eventually!

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