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things I've learned

  • You don't need makeup when you have a cute baby.  Everyone looks at him anyway so it really doesn't matter what you look like.  If you've always done some sort of makeup (chapstick at least), so... just keep your mascara close.  That makes you feel like you've done something when it's really nothing at all.
  • Driving a newborn yourself really isn't too bad when you're driving around town.  It's when you have to get on the freeway that it makes your blood pressure rise.
  • When you have a c-section you aren't supposed to do the stairs until about 5 to 6 weeks and when your nursery is upstairs, it doesn't get used.  Advice... don't get stressed about it being done before they arrive because they don't use it right away anyway.  Especially when you have a 1st floor master.
  • Eating doesn't stop when you have a baby, especially if you are nursing.  In my case, I'm eating more often now than I ever did while I was pregnant.  Breast feeding takes the calories right out of your system so don't fear food, just eat!
  • Having your baby smile at you for the first time or any time, really, is the sweetest most loveable thing they will do.  Each time they do it, it will melt your heart all over again.
  • Somehow after a while of nursing on demand and letting your baby sort of run the show, that a pattern will form.  It's not the same every day, but it's pretty close.
  • It's not spoiling your child if you hold him.  Do it all you want.  He needs the skin to skin, human to human contact.  You do too, if you're nursing, to help your milk supply.
  • Planning for maternity leave takes a lot out of you.  But returning to work takes that much more.
  • When you use a monitor for the first time, you may or may not hold it to your ear until they wake up, just so you can hear them breathing.
  • Sometimes you have to wake a sleeping baby to feed them and while they might only nurse on the one side, it's okay.  Just being with them and having them fall back to sleep easily, is worth waking them up.
  • Sometimes they just cry and it's not for any reason in particular.  Just rock them, hold them close and wait for them to get over whatever is upsetting them.
  • There's something about being a parent and then watching your parents become grandparents.  It's pretty special how much they love your child, just as much as they loved you (if not more).
  • Taking pictures happen just about every day and you can never take enough.  It's pretty special to watch them grow and be able to capture it on film.
  • When Coen vomits, he doesn't follow it up with a cry, like his mother.
  • Pacifiers are nice but not always necessary.  Coen takes his every once in a while, not every day.
  • I hate folding laundry, but there's something about baby clothes that makes me LOVE folding his laundry.
  • I still need ice cream every night.
  • There are 4 holds that they teach you about and for me, I only use 3 of them.  The idea of nursing lying down... I just haven't tried for fear of falling asleep.
  • Diapers and buying what's right is interesting. My advice... try them all and just figure it out.  Don't be too afraid of price, sometimes the cheaper ones will work the best!
  • Their umbilical cord will fall off. His didn't until 4 weeks.
  • Buy a swaddling blanket. They might fight you at first but, use it! 
  • Watching them grow is bittersweet.  You want to hold and cuddle them forever...


the grumbles said…
learn to nurse while sleeping, it will change your life! ;) though it sounds like you are doing fabulous.
Allison said…
All great thoughts! We didn't do any side-lying nursing until E was a lot older (at least 10 months or so, I think) and still nursing overnight. But it does work well once they're bigger (you don't have to prop them up as much).

But you're SO SO right about those thoughts.
Sassytimes said…
Interesting...I, too, never really have pregnancy cravings, but nursing cravings MAN O' MAN. I ate like a beast while nursing. ;)

...and learn to nurse lying down. I LIVED by that. It was the only time I could catch a few Zzzzzs.
Kristen said…
Great thoughts! I never nursed laying down either - I was scared to death of falling asleep and dropping him or rolling over on him. Hope you're feeling well!
JackieMac said…
I love all of this updated and information - I find it very helpful - I am so very happy for you!!

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