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blog your heart | october

I found out about this challange that Stephanie Howell started from Kari at Better Together and I'm going to join in on the fun.

As you can read from Stephanie's post, the concept is simple.  Post something from your heart.  Make it true and yours.  Make it long or short.  Emotional or happy. A quick story, a confession.  Whatever works for you will work for this purpose.  Make it something you're proud of.  Or maybe, not so proud of.  Just make it yours.

My blogging from the heart starts with my mom.

My mom's cancer is back.

Five little words that have and enormous impact. One little phrase that breaks my heart and until now has only been something that I've shared with a handful of people.

My mom's cancer has returned.

Back about 5 yeras ago my mom was diagnosed with Stage III Ovarian Cancer.

When we heard this news, well, it sucked.  We couldn't believe this was happening to our family but we all knew that there was nothing we could do to change it.  We had to just take it in and deal.  We did just that, too.  We surrounded my mom with the support and love that she needed and walked side by side through this process. 

My mom had 8 rounds of chemo, lost all of her hair, had a complete hysterectomy and after almost 5 years of being cancer free, it has returned.  Her doctor is really positive about her prognosis this time around and believes that she will respond to the treatments as well as she did the first time around.

We found out on August 16, 2011, when she told me and since then, she has had 2 rounds of chemo and is awaiting her 3rd round.  She's already lost all of her hair and she's wearing scarfs and wigs to cover her head.  This is the worse part for her and I hate that it's something that has to happen based on the medicine she's given.  But it's what worked before, so it's what they are doing again.

Having Coen around during this time has been really nice.  He brightens up my mom's life.  He makes her smile, laugh and just melt when he looks at her.  He's been a complete joy to have around and we couldn't be more thankful.  The tough part is hearing my mom talk about how she doesn't want to be sick during his milestones.  She wants to be healthy and have her hair.

My mom keeps saying that she doesn't want to be a sick Nana, she doesn't want to have a scarf on in every picture and she doesn't want to worry about having a scarf on in Coen's first birthday pictures.  I hate that she feels that way.  When I look at her with a scarf on, I don't even see it.  I'm just used to them and I know Coen feels the same way.  He loves her no matter how she looks.

So, without much more to say... if you want to join in the "blog your heart", do it.  I'll be doing this monthly.

And if you have a moment.  Send my mom some positive thoughts, prayers, cards, flowers, love, support, etc... Whatever you've got that you want to share, please do.  She would more than appreciate the support and love from you all.  Even if you don't know me that well.  Think about her and think about her healing. 

Thank you.


Kristal said…
I'm so sorry to hear this, Jill. Praying for her and your whole family.
M said…
As I have known this for awhile I wanted to remind you that I am always willing to listen if you need to talk about ! Your mom is a great lady! She's strong and will get through this!
Allison said…
Sending you and your family many prayers.
Aimee said…
Sending thoughts and prayers to your mom and your family. My mother-in-law passed away last month after a battle with breast cancer. (It had come back a few times, and she had battled it for over 16 years.) She was luckily able to meet our son before she passed, but unfortunately didn't get to spend much time with her first grandchild. It makes me so sad when I think about it. I hope your mom's treatment is successful and she is able to spend a LOT more time with Coen!
Andrea said…
I'm so sorry to hear your family is going through this. But I'm happy to hear the doctors are optimistic. I'll be thinking and praying for your mom and a successful road to recovery!
Haddock said…
You must have heard this before but I have to repeat, having a positive attitude is half the battle won.
Oh Jill im so so so sorry. Sending you love,hugs,prayers,and strength. Xxo

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