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Leah from Marital Bless posted about this aritcle, Joy, or "Just Wait?" by Katie Wetherbee, and it really hit home.  It's right on point about how parents react to new parents or how people talk to other people in general and I couldn't agree more.

Why do people have to be so negative?

Why can't they find the joy in all of the "Just Wait's" and then share those?

Reading this was just really timely, since I had just posted about all of the things that I've hated talking about with other new moms or moms in general. 

Whether you're a mom or not, read this article and FIND THE JOY! Please.

13 Weeks | NEW Baby Bump

How far along: 13 weeks, on the nose.(From the Bump) Your fetus is forming teeth and vocal cords... savor this, their non-functional phase. Baby is approaching normal proportions, with a head now only one third the size of the body. Intestines are in the process of moving from the umbilical cord to baby's tummy. (Much more convenient.)

How big is baby: The size of a peach.
Due Date: I don't have an official date from my doctor yet, but if you go by my dates from my last cycle it says September 1 but my ultrasound said that the baby was measuring around August 26.  So, basically we'll shoot for September 1, but deliver with a c-section in the last week of August.

Weight gain/loss: I'm currently under my pre-pregnancy weight with Coen at 179 and I've been teetering around 177 to 182 over the last few weeks.  Just depends on what I eat.  As far as gain is concerned, until the scale says so at the dr, I'm going with no gain.

Maternity clothes: To be honest, there were…


Hate's a strong word, but I'm going to use it for this knowing that it's a strong word, just to get my point across.
I hate comparing babies to other babies.  It's not apples to apples.  It's not cut and dry, it's very different from one to the next and truly there is just no comparison. My family is really tall, well taller than average, let's say....  I'm 5'7'' and I'm the runt.  My sister is 5'10'', my brother is 6'5'', my mom is 5'8'', my dad is 6' and my uncles (on my mom's side) are all about 6' or much taller.  We have a tall family.  That's not to mention my husband's side, either.  From a male perspective, he's the runt of his family and he's 6'4''.  What I'm trying to say is that if your family's tallest person is barely 5'10'', genically, we cannot even compare our babies because they won't be close in height, ever.Weight is anot…

back to room sharing

We talked about having the babies both share a room.  We have a three bedroom house and when the 2nd baby arrives and takes over the third bedroom, that would leave us without a guest room.  The guest room isn't really the issue, the issue is if we have similar sleeping habits with baby #2 as we have had with Coen, then we will have a co-sleeper and no bed to share with the baby.  I'd share our bed, but it's just too hard with them being up and down at night and keeping everyone up, verses, just me.

Why we thought room sharing would work?  Well, they'll be close in age, Coen will be sleeping well through the night by this time and we shouldn't have that big of a problem.  Maybe a few rocky nights, but no big deal.  The main reason being that our guest room is large and could easily house them both with two cribs, two dressers and everything else that they would need.


After talking about clearing out the guest room, painting it the same color as Coen's ro…

feeling a little mia

I haven't been avoiding writing about pregnancy #3, I've just been waiting for the right moment to disclose all the weekly updates.  Being pregnant so closely to Coen's arrival has us running in 100 circles.  So much going on...
Do we buy a new car?  When?  Do we trade in my car that we own or my husband's car that is smaller and not feasible for two car seats?Do we have them room share?  If so, do we repaint everything so that it looks like the same room in the "new" room or do we just leave it alone?Of the bills we have, what do we pay off first?  Do we need to consult Dave Ramsey?Do we need a new washer and dryer? Eco-friendly, save on our water bill, be more gentle on our clothes... safer?When do we buy another crib?  Do we want to take the one from Sean's co-worker?When do we finish the basement?  The moving idea will have to go on hold, but finishing the basement must become a priority.Do we still go on a family vacation or do we hold off to save mon…

Coen, 8 months

Dear Coen,
I cannot believe we’re only 4 months from you becoming 1 year old and about 6 months before you become a big brother!It’s crazy how quickly our time is flying by, but it’s so exciting, I cannot get over it!
This month we learned a few things:
·That you aunt and uncle are going to be moving out of state, but to a location that we can visit and enjoy! ·That you’re going to be a big brother. ·That our cat cannot respect anything and cannot control his bladder.
(Reading with Aunt J.  Every time I went to snap a picture, you looked up.)
Your firsts this month, were sort of limited because last month was such a big month!
·You had your first incisor come in on the top right. ·Then you had your second incisor come in on the top left. (Totaling 6 teeth) ·You had your first big trip to the mall with lots of mall shopping, mall napping and mall eating. We will not be doing this much, so it’s why I’m listing it.Just a day out with the ladies while the boys (husbands) were out of town. ·In a few …


I'd like to start off by saying, we made this decision because of our family, our health, our sanity and we did not to harm an animal in anyway.

William was our cat.  William was rescued by me one night, 2 months after we lost our first cat Oscar.

Oscar was our cat that I willingly adopted from the human society in town.  We  wanted a cat and he fit the bill to a T.  He was like a dog, not a cat.  He would run to the door when someone would come over, he rarely hid, he would play fetch, he would let you cuddle him and cradle him like a baby and he was loved by everyone that ever met him.  He just wasn't like every cat...

Oscar died tragically and we were seriously heartbroken.  We found him alive and really beat up... it was the most awful day of our lives.

So, 2 months later, I'm out with some friends, we're at a bar in our hometown and someone from our group leaves.  Before I know it, she's running back inside with this kitten that she has just "rescued"…

questions and answers

1. "Wow, what did you do?" This is sort of a silly question. Obviously, I had a baby, then about 5 1/2 months later, we got pregnant again.  I don't think I need to go into the "how it happened" part.  But this is literally what someone at the dentist said to me!

2. "How did you find out?" I had thought about my cycle arriving some time between Christmas and New Years.  We traveled out of state for about 4 days and then we loaded right back into the car to go out of town again and so, I just didn't think about it.  The morning after we returned home, I just took a test to see if it was positive or negative.  I took it, hopped in the shower and didn't think about it.  I had Coen in bed with S and when I got out of the shower, I picked it up, confirmed with the paper that it was positive, then I flipped open the bathroom door in tears, and said... "Babe, I think you need to look at this..."  And that was it.  I think we both said "…

pregnant & nursing, part 1

So, before we even knew we were pregnant, I had gone to the dentist for my check up.  I had to update my medical form and since I was pregnant the last time I was there and now I'm nursing, it looked as though I was both.  Pregnant and nursing.  But I joked that while it looked like it, I wasn't.  (ha ha ha, I thought.)

While there for my checkup and bi annual cleaning, they found two spots on my teeth (thank you chocolate/peanut butter/reece cup craving need while pregnant) and they told me that I'd have to come back to get them filled in.

Okay, no big deal.

Well, from the time that I had been there for the cleaning to the time I had to get my spots filled, I found out I actually was pregnant.  So, when I went back in, I had to say... "Remember last time, when I joked that I wasn't pregnant and nursing and only nursing?  Well, I'm going to have to change that to both pregnant and nursing, because this time, I am and I'm not joking."

From that moment …