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thumb sucking

Yes, my son is a thumb-sucker.

Yes, I offered him a pacifier and for while it worked in the beginning, but he's over it.

No, I didn't want to push the pacifier.

Yes, I've tried it again and he'll take it, but it's not his favorite.

No, he doesn't suck his thumb all day every day.

Yes, he only does it when he's really tired or really hungry.

No, I'm not worried about not being able to take it away.

Yes, I think it's the cutest thing ever.

No, I don't want to stop him from doing it.

And no, I will not be sorry later.  It's called self-soothing people.

Yes, I'm happy as heck that he does this.  The last thing I want to do is spend the rest of my life searching for a stupid plastic germ filled chocking hazard.

My son sucks his thumb and I'm letting him.

Please, stop asking me about it.


M said…
since we are being honest and real... I think that pacifiers are gross... not saying I won't be forced to use it if my future child wants it... but just sayin...

also, I think the babies that suck their thumb are adorable!
Maria said…
My Lilah sucks her thumb too and you're's too cute!
First off, how stink'n ADORABLE is he with his thumb in his mouth?!?!

Second, I mean really people who say anything about need to SHUT IT.

Henry is a HUGE finger sucker. I am talking multiple fingers, even his entire fist, in his mouth - the boy gots a big mouth! We are not even thinking twice about this because, like you said, it is a way to self-soothe. It is why he can wake up and lay in his crib for 30 minutes without crying or how he gets back to sleep at night or falls asleep for a nap.

Henry does use a "suck" as we call it when he is really upset, but he prefers to have as many fingers in his mouth as he can get!

To be honest the only thing I don't like about finger sucking is when we haven't given him a bath in a few days (read week) and his hands smell like spit! blech :)

(It is hilarious, when he is really hungry and we are waiting for a bottle to heat up he will start sucking on his fingers so hard that he has spit everywhere and all you hear is this slurping sound.)
Jeannie said…
It's way too cute to make him stop :)
Allison said…
I think it's adorable, too, and was really happy when E was sucking her thumb. We actually never used a pacifier at all and she did a great job self-soothing with her thumb.

What a little cutie!
Erin said…
People seriously say things to you about him at that age?!?! What??? I never understand what people think you can do to prevent it - especially for sleeping. If they prefer their thumb, they will drop the paci as soon as you leave and just stick their thumb in their mouth again!

Annie is a pretty hard core thumbsucker lately, and I have to admit I'm a BIT nervous for her - simply because it's in her genes to suck her thumb for awhile - my dad and I both did until 1st grade - yikes! At Coen's age she only sucked her thumb when sleeping, that was literally it, but now she will much more often. I figure we'll just have to try to talk with her when she gets older about at least only sucking her thumb in the house or something?? Apparently most kids stop on their own by 3 so I'm still hoping she does that :)
Anonymous said…
My daughter sucked her thumb also just when she was tired and when sleeping. I didn't have a problem with it at all until she was 6 years old and still sucking at night and the Dentist said she needed to stop sucking her thumb that is was causing dental problems. She did need braces because of this and in her case because she was sucking her thumb still at age 6 she had to have speech therapy. And it is a lot harder to stop and thumb sucker then it is to take away a pacifier. I know because my other two kids did the pacifier. Just a bit of information for you.
Trish said…
Ok...the twins did binkys. Piece of cake, they just gradually grew out of them. Around age 3 or so.

Sprout sucks her thumb. Cutest thing ever. At 3 1/2, the dentist has said we can let her go one more year but it's evident she's a thumb sucker. Her teeth show it. We are trying to encourage her to stop except when she's tired but it's a battle we aren't winning.

If Coen is a thumb sucker, let him be. Just don't let it go too long. I'll let ya know how it goes for us this time next year!
Leah said…
He is just about the cutest thing ever.
Mandy said…
He is too sweet!

I can't believe people seriously say something to you about it at this age. Yeah, when they are walking and talking and everything, you might need to put a stop to it just like with a pacifier, but for pete's sake, he's just a baby! And such a cute little bug!
I love babies who suck their thumbs! This baby boy was sucking his thumb in utero and Im totally hoping he comes out sucking it!
I secretly wanted my girls to suck their thumbs. I mean, how CONVENIENT. :) Both did for a short time.

Super cute.

I've never seen a 19-year-old sucking his thumb. It's all good.

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