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Christmas Card 2011

This might be our best Christmas card yet. 
Merry Christmas to your family (Happy Holidays to those that don't do Christmas) and Happy New Year!
All pictures taken by Britt Lakin Photography.  Love her.

From us...

To follow up from my post about Coen's 1st Christmas, I wanted to post about what we will get him for Christmas.

Growing up in my family, aside from our stockings and a handful of toys or things we wanted that year maybe some clothes my parents would always get us an ornament, a calendar and a book or some sort.  Three gifts, in a sense.  And I like this tradition.  However, Coen isn't old enough to know what a calendar is, so instead, we'll subsititute with something he needs.  This year we are sticking to just that.

We bought him this ornament.

Obviously with Coen's name.
We're giving him these books (because I could resist them both).

Winter by Roger Priddy

Merry Christmas, Little One! by Sandra Magsamen

And we're giving him a "My 1st Christmas" one-piece sleeper (that I don't have a picture of, but I will once it's Christmas Eve) because we felt that he needed another winter sleeper.

It doesn't seem like a lot, but honestly, we have a to…

1st Birthday Planning

I know Coen is only 6 months, but I think about this from time to time and I wanted to share our thoughts.

We've (my husband and I have) talked about this a few times and every time, we come to the same conclusion.

Coen's first birthday will be a big deal. A huge deal! Our family will all be together to celebrate, but it will (mainly) be a family affair.

We'd love to include everyone, we really would.  We have tons of friends with babies and children that would love to celebrate with him, I know this.  However, it's just not practical.  I don't want to host everyone in my house, because it's just not big enough and I don't want to rent a place. I want it to be about Coen and to invite everyone would just take the focus away and we just can't afford to invite everyone.  Our plan is to invite all of our immediate family, a few of our closest friends and that's pretty much it.  At least for the first one.

In my family, every birthday that comes around…

c-section, revisited

After posting about Coen's 6 month post and looking back through all of the posts prior, I couldn't help but read word for word about his arrival.  I've been reading several birth stories lately and you wouldn't believe how "easily" or naturally some babies arrive and how others just haven't been given a break and end up in c-section.  I think I've said this before, but I really hate that I had to end up in a c-section.  The emotions of pushing my baby through my body with my physical effort was just my dream labor.  I get really emotional about not being able to have experienced that.

Yes, my dr. let me go as long as possible to have that natural delivery.  Yes, my body was just failing me and yes, it was getting scary for Coen too.  Yes, we both were much safer as a result of the c-section, but I still get sad about it.  Maybe it's selfish, but it's just how I feel.

Yes, my lady parts are still in tact.  Yes, my recovery was hard, but it cou…


Coen: "Say what?"

"Mama's in her pre-pre-pregnancy jeans?  NO........."
Mama: "Oh yes.  Yes, I am!"

Today is a great day!

Coen, 6 Months

Dear Coen,
6 months ago, we were here… And now you’re here…

I cannot believe that it’s already the end of 2011 and you have already been with our family for 6 months!That just doesn’t seem right, but I know that it is.You’ve been the best gift ever and we couldn’t trade our time with you for the world.Can you believe you’re 6th months old?Neither can I.
I used to be so sad to watch you change and grow with every passing day.While it is bittersweet, I’m enjoying it more and more every day that we get so spend time together and learn together about the things you can do.

You’re seriously one of the best babies!We tell people all the time that you literally only cry when you’re hungry or tired (or when you get shots), and you literally only cry during those times.Honestly, it’s the best cue ever because then we know right from that moment what’s going on.We haven’t really have many moments when we haven’t been able to quickly comfort you unless we’re in the car and those moments are really to…

our stockings

And the stockings were hung, by the chimney with care...

With just a love and thread, they came together in just a few short days...

And before we they were done, we just had one more step to complete.

So, this all began last year when my sister arrived to my house with a stocking that she had made for us at a sewing class.  It was just so cute that I thought I needed to have 4 more for my mantel for Christmas.  Within the following month, we had the fabric, a few other items and we were sewing away.  Then we stopped.
It wasn't until just after Thanksgiving this year that we picked it back up.  We went to my mom's house and spread out over her entire dining room table and got to work.  We cranked out two final products fairly quickly and we were just on the cusp of finishing the others when we hit a speed-bump and I had to head home.  Plus, it was getting close to Coen's bedtime so we just put it on hold.
Then, a few weeks later a friend came over to make buckeyes and a s…

1st Christmas Gifts

Coen will be 6 months old on Christmas.  Because he's 6 months old, he really doesn't need that many things for Christmas.  But we do have a few things on his list, that we've either talked about getting and just haven't yet or that we would need down the road, and we might as well ask for them as gifts.
What are they?
1. Money for his savings account

2. White short sleeve onesies

3. 9 month clothes or larger - Clothes/jammies - 6-12 old navy/gap, 9 + month carter, 12+ month gerber, etc... (he's got a lot of clothes, so only do this if you absolutely have to... )
4. Cloud B Sound Machine Giraffe

5. Food storage containers (ice trays with lids)

6. Books (any children's books you think are good, he has some, but could always use more.)
7. Manhattan Toy Winkle 8. Cube Learning Toy 9. Luvs Diapers Size 3 10. Target Sensitive Wipes (purple container) We're also searching for an ornament for our family and an ornament for Coen.  We're still looking. Just a …


Some days are just better than others.
And no matter what kind of day I'm having, looking at this sweet face make my heart melt all over again.