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Coen, 7 Months

Dear Coen,

You're 7 months, bubba and would couldn't be more happy about this.  In this month, you've continued to grow and change so much, it's just blowing us away. 

You sure had a lot of firsts in this month!
  • First Christmas.
  • First time in at a church service and first Christmas Eve service. (more on this another day)
  • First time in the car for 8 hours to Virginia.
  • First time to Washington DC.
  • First time eating pears, squash, and apples.
  • First time out to the state.
  • First time driving through a tunnel (our 5 year old nephew was getting a kick out this one, so I documented it).
  • First time to the National Zoo.
  • First time being watched by someone who isn't family or a good friend of ours...
  • First time seeing snow, even though it was pathetic.
  • First New Years.
  • First time sitting up, unsupported for about 3 minutes.
  • First time getting the flu. Barf.
  • First time sitting in an auditorium and listening to the local symphony.
There are probably a few that I'm forgetting, but those are the major ones from this month.

This is from one of the first times you army crawled and got to your destination,  successfully. See the determination?
Other stats:
  • Teeth: The bottom two are fully in and top two are coming in.  I feel bad that they are coming in at the same time, but at least it's faster for you and doesn't spread the pain out over a longer period of time.
  • You're in 3-6 month clothes, 6 month clothes, some 9 month clothes and some 6-12 month clothes.  Most things that are 6-12 or 9 months, are just a little too long for you, especially the pants.  Just have to give it a little more time to get you into those sizes, but I have to say baby clothes are just so annoying with how different certain sizes fit!  Very annoying.
  • You're still wearing size 3, Luvs diapers and they seem to still be doing the job.
  • You're eating BM (my milk) and have only had that your entire life.  About 5.5 months, we started with solid food and have been slowly introducing you to more as you show interest.  Messy, but exciting.
  • You last weighed in at 16.2 lbs and 27 inches long, so you're still growing like a weed.
  • You love anything that play music, you love listening to people talk, you like to pull hair and earrings, you love to be on the floor and be free, you love rolling around and army crawling, and you are still just an all around happy baby.  You don't cry unless you're pissed about your teeth, frustrated with a toy, hungry, tired or dirty.  The first two are new, but still just part of being a baby.
  • You're still doing great at the sitter's too.  She loves and you and you get along great with the other kids which continues to be such a relief.
  • You're sleeping schedule just sucks, to be honest.  You're sleeping like a newborn, but you have several variables in your way.  I'm hoping to get you back to the 8 to 9 hour window of sleeping over the next few months.  We both need that.
  • You're still working on your army crawl but it doesn't hinder you from not getting where you want or to whatever you want.  Between rolling and army crawling you get everywhere and sometimes really fast!
  • Sitting is a work in progress, but you're starting to do it and it's really cute!
This is right after you woke up. I just love this face! 

 Your first Christmas, was just the biggest joy for everyone.  Everyone wanted to be with you or around you all the time.  It was great too, because you had a ball.

First off, Christmas Eve was at Nana and Grandpa George's house.  We hung out most of the afternoon, had snacks, watched Christmas Vacation and football, ate dinner really fast, ran to church for your first church service that you actually did pretty well through and then back to their house for gifts!  Opening gifts with you was just hilarious.  You would grunt with excitement, scream with joy and just hold onto whatever was given to you... wrapped boxes, bags, tissue paper, wrapping paper.... whatever.  It was so funny and you didn't stop.  You'd go on and on and on and on with everything, the whole night!  It had us all in tears because we were laughing so hard!

Reading your Christmas card before you put it in your mouth.

Christmas morning, we opened gifts at home in the morning together as our family of 3, plus William and Toby.  It was great.  We had time together to just be our family.  It was quiet, we played carols and just loved on you.  It was your first Christmas and we were both so excited to enjoy it with you.
At about 2pm on Christmas day, we had Nana, Grandpa George, Uncle Geoff, Grandma C and Grandpa C over to hang out, watch some football or basketball I cannot remember, eat Christmas dinner and spend time as a family.  Normally, we just do the other side of the family on this day, but because you're around, everyone wants to be around you whenever they can.  So, we let them.

You received lots of books, jammies, a few toys, ornaments, a new-to-us jogging stroller (that is awesome!) and money for your savings account.  It was a great Christmas for you and I felt like you received the right amount of things for your age and what you actually needed.  I was fearing that I was going to feel overwhelmed, but I didn't.  Thank goodness.

Santa's little helper.

The day after Christmas, we did brave the shopping rush and went to a few stores to buy for other family that we were going to visit and then on the 27th, we were off to Virginia.  This was a little rough.  Who would want to be in their car seat for almost 8.5 hours with just a few breaks in between?  I wouldn't and I know that after about 5 hours, you didn't either.  We made it though, with just a few stops on the way there and on the way back.  There were a few moments where I thought you were just losing it and that you weren't going to bring it back together, but you did.  Now we can say that we can travel with you, but I would advise doing 8 to 9 hours in one day.  That was just too hard.

Our visit with your cousins (all 4 of them) was great!  They love being around you and entertaining you.  AC was all about putting on the show and making you giggle and boy did he ever.  He had the whole table in stitches one night and it was so good we video taped it!  He was improving like a pro!  It was great!

  After we returned home, we unpacked and repacked before heading south to Charlotte's first birthday party and New Years Eve evening, we were with N&J for a crazy good dinner.. 

Any toy that makes noise, is your friend, however those toys don't leave that house and go to public places.  Not only because they are your favorite and I don't want them hitting the floor but also because they make noise.  Your baby einstein mp3 player is your absolute favorite right now, as you can tell below.

Sitting up has been something we've worked on but not something we've really sweated about.  You'll do these things when you're ready and we're ready whenever you are.  But we practice sitting up and pulling you up to build those muscles.  Then the other day, we propped you up, pulled your legs apart to help balance you and then you were on your own.  It was like a switch went off and you were doing it.  Don't get me wrong, you do swing to the ground when we least expect it and it's so fast, so we can't sit you on your own alone, but you're sitting and it's fantastic!  So cute, strong and independent.

Oh and then the last thing of last month to hit you was the dreaded flu.  Seriously, the most awful and discusting thing to ever enter our house.  To spare you a lot of detail, you basically threw up for 24 hours, then on and off for about a week.  You were in the ER and pediatrican's office to both confirm there was nothing we could do and also to know what was going on.

Here you are drinking pedialyte, which you've had three jugs of over the last week and a half, to help your system get back to normal.  As of right now, we're 48 hours without vomit and I'm very happy. 

In the ER.

I have to say though... I was so tired of smelling vomit, hearing vomit, catching vomit, being hit with vomit, cleaning vomit, washing vomit, fearing vomit and just being around vomit.  It was awful.  And I hope we're in the clear.  Please send us good, well, thoughts.

You are the biggest joy to be around, even when you're sick, you light us up with your smile or scream.  You make us happy to be your parents and so proud of everything that you do and learn, day to day.  It's amazing how fast this time with you is going by... I just cannot believe you're 7 months old.  I remember my friends writing about their 7 month olds and thinking how much older that was to you... Now we're here.  Wild.

It's been so great watching you and being around you.  I really hope this month is a good month for you.  I hope those two top teeth come in and I hope that you don't have to battle anything else, like the flu.  I hope you get a break because since you were 4 months old, you haven't really caught a break and it's hard on all of us.  We're managing though, because it's just part of growing up.

Happy 7 Months, baby Coen! 

We love you so much,

Mama and Dada


Sassytimes said…
7 months?!? Wow.

He's so stinkin' cute!
Stephanie said…
Such a great recap!! Everything sounds wonderful (except the flu...).
Wow, I can't believe he is 7 months!!

What a fun recap :)

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