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Coen, 6 Months

Dear Coen,

6 months ago, we were here…
And now you’re here…

I cannot believe that it’s already the end of 2011 and you have already been with our family for 6 months!  That just doesn’t seem right, but I know that it is.  You’ve been the best gift ever and we couldn’t trade our time with you for the world.  Can you believe you’re 6th months old?  Neither can I.

I used to be so sad to watch you change and grow with every passing day.  While it is bittersweet, I’m enjoying it more and more every day that we get so spend time together and learn together about the things you can do.

You’re seriously one of the best babies!  We tell people all the time that you literally only cry when you’re hungry or tired (or when you get shots), and you literally only cry during those times.  Honestly, it’s the best cue ever because then we know right from that moment what’s going on.  We haven’t really have many moments when we haven’t been able to quickly comfort you unless we’re in the car and those moments are really tough on me.  The best part about you being a thumb sucker, is when those moments come up, that is when your thumb helps you out big time. It also helps when you are really hungry because you’ll pop your thumb in and out of your mouth and whine through the whole thing until I feed you.

You’re still teething like crazy, so if you don’t have your thumb in your mouth to self soothe while you’re tired or hungry, you do have your hands in your mouth a lot to help comfort your teeth/gum pain.  And you do it more and more if you don’t have a toy near you to chew on.  You have your two bottom front teeth (completely in) right now and from what I understand, you’ll be working on your top two very soon.  You haven’t hindered our nursing relationship with this new grow and again, I’m very happy about this.

(Two bottom teeth, can you see them?  This was about 2 weeks ago when they were first coming in.  I planned to post this on FB, but decided not to.  Thought it was better suited here.  And yes, it did take me about 17 times to finally get this without your tongue in the way...)

Here are your stats from your 6th Month Appointment:

16.4 pounds (7.78 pounds at birth)
26.75 length (21 inches long)

So basically, you’re still in the tall and lean stats, which means your falling right in line with your family genes!  We have nothing but hopes of you taking after your dad, grandpas or uncles because they are all very tall and skinny.  Even though I see tall to you now, I’m actually the runt of my family and your daddy is the same way.  So you have some great height advantages.

Other things you’ve learned or are doing this month…

·         You had rice cereal at the end of the month last month.  It wasn’t your favorite and you basically spit it back in my face because it was just not that great tasting.  That’s what I understand will happen with new things, though, so we’ll try it again, soon.  We had three times to try it and then I made carrots for you to try.  Those you liked a lot better and we’ve tried those two times now.  Unfortunately your bm’s have really been effected by this new addition to your diet, so we’re just trying to keep track of those while we continue to introduce these new items.

·         You’re really getting around.  You haven’t tried to crawl or to get up on all fours or anything, but you’re really good and rolling and scooting around.  We refer to your rolling style as “barrel rolling” all the time because no matter where you are, if you want to go somewhere you will roll like crazy to get there.  It’s seriously so cute.  We always put you down on a blanket to have you play but you almost always roll right off of it within minutes because of how quickly you like to get places.  Carol says you do the same thing at her house, too.  We get more of a workout by trying to keep you on the blanket and less time to play with you because we’re constantly trying to bring you back to the blanket.  It’s hilarious and you are really quick.
·         You’re propping yourself up a lot and I’ve tried to get you on your knees, but you aren’t interested.


·         You’re really grabby and grab for everything that is in front of you.  You especially like my hair (that I am actually trying to grow out…).  It hurts a lot, but I’m getting used it.  You also grab and pull on your own hair, especially when you are tired or hungry.  You twirl your hair while you eat and that’s really sweet.  Along the same lines of grabbing though, you grab for your toys on your car seat and if they slip away you just grab them right back.  And your dad said that they slipped away off your car seat the other day and you didn’t really mind.  It’s good that we have those rings close while you’re in the car because you just chew away on them.

·         You eat really well with me, but you also eat really with Carol or whoever will feed you your bottle.  I don’t ever feed you a bottle so I had no idea that you were actually holding your own bottle until recently.  Your aunt Julia said that you’ll get a good grip on it and pull it in until you’re done and if you try to pull the bottle away, you pull it right back to your mouth.  I think this is hilarious.  I’m also pumping still and that’s still going well for me too.  I couldn’t be happier about the fact that that we’re still nursing and you’re still diggin’ it with no problems.  Every baby is different, but this has been a complete blessing.  Not only for the bond that we have, but also for you and your health.  Not to mention how it’s helped us financially.  Such a blessing.

·         You’re talking up a storm.  You babble about just about everything and have lots and lots to share.  You have a lot of the dadadadada & bababababa babble down, I’m just waiting for the dada to be in context.  That will just make your dad so happy!
·         You also smile at everyone.  We tell everyone that you haven’t met a stranger yet and it’s so true.  You’re just a happy baby and find something worth smiling about with every face that you encounter.  It’s pretty cute.  We understand that a “stranger-anxiety” moment or milestone might be in your future (dr. said 7-9 months) but I’ll be surprised if that happens.  We socialize you so much that we’d like to think you’ll just pass over this stage, but what do I know.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

·         You don’t mind the car rides if you aren’t hungry or tired.  You actually are really calm in the car, especially in the day light when you can just look around and see what we are passing by.  It’s interesting to watch you look out the windows when we are driving to see how mesmerized you are by everything.
·         You still love your sitter and have no problem being with her all day.  You love your friends that you get to visit with, even if the older kids do more than you.  It’s fun to watch you play with them when I have time to sit with you there.  You don’t mind all of the commotion and just because you aren’t crawling doesn’t mean that you won’t crawl across the room and chew on their shoe while they are sleeping.  She’s really just a blessing to our family and I couldn’t be more happy with our decision.  It took a lot of research, but I’m so glad we made the decision we did.  She and her family are just amazing.
·         You are quiet the wiggle worm and hard to hold onto.  You’re always looking around and moving around, but your dad and I have the hang of keeping a hold of you, it’s the others I worry about.
·         You’re wearing some 3-6 month clothes, but your starting to wear more and more 6-9 and 6-12 month clothes.  It’s fun to dress you every day in something cute and remember where we got it, who it came from (used or borrowed) or who gave it to you (gifts).  You’re so stinking cute in this big boy outfit (below) from CR.  Such great clothes come from H&M Kids.

You’re doing so much and changing every day.  We love every minute that we spend with you and we cannot wait to see how the next 6 months will go for you.  It’s going to be amazing!

We’ve had a lot of firsts in these last few months and that’s going to keep going as time goes on.  You’re going to experience your first Christmas Eve, your first holiday church service, your first Christmas morning and day with our family, your first visit from Santa and your first New Years Eve in the next month!  It’s going to be great to watch you through all of the bright lights, gifts and sparkly things that are around this time of year.  So far, I think you’re really loving it!

We experimented with a quick craft for Christmas and while it didn’t turn out the way that I had hoped, but it’s still really cute.  I have to refine my process, but you get the idea.

Happy 6 month, Coen.  We love you with every ounce of our beings, we are so blessed to have you in our lives and we cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives watching you grow.  You’re absolutely amazing and we love you so much.

Merry Christmas, big boy.

We Love You,

Mama & Dad

Re-cap of the last 6 months:


...julia... said…
Such a cute kid!! He really smiles all the time and is happy to be around. He wants to be involved in what's going on all the time.... Sitting up, in the action! Love that bib :)
mommy baum said…
what a cutie! ;) happy holidays to your sweet family!
rebecca said…
what a cute (very well-dressed) handsome man you have. :)

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