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Our pediatrican at 2 months said that we needed to introduce a multivitamin to Coen's daily intake.  He wanted us to use Poly Vi Sol.

Have you seen this stuff?  Well.  It's gross.  It's brown-ish orange liquid and smells horrible.  Sounds great, right?

Well.  I've tried to give this to him a couple of times just from the dropper and it just doesn't work.  I know that it smells awful so it's got to taste awful too!  My Dr. suggested putting it into his bottle and just gradually adding more each time until he takes it.

While this sounds easy as pie, he can tell the difference and has wasted milk because he knows that something different is going on and he doesn't like it.  The Dr. said this might happen and to keep trying until he takes it.  Again, sounds easy but you want me waste milk like crazy just to get this vitamin to him?  I don't get it.

Maybe I need to be more consistant about trying and then it would work.  But I know how awful it must taste and I hate wasting milk that I know I've been lazy about trying it.

Have you given this to your baby?  Did they take it?  What did you do to have them take it?  I need some help.


Kristal said…
We didn't do any vitamins. There is a ton of info on kellymom on the topic, but breastmilk is all baby needs and breastfed babies absorb the vitamins in milk more efficiently than their ff counterparts. Unless Coen has had a blood test that specified a vitamin deficiency, the vitamin drops are unnecessary.
the grumbles said…
our doctor recommended the same thing and like you, i found out that... ew. gross.

we never gave it to him again. i was careful to eat a VERY healthy diet and increase both our vitamin D. the end.
Jill said…
Thanks ladies, here are some great links...

As I told Kristal, I go to KellyMom for everything and I didn't for this... dumb. Oh well. Now I know.
Allison said…
Never gave it to Baby Girl. Didn't even try.
SaraBelle said…
We had to give it to B&K since they were preemies & on "liquid gold" (Neosure). We only mixed it in a small bottle -- less than 1 oz -- as to not waste formula. So maybe instead of mixing it in a big bottle, just mix it with a little milk. It will take a while, but eventually they got used to it (and we actually got to the point where I'd just squirt it in their mouth and they'd chase it with a bottle). Good luck!

(oh, and there is another type of infant vitamin that is only sold behind the counter at the pharmacy. It is $$, but tastes better. We never tried it, but just wanted to offer another option).
Dre said…
I actually have given it to both my boys. I agree it looks and smells awful, but both my kids took it without any problems straight out of the dropper. I just made funny faces and said it was the yummy medicine. In fact they loved it so much I probably gave it to them for too long, and my ped finally said to move them up to the gummy vitamins and it took them a while to get adjusted to THAT! Good luck!
Moore Family said…
We didn't use it either and both my boys are fine....well....fine to me anyway :D They say breast is all they need. I wouldn't fret too much. Sometimes you have to use your mom gut and do what is right for you.
We enver gave Poly Vi-sol, but we gave the D-Vi-Sol because our doc said it tasted better and that was the only vitamin he needed. The D stuff, smelled AWESOME and I'm pretty sure it tasted like Sweettarts. Yum. She sucked it down...delicious!
Erin said…
My doc only said we needed vitamin D. We got it and never gave it to Annie once :) ha!! It was enough of a struggle to get her to take a bottle that there was no way I was going to mess with that! No ill effects yet :)
Modoc said…
My almost 4-month-old didn't tolerate poly-visol either, but what he really needed as a breastfed baby was the vitamin D. We switched to Tri-Visol (vit A,C,D). It's tolerated MUCH better and is pediatrician approved!
We started giving it to Lila in her milk after she turned one. The first year, we don't give any "extra" vitamins to our babies.
Anonymous said…
this stuff is gross. Our Dr told us the Academy of Pediatrics tells him he has to suggest vitamins to us too but he does not do it with his own children. So sad that they are told to tell us this but do not agree with it. Vitamins with newborns are suppose to be to prevent rickets (sp). Who the heck has ever heard of a person with rickets and 99% of us do not give our children vitamins. I nursed both of my girls till 15 months and they are perfectly happy, loving, sweet, normal girls.

J Lepow

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