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From yesterday 092511

  • Yesterday, I was sorting clothes in Coen's room and had him laying in his crib listening to his "crickets" on his little crib sound machine.  Before I long, I could tell that he was fighting sleep and then he was out.  This is how he was resting when he finally found sleep.  Too sweet.
  • When we first gave Coen a pacifier, it was in the hospital after many moments of BF-ing and latching.  He was just not being soothed by anything and then nurse suggested that since he hadn't had a problem nursing so far, to just try it and see if it worked for the moment.  So we did.  And it did.  That style was a nuk.  I had read where soothies are better for their mouth's and will help prevent nipple confusion, so I had S run home and grab the soothies so that we could use those instead.  Then after a few months of fighting him to take the soothie, we went back to the nuk, after reading the packaging and also because he took to it so quickly.  He doesn't take it all the time and honestly only takes it when he's really tired.  But it has helped in some situations to have him take it and be soothed by the paci.
  • This weekend we experimented with size 3 diapers.  Can you believe it?  Seems crazy that he's already in size 3s, but they seem to fit a lot nicer and have (so far) prevented any blow outs.  We also have found that Luvs are our favorite.  Not only do they fit in our price range but they don't leak or have any issues that would make us want to give them up.  I just bought 96 for $17.99 yestesrday!  That's just over $0.18 per diaper, what a bargin!
  • Nursing is still going pretty well and I'm so thrilled about this!  It's interesting the hiccups you are faced with along this journey. (More on this topic, later this week.)
  • Our sitter has still been a complete dream.  She seriously takes all the stress out of going to work and leaving Coen behind, because she just cares for him with such love.  She's so calm and intuitive.  It's just such a great feeling knowing that he's in such good hands when we are away from him.  Not to mention the fact that she's been cleaning my bottles and washing his clothing items when they get dirty at her house.  Such a relief to not to have to clean 3 more bottles when I get home every night.
  • This month has been a rough month for health issues, procedures and discoveries for both sides of the family.  We're working through them and supporting each other along the way.  One of the nicest things about this year verses the last few years is that my sister has the weekends off of work.  This is nice because we get to spend some more time together as a family and not exclude anyone.  My mom, my husband, my brother in law and myself are the only ones in my immediate family that work regular business hours so sometimes on the weekends, we miss someone when we do a family activity.  This last weekend, we were able to spend time with everyone, including S's parents.  It was a nice weekend!
  • I'm getting anxious about our next dr. appointment with Coen.  It's been almost a month and 1/2 since we were there last.  It's going to be so fun to see how well he's doing and see how much weight he's gained.  I imagine he's got to be close to 15 pounds, if not more than that.  He's wearing some 3 month clothes, but he's quickly making his way into 3-6 month outfits.  It's fun to get him in some new things that he hasn't worn yet.  It's also sad to put away things that he can no longer wear because he's so big.  Crazy how fast that transition happens.
  • Oh!  I finally made the plunge and bought my iphone about a week ago now, and I'm completely in love.  I'm trying to locate all of the different apps that I cannot live without and discover the other apps that are more of a waste.  There's a learning curve with the keyboard too and I'm still trying to get the hang of it.  If you get a crazy text from me, it's because I have auto correct on. And my only complaint is that the battery just doesn't last when you're using it a lot.  Tip: Always carry your charger or have one in your car!
  • Running... happened once and that was it.  But in weight loss related news, I ate three donuts this weekend and lost 4 lbs.  That's some of the best news ever.
Happy Monday and have a great week!


Simi said…
That is such a cute picture!!!

I want in on the 3 donuts and 4 lbs weight loss trick!!! and it best not have anything to do with having a baby :) ... as i sit here mucnhing on carrots wishing they were some type of baked goodness.
Sassytimes said…
What a sweet photo!

I love Luvs for the baby stage too. They are wonderful and cheap! But, I found that as the baby gets older (sitting up, crawling, walking), they don't work as well - especially at night. They tend to have a strong pee smell or leak. :( Boo.
Jessica S. said…
Hi! I've been reading your blog since discovering it back in January (my EDD was June 3 so I was extra interested in your birth journey - my DD ended up being a few days early, born May 30) but this is my first comment! Anyhow - just wanted to suggest you check out for diapers, I buy Huggies Swaddlers (my fave) there for super cheap ($23 for a box of 160 or something). You can sign up for Amazon mom and get 30% off diapers (that price I quoted includes the 30% off). It's a great deal! I sound like I work for Amazon but I don't! :)


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