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just because

This makes me smile.

blog your heart | october

I found out about this challange that Stephanie Howell started from Kari at Better Together and I'm going to join in on the fun.

As you can read from Stephanie's post, the concept is simple.  Post something from your heart.  Make it true and yours.  Make it long or short.  Emotional or happy. A quick story, a confession.  Whatever works for you will work for this purpose.  Make it something you're proud of.  Or maybe, not so proud of.  Just make it yours.
My blogging from the heart starts with my mom.

My mom's cancer is back.
Five little words that have and enormous impact. One little phrase that breaks my heart and until now has only been something that I've shared with a handful of people.
My mom's cancer has returned.

Back about 5 yeras ago my mom was diagnosed with Stage III Ovarian Cancer.
When we heard this news, well, it sucked.  We couldn't believe this was happening to our family but we all knew that there was nothing we could do to change it.  We…

celebration stats

When I think about my dad, I think thrifty.  That man can find anything and usually for a fraction of the cost.  He buys things for pennies at a time and it's amazing what he actually spends on things sometimes, because I know that I could NEVER find it for that price.  I mean.  I'm thrifty and absolutely hate spending full price on anything, but he's got me beat.
Pictured above is a little "early Christmas gift" for Coen from my parents.  It's meant for him when he can actually sit up on his own and have a little more strength.  But it's one of those trailer things that you pull behind your bike for the little tykes to ride along in while you "get a work out." 
Guess how much he got it for?
It's a Safety First Bike Trailer that has space for two kids that usually cost around $80 to $100, brand new.  My dad bought it for $20.  I'm not kidding.  I love garage sales.  And, there's nothing wrong with it.  We've attached it …


We absolutely loved out hospital stay.
It's a small hospital and because of that, we got BEYOND excellent care.  At the most, there were 4 other ladies there, during our stay.  And most of the time we were just one of 2 ladies.  We were never left alone (which was both good and bad) and if we ever needed something, we received an almost instant response.
Leaving the hospital was very emotional for me.  I loved my baby, I knew my husband was going to be a great support, but there was something about having those nurses so close, that it just made me feel better about my health and the health of my baby.
If you remember, toward the end of my L&D stay, I had extremely high blood pressure and an infection that caused us to stay later than we had thought.  Coen was great.  There wasn't a thing wrong with him, but me.  I was a mess.  Being there, surrounded by those knowledgeable nurses, helped keep me calm about everything that I was having to deal with.  Not to mention healin…


I know that I've been very open with you about everything that deals with our family journey.

Well.  Now, being a mom, I'm faced with new obstacles.

I'm not dealing with infertility again, I don't think.  It's too early to tell, really.  But I faced with a cycle that showed up too early, in my opinion (at 3ish months) and now a cycle that isn't really reliable.  So much so that I took a pregnancy test the other day just to confirm that we weren't pregnant, again.

I mean, we have said that we would be happy to welcome another baby in a year, but I didn't know how quickly that would really happen.  Plus, after years and years of having a cycle that appeared like clock work, when it doesn't you automatically think that you're also going to get a positive pregnancy test.

Little did I know that your cycle, while breastfeeding, can be very fickle and completely unreliable.


So, who knows how things will play out.  I know that we wouldn't be …


Poor guy.  Look what a month does to your poor beautiful head of hair.  Here's hoping that this whole losing hair thing doesn't last very long...

saving time

I pack my husband's lunch every morning (I know, wife of the year award, right here).  In the morning, I've got a thousand other things to worry about and the last thing that I want to do is rinse off celery and chop it up.
In effort to make life a little easier on myself, this is one thing that I really try to do in order to help cut back on time wasted.  I try to come home from the grocery and automatically pull out the crackers, the carrots, the celery and anything else that would be lunch appropriate and I put them into their own little bags. 
It's a huge time saver.  Believe me.
I just grab a couple bags, throw in left overs and a bottle of water and I'm done.  Lunch is packed and I can move on to making bottles or getting things ready for the sitter.
Plus, I like to think that if I continue doing this until the time that Coen is old enough to eat these sorts of things, that it will make it easier for him to grab a snack and have portion control as well.  Could …

Side to Tummy

Coen has a love for his thumb and honestly, I think it's the cutest thing since sliced bread.  In the middle of the night, he finds comfort with his thumb and will sooth himself back to sleep.
I'm fine with all of this.
The part where I struggle is the side sleeping to tummy sleeping.
Two things concern me about this:
1. I swaddle one arm in and one arm out.  Doing this hasn't stopped him from rolling over in his crib when he's "sleeping".  My concern is that he's able to roll and sometimes ends up right against the rails and usually ends up with an arm outside of the crib (through the rail) as well.
2. My second conern is that he rolls and if he's not against the rails, he's usually sucking his thumb, almost face down in the mattress.  His head is turned to the side, but he's still sucking his thumb and his hand is covering his face.
My solution for the whole sticking his arm out the side rails and "getting stuck"... a breathable c…

natural child

Of all the books that I've read or started to read while pregnant or during mommyhood, this is one (The Natural Child) that I cannot put down.  I love everything that has been written and it's the only book that best suites our parenting style and lifestyle.
If you haven't read this or it looks foreign, I recommend getting it from your local library.  It's a good read.
My favorite bit from it that I read recently that I totally agree with is this...
(Yes it's from the first 10 pages and yes, it's common sense, I just like how it was written.)

"What does it mean to "get it" about children? This concept, which I refer to regularly in my work as a counselor and writer, seems to be a "zero or one" condition; people either get it or they don't. They either understand that children are human beings who deserve to be treated like human beings - or they just don't get it.  Unfortunately, there are many people in our society who don'…

the possible

Ok so, we're NOT moving...

... well.  Not yet, anyway.

Believe me.  When I wrote this post about moving, I knew that it wouldn't be happening for a while.  Honestly, I knew that it would be for a couple of years.  But we have to set some goals and a girl can dream, right?

We're growing out of our house.  It's not that we don't have room for people to live or sleep.  We could have 2 more kids and as long as we don't buy a single thing for them or for ourselves between now and then, we'd be okay.  But who are we kidding?  With every child comes 100+ things and then we would really have a problem. We are simply using our house differently than before and we just don't have the space to use it the way we'd love.

Can you say "lack of storage"?

We have closets.  We even have walk in closets in every room.  We even have crazy storage in our basement, but it's just about every day that I have to say... "We just don't have a place for …


This is the quote that I sent to my office today and it hit me, so I thought I would share.

Be yourself. Above all, let who you are, what you are, what you believe, shine through every sentence you write, every piece you finish.

- John Jakes -
And wouldn't love to see a picture of Coen as well...

Updated to say.... If you love this onesie, my sister made it!  She just wrote up a tutorial on how to make it too!  It's really well done and easy!  You seriously could to this if you wanted to... Here's the link for the tutorial. Happy Writing, Happy Sewing and Happy Thursday!

got milk?

At 15 weeks, I thought I was going to have to call it quits.

I had always played it out in my mind that I would continue to nurse until Coen was ready to hang it up. I never thought that I would be the mom that would think about her son asking to nurse, but in all honestly, if he's still going strong at 2 years of nursing, I'm going to let it keep on going. Unless of course, my body stops or we have another baby and I'm forced to hang it up.

But at 15 weeks, when my cycle returned, I thought it was my body telling me that I should already plan on stopping. I don't know why I had always thought that if you cycle returns you're body will cut you off. Well, luckily that wasn't completely the case.

Prior to 15 weeks, I could tell something was going on. My milk supply was dipping and at the time I couldn't explain why. Then just 6 days later, my cycle showed up. To be honest. It really upset me because I thought that I was winding down and being forced to quit …

Coen, 4 months {today!}


I cannot believe you're already 4 months old. It literally seems like yesterday that we were bringing you home from the hospital and just staring at you while you slept in your pack n' play. (Do I say this every time?)

This last month has been really exciting for everyone. You're talking so much more, you scream and yell in excitement and you're rolling over all the time! It was really in this last two weeks that the rolling has taken off and I have to say it's pretty entertaining to watch your log roll around the house. Soon enough, you'll be up on all fours and crawling. Crazy-town.

As of this moment you still haven't had a single thing, aside from breast milk. No formula, no water. Nothing. This might be my greatest accomplishment so far and I have to say that I'm beyond proud.

In just a few weeks, we'll be going for your 4 month appointment and we'll know how much you've grown in these last 2 months. Right now, you're in size …


This little boy is turning 4 MONTHS on Monday! Where in sam-hell has time gone?


Our pediatrican at 2 months said that we needed to introduce a multivitamin to Coen's daily intake.  He wanted us to use Poly Vi Sol.

Have you seen this stuff?  Well.  It's gross.  It's brown-ish orange liquid and smells horrible.  Sounds great, right?

Well.  I've tried to give this to him a couple of times just from the dropper and it just doesn't work.  I know that it smells awful so it's got to taste awful too!  My Dr. suggested putting it into his bottle and just gradually adding more each time until he takes it.

While this sounds easy as pie, he can tell the difference and has wasted milk because he knows that something different is going on and he doesn't like it.  The Dr. said this might happen and to keep trying until he takes it.  Again, sounds easy but you want me waste milk like crazy just to get this vitamin to him?  I don't get it.

Maybe I need to be more consistant about trying and then it would work.  But I know how awful it must taste a…

apple picking

A couple weekends ago, when the weather was starting to show signs of changing to beautiful fall weather, we decided it was time to go and pick apples.  We do this every year.  We feel the weather start to cool down and we think about apple picking, but in reality we have found that apple picking starts before the cool weather.  I don't know why we associate cool weather with apple picking but after going sort of "late in the season" two years in a row, I'm hopeful that next weekend we'll have it together to go on time.  Plus, we love the honey crisp apples and those are only early on in the season.
oh well.
So we went.  It turned out to be warmer than a fall day and it was just beautiful.  We walked the orchard and picked Yellow Delicious, Red Delicious, McIntosh, Gala and Jonafree apples.  Some of those options wouldn't be something that we would normally buy in the store, but when you're walking down the aisles and trying them, they all see so good th…