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my wish list

This year, I feel like I've become a little better at asking for things that I need verses things that I'd want for Christmas.  As a family, we make list of things that we need and we pass them around to give everyone a better idea of what to get us for the year.  Makes it so we don't end up with something we really don't want or need.

My big item on my list this year, is my lens.

The beautiful Nikon AF-S Nikkor 55-300mm f/4.5-5/6G Ed VR Zoom Lens that I've been dreaming about.  I've actually used this lens and borrowed it from a friend to take photos before, but I'd really like to hold this one in my hands and call it mine.  My husband feels the same way about this lens, I just cannot wait to see if this gets crossed off my list.  We'll see. I'm going to go to a local photo shop this week to check it out, again.

The next item would be a label maker.  Not because I love to be completely organized, but because I strive to be completely organized and this will help me get there. 

The next item would be something that replaces an item that I had received a couple of years ago.  Food storage containers.  GLASS, food storage containers.  I know.  How boring, but I need them and I'm completely disgusted by the way our plastic ones look that I feel it's time to move forward with glass.  It's like the big girl version of Tupperware and I'm totally love it.

The next thing would be a salad spinner, but not just any salad spinner.  I want the salad spinner that is collapsible and easy to store.  We've been really hot and heavy with eating salads almost every night and this would just save on the amount of paper towels that I use to dry off the salad after its washed.  And since it collapses, I won't have to get rid of anything else to store it.

The last item is an item that I've tried to buy 100 times and just take the plunge. Brown boots.  Seems easy, but I just haven't found a pair that not only fits around my calf, but also doesn't cost an arm and a leg.  I like the style of the riding boot and the near caramel color, too.  This is a pretty good fit and it's in my price range.  I'd like a size 9. Thank you.

Today, I'm linking up with Andrea at My Chihuahua Bites to share what I'm wishing for this holiday season.

What is on your list?


the grumbles said…
mmmmm, i love those boots. and there's nothing like asking for camera equipment for christmas is there?
Sarah said…
Hi Jill! I found your post through My Chihuahua Bites linky party. I'm being nosy & checking out other people's wishlists. :)
I want that lens, too! We were actually eyeing it to buy for ourselves for Christmas and then I had a super clumsy moment and dropped my camera, breaking our lens. A moment of silence please. So the money we were going to put towards a fancy lens went towards replacing the one I broke. Oh well, maybe next year... :)
Sarah @ We Three Beesley's (
Amy said…
I have boots on my list also.. I love the label maker.. I have always wanted one..
Kristen said…
SInce you're about to have a fast moving subject you would greatly benefit from a faster lens than the 55-300. It would make a great all purpose lens but you should really invest in a super fast prime - either a 35 or 50 mm. Which body do you have?

I love those boots too - have been debating about ordering them for myself :)
Allison said…
Love my P Touch. Got it from $10 after rebate from Staples.

As for the glass dishes:
Mrs. Smith said…
Oh my gosh, a label maker! I love it!!!!!!

And I think we have the same blog designer. Isn't she fab?!

(Stopping by from Andrea's linkup.)
AndreaLeigh said…
great list! very practical. I need to invest in a camera lens... I just have the two that came with my camera.

I love those boots!
etta said…
Happy 2 on Tuesday!

I love my label maker!

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