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Ok so, we're NOT moving...

... well.  Not yet, anyway.

Believe me.  When I wrote this post about moving, I knew that it wouldn't be happening for a while.  Honestly, I knew that it would be for a couple of years.  But we have to set some goals and a girl can dream, right?

We're growing out of our house.  It's not that we don't have room for people to live or sleep.  We could have 2 more kids and as long as we don't buy a single thing for them or for ourselves between now and then, we'd be okay.  But who are we kidding?  With every child comes 100+ things and then we would really have a problem. We are simply using our house differently than before and we just don't have the space to use it the way we'd love.

Can you say "lack of storage"?

We have closets.  We even have walk in closets in every room.  We even have crazy storage in our basement, but it's just about every day that I have to say... "We just don't have a place for it.  Where do you want me to put it!?!?"

AND, we have a baby (shocking, I know). 
We have an open floor plan (which sucks).
No longer a good layout (my fault).

When you walk into our house, we have a great room that is open to the second floor.  I thought this was a great idea because it makes our house feel bigger, but in all honesty, it's not practical.  We cannot carry on about anything downstairs without it going right up the stair well and into the bedrooms. 

I want to be clear.  When we bought this house, it was because I loved it.  My husband only sort of liked it.  The great room, the walk in closets and the first floor master, I loved.  The split level with the lower room that was cozy, my husband loved.  We compromised, I call it.

What's wrong with it? It makes it hard to have people over or even a conversation pass 9pm.  We learned this when we had family stay with us and our 4 nieces and nephews.  The kids cannot find sleep when the adults are carrying on downstairs.  It's just too hard.  Not to mention the fact that we have a loft that also hosts sleeping children.  I get it.  Sneaking and listening to your parents is fun when you're kids.  When you aren't at home you think you can get away with anything and I love watching them try to get away with it.  But for me, it was an eye opener to how much more our house stinks.

Our solution?


No. Not yet.

Then what?  Well.  We're contemplating finishing our basement. 

I know.  First, you're moving, now your putting more money into your house that you live in?  I don't get it.

This has been a project that we've talked and talked and talked and talked and talked about for years.  Our basement has a great set up and for us, it will become our living space that we can entertain in and not have to worry about conversations getting too loud, because we'd have a floor between the conversations and the children.

The problem with moving, right now, are the impossibles. 

We put our house on the market.  Great, it will be IMPOSSIBLE to sell.  IMPOSSIBLE.  Have you heard about the market?  It's not good.  In our neighborhood there are houses all over the place for sell.  They aren't selling.  Why would ours be ANY different?

Okay, so let's say we move in with my parents.  Great, it will be IMPOSSIBLE to have our own space, outside of a bedroom.  That's not their fault.  It's their house.  Plus, they haven't agreed that it would even work or that they would even want to host us.  Not to mention the burden.  I know exactly what that is like and I wouldn't want to do that to them.

Alright, we move out of our house.   Great, where do we put all of our things? Storage.  Ugh.  I can't even talk about that one.  My only thought that I want to share is INDOOR storage.  Period.

So, we're packing things up, making the house presentable.  Now, we'd ask our (previous) house guests to move their items from our house.  Where will they put it?  Storage?  They already have a storage unit.  Get another one?  Ugh.  This one is tough.  But another impossible in my mind since it's been over a year.

After months or even years, our house will probably be is still on the market and we're still living with my parents.  Awesome.  You can see where I'm going, right?

Oh, but what else? 

We still have a storage unit of things we haven't touched in a year because we haven't sold our house.  Awesome.

There are just a lot of things that we'd have to do and while we'd love to just dump it and run to the next thing.  Who does that?  I know there are probably 100 people out there that have, but we aren't going to do that.  We'd rather make this house livable, maybe more livable in our case and just be happy for a few more years.  This isn't our forever house, but we have to make it work.  Plus, we'd like to think that some day the market will improve and the impossibles will become more possible.  And, that because of the things that we do to improve this home, it might help to sell it for what it's worth later down the road.  Again, a girl can dream, right?

We met with a company last night and they are going to be coming out again next week to talk about our basement.  In addition to finishing our basement, we are going to be adding our patio and we're talking about adding a pergola to our deck to actually make that space usable.  You wouldn't believe the sun that it gets about 50% of the day in the evenings during the summer.  It makes us not use it and we don't want to do that anymore.  We want that to be an extension of our house and we're tired of neglecting it.

It's a lot.  If nothing else, we will have our patio done this fall.  From there, we'll talk about the pergola option which might also happen this fall and then lastly, the basement.  It's exciting.  I always get excited about this sort of project, but seriously it will improve our house and we will (I will) love it that much more.  It's going to cost a lot of money, but we need to do it.

Between the last time I wrote about moving and last night when our world was flipped upside down with possibilities and additions/upgrades to this house, I was dreaming about these houses.

This house isn't that far from our current house, but it has so much more going of it, from what I can tell in the pictures.  Tall ceilings, but not like our house, lots of kitchen cabinets (and a butler's pantry), a yard (oh my gosh does it have a yard), wood floors, brick around the majority of the exterior, etc.... It's just beautiful.

Then, when I went looking yesterday for fun, I found this one that is so similar...

Very close in style and not very far from one another.  This one sits on 5 acres, is about $20,000 less than the other one and is also beautiful.  I was thinking on my way to work this morning about what I could do with the barns, if we were to buy something like this but still be able to use them.  My solution was to put blacktop down and make them into an indoor play area or basketball court.  Could be fun for kids to have a  place like that all year round. 

I love the farm houses, but who knows what we'd really end up in.

So, that's what were talking about right now.  That's what we're dreaming about and that's what we're setting goals to do.  For now.  Moving is in our future, but I believe it will be in a more distant future for now.

As for the basement, though.  We aren't looking for anything real flashy.  We've had contractors come out and they want to quote us everything under the sun and we just don't need or want everything they offer.  We ask them to change it up and they just cannot do it to our liking.  If you cannot communicate and give us what we want in the beginning, why would we agree to go any further with you?!?! Right?

I just want something simple, like this.  Walls, flooring, dropped ceiling, can lights and molding.

To note some things that are (most) important.

1. Walls.
2. Electric, outlets galore. Including cable in 2 spots.
3. Can lighting (some focused, but otherwise just straight lighting).
4. Under the stair storage.
5. Entryway adjustment.

If I'm able to add some extras, I ask for these.

1. 1/2 bath with stand up shower
2. Mini kitchen. Like this...

3. Staining the floors.  Like this...

4. FLOR carpet throughout.  Like this, but maybe not this color...

Just a few extra things that would be nice.  Nothing that I'm set on.  Just ideas.

But believe me....however it comes together, I will be happy.  I'm not asking for anything crazy, but I'm not naive enough to think that even without the fluff that it won't be expensive.  I know this.

So, with that... stay tuned until next week when we talk more about the possibilities and put dollar signs to these ideas.


Sassytimes said…

Our house has a 2 story great room too, open to the bedrooms above. Our kids sleep with sound machines and seriously don't hear a thing. We've entertained very loud people in the great room/kitchen, which is right below their rooms/the balcony and they never heard a peep. Just a thought in the meantime until you can move into something that works better for your family.

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