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The truth?  Alright... hold onto your seats.

I'm lazy. 

I'm forgetful. 

I always am late and rarely on time for anything.

I procrastinate.

I make piles of junk.

I might be on the verge of a pack-rat.

I like to collect things.

I hold onto things, thinking I'll do something with them someday.  When in reality, I have no idea when that someday will come.

I also hold onto things that have sentimental value.  Sometimes, it's the silliest thing, but it means something to me, so I keep it.

I'm selfish.

I'm a tight-wad.

I can be a mooch.

I don't buy things for full price.

When I shop, I go right for the sale rack.  If I don't find anything there, I usually leave.

I like to spend money on other people, but sometimes (and most of the time) we just don't.

I absolutely hate to clean.

I do clean, though.  Just on my own schedule.

I do the laundry.  Just not very quickly.

At any given point in the week, you could come to our house and find 1, if not 3 laundry b…

that dress...

Here's what I look like in this dress at 32 weeks.

And here's what it looks like now.

Yes, I'm still taking pictures in our women's room...
And check out those heels. I'm just glad my feet get into them and they aren't 1/2 as swollen as they were when I was pregnant.  I won't and don't wear heels every day, but I have a few times since having Coen.  Not my most favorite option, but they still make everything look better, even if they aren't that comfy.
Just wanted to note how my body has changed.
Another note.  A lot of people are asking me why I'm so dressed up today.  To be perfectly honest.  My clothes don't fit me.  I'm 5 pounds lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight and I just cannot get clothes on like I used to.  My hips are wider and my stomach just isn't as flat as it once was.  Plus, when I get into them and sit all day, they pinch my tummy and that just doesn't feel good after 8 hours of sitting.
I'm thinking about b…

our tree

I grew up in the same house, my entire childhood and never moved until I was married.  At that house, there was a tree in our front yard that was huge.  It was where we attempted to climb, where our swing would hang and where we had found a family of baby blue birds a handful of times.  It had been there for years and over time, it started to look worse and worse with time.  For some reason the trunk started to rot years ago and after several years, my parents decided that it was best to have the tree taken down.
My parents had talked about having this tree come down for about 3 or so years before it actually hit the ground and was down.  That was in May of this year.  While those conversations about the tree coming down happened, I couldn't help but think about how we could preserve a piece of this tree for each of us. 
I knew it needed to be something small, but just something that we could all have to remember that tree.
Meet Karen.

She's my used-to-be-my-boss at my curre…


Yesterday, I was sorting clothes in Coen's room and had him laying in his crib listening to his "crickets" on his little crib sound machine.  Before I long, I could tell that he was fighting sleep and then he was out.  This is how he was resting when he finally found sleep.  Too sweet. When we first gave Coen a pacifier, it was in the hospital after many moments of BF-ing and latching.  He was just not being soothed by anything and then nurse suggested that since he hadn't had a problem nursing so far, to just try it and see if it worked for the moment.  So we did.  And it did.  That style was a nuk.  I had read where soothies are better for their mouth's and will help prevent nipple confusion, so I had S run home and grab the soothies so that we could use those instead.  Then after a few months of fighting him to take the soothie, we went back to the nuk, after reading the packaging and also because he took to it so quickly.  He doesn't take it all the time…

around our house

Around our house, we share the chores.

Some days it's equally shared.  Some days, it isn't.

He has his list of things that he does and I have my list that I do.  If one isn't around to do the chore, we try to have the other pick up the slack, but sometimes that easier said than done.

What are his chores?

Watering the lawn
Weeding the beds
Triming all shrubs & trees
Kitty Litter box (currently)
Cleaning the cars
Keeping the garage clean

What are my chores?

Laundry - doing & folding
The rest of the bathroom
Picking up the dog poop
Feeding the William & giving him his meds
Emptying the diaper genies
Mopping the floors
Washing the rugs

What are the shared chores?

Taking care of Toby
Taking out the trash (on trash day)
Taking out the recycling (from counter to bin in the garage)
Putting gas in the cars
Grocery shopping
Making the beds

We've tried to have chore lists, where we check mark things throughout the week to see t…

over here

First, I'd like to offer to those that are reading from a reader (of sorts) to please come out of your shell and visit my blog today.  I have something new that I'd like to show you....


Meet Jessica.

She's from Diamond Doll Designs.

What's that, you ask?

Well, it's a company that produces some kick ass blog designs and she's the designer.

Why am I talking about her today?

Well, if you're still reading this from your reader, you won't be able to tell.  Some please, come on out.

Are you here?


Take a look around.

Notice anything different?

Seriously, it's just fabulous over here and I love everything about it.  Don't you?

My experience went like this...

Over the course of a couple days, I had sought out a few designers, most of which were completely out of my price range.  Then I found Jessica and before we knew it we were chatting about making my blog makeover the real deal.

Within a week or so, it was my turn for her to jazz my b…

Country Living Fair | 2011

We did it again! We attended the Country Living Fair, as we have done in the past.

My quick review on this event this year is this:
I will not go on any day buy Sunday, again.  It's just far too crowded on a Saturday to even move and it takes the fun out of the event.Taking a stroller stinks because you're restricted with what booths you can go in and which ones you can't.  I missed about 80% of them because I wasn't really into it and I didn't want to leave Coen behind or have someone else miss a booth because they were waiting on me.Between paying to get in, paying for parking and then paying for lunch you will spend about $32.  In my opinion, this totally blows.  It's fun to attend but when you don't want to spend over $40 for the day it makes it very difficult to enjoy your time and buy anything fun.This year, I went with my mom, my sister, Coen and my friend Mattie.  It was great weather, but we had to dress in layers because it was sort of cool with th…

Coen, 3 months

Dear Coen,

Can you believe that you're already 3 months old?! We can't. It makes me a little sad to see you grow so fast because it reminds me how quickly I've forgotten how small you were when you arrived.

::Weight:: Quickly approaching 14lbs, but we'll see for sure at your 4 month appointment in October.

::Likes:: Bath time, taking walks, the moby wrap, riding in the car, being held, laying in your crib and listening to the crickets, laying on the floor and exercising, your swing, your bouncy chair with toys on it, Larry the lion, your nuk pacifier, puppy kisses and rolling over.

::Dislikes:: Being on your tummy for too long, hiccups... darn it!

This month has been one of the most enjoyable because of you're interacting with everyone so much more and have so much more to say, now that you have really found your voice. And everyone that meets you loves how smiley you are. It's like we can finally "communicate" and "talk" to each other rather t…

Sometimes we get crazy...

And we lay in the laundry basket...

they are here...

Last week, they arrived.

And they are beautiful.

You can still get your own, if you'd like, you just have head over to Minted and order them.

Okay, now... who wants one?

it's dipping

After yesterday at work and the amount of milk that I came home with, I decided that I need to try something else to ramp my supply back up.  Yesterday, if I hadn't pumped in the AM before I left for work, I wouldn't have had enough fresh milk for Coen to take to daycare.  I don't know what happened because the last 3 weeks or so, I've had so much milk each day that I've been able to freeze 4 to 8 ounces on top of what I'm able to send to the sitter's house.

So it's dipping.

Last night,  I started taking Fenugreek to hopefully help ramp up my supply.  I took one pill last night, two pills this morning and I plan on taking 3 at lunch and 3 at dinner.  Hopefully by then I'll start to see an increase.  If it doesn't show a difference in the next 3 days, I will also add in a power-hour of pumping for 3 days to see if that will help.  That's what I had to do when I first was home and I thought my milk had dipped.

I understand that not every o…