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my scalp hurts

Remember when I mentioned that my son is a thumb sucker?

Well, not only is that his biggest soother, when he's hungry or tired, but he also wants to twirl my hair or just pull it.  The worst is in the middle of the night when I'm laying on my side and he's on his and he's grabbing the littlest hairs on the back of my neck and just pulling the heck out of them.  Not to mention the top of my head!  That's the absolute worst. 

It's so bad that I'm sitting at my desk, right now, wondering if I have a scab on my head from the chunk that he attempted to pull last night.

Boy does it hurt, really bad.

We've got to work on stopping this, but it's what works for him, just wish that it was more like petting instead of pulling.  Ouchie-wa-wa.

Before I was losing hair because of hormones and post-pregnancy but now I'm losing it because I have a hair puller.  Gah.

i'd like to respond, please

To my Readers,

I wanted to stop and thank you for a minute.

I love hearing from you and seeing that your reading my blog.  It warms my heart that you're continuing to read even though my pregnancy is over and I have a little baby at home.  I know the excitement of a pregnancy can be (a little) more enjoyable to read about verses day-to-day mommy blogging, so for those that don't come around as much, you are missed.

With that said, I'd still like to be able to respond to those that leave comments, by email.  Do you know that the majority of you leave comments (wrestling kitties, Stephanie, etc....) that I'd love to respond to and I cannot, because your settings on blogger don't allow me?

You can change those settings by following these steps:

When on blogger, in the upper right hand corner, there is your picture and your name of your google account.Click on this drop down menu.Choose "Blogger Profile".Once in your "Blogger Profile", choose the &quo…

Shrimp Swim Lessons

Swim lessons were a hit!  Not only did Coen kick and flail around like he does in the bath tub, he also didn't mind being dunked as well.

Our class was a little unstructured, in my opinion.  The age range of the students could be anywhere from 6 months to 36 months, and there was quite a mix.  The instructor didn't really instruct unless the children were older and the parents could ask them to do more.  And that was cute to watch, but Coen basically just swam around with me and that was it.  The instructor said that she really doesn't do much in the class because it's basically to get them comfortable with the water and see if they love it or hate it.

Coen was good for about 20 minutes, kicking and splashing and moving around.  Then he got ahold of a measuring cup and chewed on it for about the last 20 minutes.  It was what was making him happy and at that point I didn't care because the water was warm and he was happy.

Afterward, we got out of the pool and we we…

believe in who?

I claim to be a spiritual person.

I say that I believe in God.

I have gone to church, but not like I used to.

I believe in something.

I can feel something.

But what is it?

This, emptiness, is something that I've struggled to communicate for years.

I know that I believe in something.  When I walk into our home church, there is almost always "that feeling" that comes over me and I cannot explain it.  When I sing in church and a song really hits me, I can't help but get misty eyed about it.  Just because I can feel something real...

But what is it?

Growing up, we went to church almost every weekend, for most of my childhood.  We were involved in youth group, Sunday school, mission trips, and a variation of other church-like activities.  In my opinion, we were fairly active.

After I started college, I wasn't a very good Sunday-church-goer, but I went when I could.  When I started dating S., we went on and off at first, but then he was asked to sing in a band at a con…

mama failed

Had a huge "mama failed" moment last night and I literally cried through the whole thing.

My milk supply is really not keeping up with Coen's demand.  I usually can pump what he'll eat for the next day and I'm just not able to do that anymore.

When he was eating like mad just a few days or weeks ago (when I posted last), we were not only nursing him on demand, but giving him a bottle when I just couldn't nurse him anymore (which I know isn't nursing on demand, but sometimes my body was just too sore and I couldn't).  In doing this for almost 2 weeks, we have really cleared out my milk stock, that I once bragged about.  We've dipped into it (my stock) time and time again to get through growth spurts and things, but these last two weeks really just blew threw the majority of it and I wasn't able to come to grips with it, until last night.

So, in complete desperation, I had to give Coen a bottle of formula.

Big Mama Fail. Lots and lots of tears.

eating us out of the house

I've heard this phrase used with teenagers who are growing like mad and are literally eating everything in the house before someone else can even discover it was purchased.  However, I never thought I'd use this phrase with my 7 month old.

I'm not kidding folks.  Yesterday, for instance, he ate 6 4 oz bottles, about 2 tablespoons of rice cereal for breakfast, 2.5 ounces of rice cereal for dinner and still acted like he was hungry.

Today, he's had green beans for breakfast, sweet potatoes for a morning snack, 3 bottles and pears at lunch time. 

I'm not sure I could've ever been prepared for how quickly solids were going to be increased in his diet, but as of today, we're going into three times a day and sometimes 2 at each sitting just to keep him full.

Is this normal?

I cannot believe it.

Over the last 3 weeks, he's had the flu and wasn't able to really eat.  Then he was feeling better and eating more often, then it was like he just wasn't get…

they're on the move

My sister and her husband have made the plunge.  He's an arcitect and she's a dance education teacher, so they are Chicago bound to make these dreams come true in bigger ways.  Her husband moves in a few weeks and she'll move a week or so later.  It's wild.

Bittersweet, yes.  My immediate family all lives fairly close to one another, within 20 minutes or so.  But, for them, this is going to be a great move for the both of them!

Best part for our family is now we'll have an excuse to go and visit that lovely city and potentially have a space to stay... ha ha ha!  I doubt it, but it's still fun to say.
Good luck on the move!  Very exciting times ahead, for you two!!

Coen, 7 Months

Dear Coen,
You're 7 months, bubba and would couldn't be more happy about this.  In this month, you've continued to grow and change so much, it's just blowing us away. 
You sure had a lot of firsts in this month! First Christmas. First time in at a church service and first Christmas Eve service. (more on this another day) First time in the car for 8 hours to Virginia. First time to Washington DC. First time eating pears, squash, and apples. First time out to the state. First time driving through a tunnel (our 5 year old nephew was getting a kick out this one, so I documented it). First time to the National Zoo. First time being watched by someone who isn't family or a good friend of ours... First time seeing snow, even though it was pathetic. First New Years. First time sitting up, unsupported for about 3 minutes. First time getting the flu. Barf. First time sitting in an auditorium and listening to the local symphony. There are probably a few that I'm forget…

Follow Up | Sophie the Giraffe

I just wanted to follow up to my worry about Sophie the Giraffe and Toby.

Sophie is like baby crack.  It's a great toy, however, if we're going into public, she stays home.  She's very entertaining for as loud and annoying she might be to some adult ears.

Toby, while has interest in every thing that hits the floor, has little to no interest in Sophie.  So, it's great and we all win.

I have a friend who witnessed Coen's love for Sophie.  She's 4 or 5 months pregnant and she went to the store and bought her immediately for her baby.  It's a $22 squeaky dog toy for a baby (as someone once told me) but it's completely worth every penny (thank you Mego!).

So, if you're on the fence.  Buy it.

BTW, Sophie's review was completely from my heart and I was by no means paid for this jibber jabber.

Happy Sunday (evening)!

major randomness

throwing upCoen's been throwing up since Wednesday night.  At first it was just projectile then off and on from about 7pm until the next morning (Thursday) at 11am.  At about 4am on Thursday morning, I called the dr and they said to feed him 1 ounce of milk every hour and just pump everything and feed him through a bottle.  That if it got worse or turned green or wasn't wetting a diaper, I needed to bring him in.  Then about 5pm on Thursday, it was like he threw up everything from 11am on and it turned green toward the end.  I called the dr. again and they said to go to the ER.  They pumped him full of pedialyte (6oz in about 2 hours) and we were sent home.  Since then he was on pedialyte all day Friday and returned to nursing on Friday night.  He did great except in the night time.  I don't know if it's how he's laying or what but the last three days have been great and the nights have been miserable.lack of sleepSpeaking of miserable nights.  My 6 month old is sl…

Introducing Solids

I was really hesitant about solids.  I think it was mainly because I was nervous that it would interupt our nursing relationship.  But after his 6 month visit that was at about 5.5 months (because of timing) we made the leap.  I bought organic oatmeal cereal (that until about 2 weeks ago I was calling rice cereal - *raising hand* NEW MOM!) and we tried it at 5.5 months.  It didn't work out very well.  He accepted it (a few bites), but wasn't swallowing it.  He'd take it into his mouth, but because this was his first thing outside of breastmilk, it was werid to him.  We did a few bites and then after having the entire high chair tray covered in oatmeal that had been spit all over it, we called it quits. 

I just wanted him to get the taste, I didn't want him to love it immediately.

We waited a day and then we tried it again.  Almost immediately, I got that same reaction.  Spitting it back at me like, "lady you're crazy, I'm no eating that crap."  So we…

I cannot believe it's already over...

We had a great Christmas and I cannot wait to tell you all about it, but for now I'm going to cry while I think about packing up everything from Coen's first Christmas.

It's much more emotional than I thought and don't think that I haven't tried to convince my husband to keep it up until Valentine's just to make me happy, because I have.  It didn't work.

Happy New Year!