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Side to Tummy

Coen has a love for his thumb and honestly, I think it's the cutest thing since sliced bread.  In the middle of the night, he finds comfort with his thumb and will sooth himself back to sleep.

I'm fine with all of this.

The part where I struggle is the side sleeping to tummy sleeping.

Two things concern me about this:

1. I swaddle one arm in and one arm out.  Doing this hasn't stopped him from rolling over in his crib when he's "sleeping".  My concern is that he's able to roll and sometimes ends up right against the rails and usually ends up with an arm outside of the crib (through the rail) as well.

2. My second conern is that he rolls and if he's not against the rails, he's usually sucking his thumb, almost face down in the mattress.  His head is turned to the side, but he's still sucking his thumb and his hand is covering his face.

My solution for the whole sticking his arm out the side rails and "getting stuck"... a breathable crib bumper.  Since you're not allowed to use regular bumpers anymore.... Is this what you would suggestion?  Or have you used these and agree that they work?

My biggest concern now, is how I can get him to sleep on his back or know when he's on his stomach, so that I can flip him over.  Is it something I should worry about?  He's strong enough to lift his head and move around and all.  But is that good enough.

I'm still worried.

What would you do?


Allison said…
Pretty much immediately after we unswaddled E, she started sleeping on her tummy. She couldn't roll while swaddled until then. I think she was already napping on her tummy. They say that baby's nose is built to allow them to breathe, even with their face squished. And since he can lift his head up, I'd *try* not to worry too much. She's a really content tummy sleeper and we just got to a point where we'd just lay her down on her tummy (and still do).

You could try a sleep positioner if you're really worried about it. It has sides on it, if I remember right, to keep him from rolling.

Does he get upset when he gets his arm out of the rails? If so, I'd try the breathable bumper. E never got upset, so we didn't worry about keeping her arms inside and never used a bumper.
Josey said…
I've heard negative things about sleep positioners and SIDS - definitely look into that before buying.

I've registered for a breathable bumper from Target - not sure if I'm going to use it or not. I've read a lot that says it's pretty much impossible for the baby to break a limb from having an arm or leg out - it's just potentially uncomfortable until you come to fix it. If he seems fine with it, I'd try not to worry about it and just got with your current system.
M said…
seriously, kids sucking their thumb is ADORABLE! Especially Coen!
Sassytimes said…
He's so cute!

If he's at the point of being able to roll over on his own, he should be fine sleeping on his belly. S started sleeping on her belly around 4 months or so and E at 7 weeks. They are both still belly sleepers most of the time.

We never worried about our kids having arms/legs through the slats on the crib. As long as they are happy and sleeping, no worries. ;)
Erin said…
As soon as Annie could roll over (maybe even before? I can't remember now) we stopped swaddling her, or at least left her arms out for awhile before stopping completely. She's also a thumb sucker. She immediately started sleeping on her tummy - if they can get there on their own, it's fine. We have no bumpers and she's gotten limbs out but it's never bothered her.
Whitney said…
I echo some others here. If he's got the muscle to move all around, I wouldn't worry! Also, with memories from my own boys and friends' babies, I don't know if I can think of a kid who DIDN'T get arms and/or legs REGULARLY stuck in the crib slats. Rite of passage! ;)
...julia... said…
I didn't know bumpers weren't allowed anymore. So many rules I cant keep up!

Coen looks cute sleeping like that :)
Jeannie said…
Coen looks adorable sleeping like that! I just want to cuddle him...
AHHH! First off - Coen is SO CUTE! I haven't been on your blog for a couple of weeks because we were traveling and I can't believe how much he's growing. SO cute. Love the thumb-sucking, too.

Vivienne was a belly-sleeper almost from birth. We did what you did. We swaddled one arm in, then one arm out -- and she hated it. She liked to be SWADDLED but would still roll over on her belly. So, I took the swaddle away (or at least tried to) and moved over to a sleep sack.

It was a bit of a nerve-racking period of time for us, however, after she had sufficient neck control, it just sort of became our norm. To this day I put her down on her back (she's 9 months old) praying she'll stay that way and she immediately rolls to her belly. The only difference is she no longer sleeps face down.

We opted out of sleep positioners because they scared me and I was too afraid that they'd suffocate her.

I'll tell you what countless friends told me: if he's strong enough to lift his head up and position himself on his stomach, then he'll be just fine.

And I don't know about you -- but when I was a wee one, I only slept on my belly.

Still - I know it's nerve-racking!

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