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King Pin | Pinterest Challenge 2 RESULTS

It's time to show the results of our SECOND King Pin | Pinterest Challenge!!

Of those that participated through the original post, OVER HERE, these are the results.

1. Sarah at A Random Sampling attempted this pin and in my opinion did a fabulous job!

The Pin:

Sarah's attempt:

This is Sarah's bit about her project:

I loved this when I first saw it. An especially cheeky sentiment that many mamas could relate to. Originally this was a piece of printed work, so I copied it and traced it onto a piece of muslin. Then satin stitched and outlined the words with embroidery floss. Originally I was so jazzed about this project and then it became tedious. I have crafters ADD. Seriously. This will likely be my last embroidery project for quite awhile - but I like the final product. Just need to iron it and pop it back in the frame! 

2. Wendy from A Couple More Hours attempted this pin and they turned out so perfect!

The Pin:

Wendy's Attempt:

And Wendy's bit about her project:

For this week's Pinterest Challenge I chose to make button flowers. My daughters have chosen their birthday party theme - LaLaLoopsy Dolls. Which if you didn't know, those dolls have button eyes. And yes, I make button eye dolls too!  So, their birthday party is going to have a button theme. I am still pinching myself that they requested it!  I decided to make these button flowers as part of the decorations for the party. I think I'll put them on the food table. They were really easy to make - buttons, plain wire - that's it!  I have some teeny tiny glass bottles that I put them in - I think they look pretty cute in those bottles.

3. Amber at Write Here, Write Now attempted this pin and it just makes me excited for when C is old enough to do something like this with him...
The Pin:

Amber's Attempt:

Looks like a success!

Amber's thoughts on her project:

After two craft fails in a row, I decided to try something easy for this Pinterest Challenge. My ego just couldn't take another failure! My son, Billy, has 'painted' with colored shaving cream before at school, but it wasn't until seeing this pin on Pinterest that I realized he could use it in the bathtub! Spray a little shaving cream in a muffin pan (great if you're doing multiple colors) or plastic bowl, add a few drops of food coloring, stir and viola - easy-to-clean fun in the tub!

4. Sarah D. at Turtle Parade attempted this pin and now I want to attempt it for our house...

The Pin:

Sarah's Attempt:

Looks great!

Sarah D's thoughts:

This challenge wasn't really a challenge of any skill - more just a
reason to do something I wanted done.

-bought a picture frame
-bout some scrapbook paper to insert behind the glass
-hung on my wall
-I accidentally bought dry-erase markers. I guess plain washable
markers work better. But the dry-erase work, they're just very light.

5. Jamie at Grumbles and Grunts attempted this pin and while I've asked her to send me a sample, I'm still waiting on them and haven't seen them yet.  (Also, when typing Grumbles and Grunts, I almost typed Grumbles and GUNTS and that was super funny to me this morning... ha!)

Anyway, here we go... the Pin:

Jamie's attempts:


6. One of our new faces for this time around is Farren Square at Farren Square and she attempted this pin.  Looks pretty yummy!!!

Farren's Attempt:

Farren's notes about her project:

I love potato salad. But I'm forced to eat dairy free. And I was egg free for so long, mayo has kind of lost it's sheen. So when we decided to host a mini bonfire and barbeque to celebrate the end of the summer, I went on a search for a new and awesome mayo-free potato salad.
And I found it on Pinterest! This is a naturally gluten free, dairy free, vegan, and, most importantly, freaking delicious Tangy Potato Salad. I did do a few very minor things differently than the original recipe but it was mostly due to convenience. As in... I did not juice my own lemons. And I will probably use pre-squeezed lemon juice next time I make this recipe, which is hopefully soon!

7. Was the other new face for this challenge... Christina at The Subfertile Frugalista and she attempted two pins.  This one over here and this one over here.  She's also asked to host the next King Pin Challenge but she will be hosting it as a link party with a prize involved.  Join us over here for the next go around...

The 1st Pin:

Christina's Attempt:

Christina's thoughts on this project:

My favorite thing about this project is that it's super meaningful, but also very inexpensive. I am pretty certain I will be doing this for every wedding I attend going forward, I always love adding a unique element to gifts that I give, so this will still allow me to buy from registries and also add my own little sweet surprise.

In total, I spent $5 on the entire project (1/2 of which went toward a sturdy box for wrapping). Here's the rundown of costs: I spent $6 on 4 clear ornaments (but only used one, so I call that $1.50). It would have been less but I forgot my coupon! I also got a roll of matching thin organza ribbon, $1. I grabbed a small gift box that was nice and sturdy, too. This was optional but I didn't want it to get crushed, so that was $2.50.

The 2nd Pin:

Christina's (2nd Pin) Attempt:

Christina's thoughts on her project:

I thought they turned out OKAY, but not stellar. Then I had to remind myself that I'm not a professional cupcake maker (which, I think the original pin was from a pro) and in the end, everyone at the family gathering I took them to hadn't seen the original post to know how perfect those looked, so they raved about how cute they were! They were a huge hit with the kids!

This is definitely a somewhat time consuming project...from separating the M&M colors to adding food coloring to each bowl of icing, to stacking the fins, filling your decorator with icing to add the white of the took longer than I had planned. So, time consuming, but will win you a lot of little fans if you bring it to the next gathering that involves kids!

8. Last, but not least... me.  I was supposed to attempt this pin, but never got around to actually doing it and the more I thought about actually trying to complete this, the more I thought about how I'd really want to do something else.  Maybe with paint...  And then as the weeks went by... I forgot.  I knew I needed to do something so I decided to go back to a wreath project that I had started and never finished.  I was reminded by this pin...

The 1st Pin = FAIL:

The 2nd Pin:

My Attempt: FAIL.

I just got too bogged down this week and last to even do it.  I'll post about my results later this week.  I stink.  Oh well... better luck next time.

Please join us for the next go around! I promised to actually complete something this time.


I'd love to be involved in the next go-round! I actually did a pinterest thing this week.

I LOVE seeing what you all are making!
I did an easy one too, the pin where you put pasta through the hot dog slices and then cook. I used penne instead of spaghetti and it was delicious! I'd be interested in sending you the pic if you do another installment of this! :)
Wendy said…
Thank you so much for hosting us this time 'round, Jill! I love seeing what everyone did! We had a good mix of crafts and food this time! Love love love it! :)

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