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how long has it been?

When you put together your baby registry you try to include everything that you think you'll need and multiple things that you just want.  Not that you know anything about them (other than what's online) but just because you think they look great or seem like a good thing to own.

While I'd love to say that we were a little more conscious of this when we were registering, that's not to say that we didn't register for some things that we knew we could live without.  There were several things that we received that we haven't had the chance to use yet, but I know we will.  And there are several things that we received that we know that we couldn't live without!

A lot of them are the basics.  Pack n play, swing, car seat, bottles, bath tub, bath wash, burp cloths, pacifiers, diaper rash cream, crib sheets, receiving blankets, books, diaper bag, toys, etc...  We love these items and seriously, use them daily.  However, the one thing that I absolutely cannot live without is my Itzbeen.

 I tell people that it's basically a glorified timer with 4 timers.  I know this seems so basic and sort of a waste of time when you can just look at the clock and mentally remember the last time you did something, but I just cannot.  I depend on this thing, round the clock.  I use it at work when I'm pumping and I use it at home when I'm nursing.  I still let Coen nurse on demand when we are together, but just keep a frame of mind of how long "itzbeen" between feedings, I depend on this gadget.

I've had friends that have shared how much they thought this item was a waste or not helpful to them, and that's fine.  I just know that my brain cannot opperate without it and I have found that out of everything else we received, this is the one thing I use more than anything.


Allison said…
My mom got me one of those b/c she thought it was cool and we LOVED it those first couple of months. I also loved being able to track which side she started on last. I'm glad it's working for you!
Josey said…
I registered for this and then took it off and can't decide if I should put it back on or not! Hmm....
Erin said…
I used something similar on my iphone - I was so glad to have it but also glad to not have another gadget! I used the Total Baby app - LOVED it!
Sarah said…
I had one of these and I absolutely loved it. My favorite thing was the R/L boob marker :)HA! I couldn't remember which side without it! I just wish it came with a USB connector so you could download your stats!

I too let Joss nurse whenever she wanted it, and I certainly just changed her diaper whenever she needed it. But it was nice to know...

Could we have gotten by without it? Of course. But I liked it. It let my mind rest a bit.
Whitney said…
Dang. How does it feel like it's been 1,000 years (and not four) since I had a baby?? I had no idea there was something like this! Amazing!
Dre said…
I absolutely LOVED my itzbeen! I had pre eclampsia and a bunch of other issues, and with my c-section I really needed it to remember when to take my own meds! And when you are that hazy and tired, it helps to remember time and definitely the side (since my boy would nurse from both so it wasn't obvious). I have bought all my expectant friends one and they rave about it!

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