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Coen, 8 months

Dear Coen,

I cannot believe we’re only 4 months from you becoming 1 year old and about 6 months before you become a big brother!  It’s crazy how quickly our time is flying by, but it’s so exciting, I cannot get over it!

This month we learned a few things:

·    That you aunt and uncle are going to be moving out of state, but to a location that we can visit and enjoy!

(Reading with Aunt J.  Every time I went to snap a picture, you looked up.)

Your firsts this month, were sort of limited because last month was such a big month!

·         You had your first incisor come in on the top right.
·         Then you had your second incisor come in on the top left. (Totaling 6 teeth)
·         You had your first big trip to the mall with lots of mall shopping, mall napping and mall eating. We will not be doing this much, so it’s why I’m listing it.  Just a day out with the ladies while the boys (husbands) were out of town.
·         In a few days you’ll be experiencing your first Valentine’s day, which I enjoy but we don’t really do much for.  I did make a few little items for your sitter friends and I’m very excited about giving them those things.
·         You had your first cereal puff for babies.  It’s pretty cute to a) watch you eat it, but b) watch you try and grab them and hold onto them.  It’s just one step to you working on feeding yourself!
·         You also had the last of your first swim lessons (this time with your dad) and it was great.  You did great in the water and really enjoyed it!
·         You met our friends the Coburn family.  The kids love you, you willingly shared your toys, rolled around and showed them all your moves.  You also ate a whole jar of food and threw a little bit of it!  You really know how to show off!  Ha!
·         And lastly, you had your first tax appointment with the family and Charlene.  You were great and very friendly with your new friend.

(Swim lessons with your dad... See you can swim!)

This was from the morning that I thought you were never going to take your morning nap.  Then, just like that... after about 3 hours of play, crying and eating, you were down for the count and I was so thankful.  Luckily, you slept long enough for me to squeeze a few zzzz in there too.  What a cute face, even when you're zonked.

This was another weekend picture of you sitting in your swing watching your favorite show "Word World".  It's about 15 minutes to 30 minutes that we can have you sit, potentially learn and we can run around to get something done.  It's a great show all about letters and words.  The sing cute little songs and you love it.  As soon as the school bell chimes, you are hooked.

This is from when you had just gotten up from a nap, I was in the middle of folding clothes, so I put you in the laundry basket to hang out for a minute while I finished up.  You had a great time.  You thought it was hilarious and then you started chewing on the side of the basket, so we wrapped up and hopped out.

This is your friend Clayton from the sitter's house.  We didn't plan this but seriously, how cute are you two and your matching, but opposite outfits?  I loved it!  You are about 5 months younger than him, but in this picture you look pretty close in age.  He just started walking which is really cute to watch!

This piano your Nana got for you.  You have a big one at the sitters house that you love to play but this one does the trick when we are at home.  You know how to play it with your hands, but I have to say that you're much better with your feet because you just kick away and make all the noise in the world.  It's hilarious how much it sounds like you're playing a song, sometimes.  You're just that good!

And bath time... still your favorite.  Seriously, this picture makes me laugh every time that I see it.  It's just pure joy and it makes me so happy!

Sleeping in your car seat after we arrived home from the sitters house.  You were out for a while this night too!  Sometimes you crash on the way home and other times you don't.  Most of the time it's just a cat nap, but sometimes it's so long we just put you in bed until you wake up.  Usually you wake up about 30 minutes after we arrive home because you want dinner.  A little cuddly, sleepy baby is just so darn precious.

We were at Pottery Barn Kids and we found a jingle bell rattle in the clearance bin.  After giving it to you and having you fall in love with it, I realize that this jingle bell rattle was $11.99 on sale.  It wasn't worth $11.99, but you loved it so much, I let you have a little fun with it before we scooted out of the store.  Now, I'm on a hunt for a jingle bell rattle that makes a lot of noise for you to shake around like you did with this one.  It was perfect.  You need some new instruments!

Oh and notice you're sitting in your stroller without your car carrier and you love it!  Gives you more freedom to look around and see new things!  Makes it easier on me too!

Anyway, it's been a great month!  You're continuing to grow in change in ways that we're still amazed by.  We're still learning about your new eating habits and knowing what you like and what you don't like.  You're favorite vegetable are sweet potatoes and you love almost every fruit that we've tried, including pineapple, raspberries and blueberries.  We're still working on green vegetables.  For some reason, those just don't go down for you like the other orange vegetables do.  We'll give it a few more weeks and try them again.  Cereal you eat with no problems too and the BM to formula combo works for you too. 

You're still teetering on 3-6 month clothes, 6 month clothes, 9 month clothes and 6-12 month clothes.  You can wear a combination of all of these, depending on the brand.  It's sort of crazy because right now, it looks like you have tons of clothes, but as soon as we send the rest of your 3-6 month clothes out the door, we will have only a few things left.  Still, it's fun to discover new things that fit you that look great for this season!

You're still wearing size 3, Luvs diapers and you still are small enough for everything that you've used since you were a baby, except your bouncy chair.  I forgot to note this in my blog when this happened, because I'm pretty sure I was in denial that it even happened.  But, we'd use your bouncy chair to have you sit it while we would take a quick shower.  It worked for a while because you were not mobile or that strong.  Then one day, when I was in the shower, you pulled yourself right out of it and onto the floor.  Now, that's only about 6 or something inches, but still... you weren't happy about it and it freaked me out.  So away the bouncy chair went and instead, we use the highchair that is one wheels for just about anything.  Keeps you occupied longer and strapped in good too!

Alright, so that just about wraps everything up for this month.  It's going to be wild to see what the next few months bring us.  Every month, we're impressed with what you can do, what you learn and how you work yourself in and out of different situations. I cannot wait!

Happy 8 months, little boy!  We love you so much!

Mama & Dada


Stephanie said…
Sure seems like you had a big month! After reading about the swim lessons, we are definitely signing Chloe up in a few months. I'm just waiting for the day Chloe rolls out of her bouncy seat too - we do the same thing with putting her in it while we shower if we are home alone.
...julia... said…
What a stinker! He's so cute :)

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