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Coen, 2 months

Dear Coen,

I cannot believe that you have already been in our lives for 2 months.  It seems like yesterday I was in the hospital with you just waiting to go home and show you around. 

I wanted to write down a couple of things to remember from last month to this month, just for documentation sake....

Our nicknames for you: Bubba, Mister, Baby Coen

Weight & Height: On July 25 you were 11lbs 2oz... Any guesses on what he might be on Friday(when we go for the 2 month appointment)??

Loves: Bath time, kisses from Mama and Dadda, your swing, being swaddled, be held, laying on your gym mat with dad, visiting with new friends and family, and smiling.

Dislikes: Hiccups.  Those darn things just makes you feel terrible and you get so fussy when you have them right after you eat.

This month was the first time that someone other than your dad or I watching you and from what we heard, you had a great time.  Being wide awake, alert, active and a very happy baby.  You weren't crazy about having a bottle fed to you from someone other than your dad, but you're getting the hang of it.  JP is watching you in the mornings while your dad has football practice.  She has a little fluffy dog that she takes with her on walks with you in the morning, before you exercise.  She has a good time with you and we're lucky to have her watch you for that short time to help us out!

When we dropped you off the first time, I couldn't help but cry.  I kissed you, said I loved you and then I lost it.  I wasn't crazy about being away from you but knowing that you and your dad would be meeting me for lunch made me feel a lot better.  You did great and she sent me a picture text of you to make me feel better.  You did great though!

Going to bed has been great.  You go down for the first leg of your night time sleep so easily and you walk up oh-so-quietly... with just enough noise to walk your mom but not your dad.

Toby, our dog, has spent a little time with you.  At first, we would keep him away from you just because we weren't sure that he would be able to handle how excited he was about you.  Now, he's much better.  Gives you gentle kisses and even shares the couch with you... even if that means laying on your lap.

Red, your uncle (your grandparent's dog) loves you too and only expresses his love by sniffing you.  He gets his sniffer pretty close to you but never gives any kisses.  Both Toby & Red are both eager to help with diaper changes... we do our best to shoe them away when they get close. 

They mean well, but they are dogs... :)

Did I mention that you are smiling? And did I mention that it might be the cutest thing you do?  I mean, you are cute, but that smile just melts my heart!  It started about 2 weeks ago or so.  I would kiss you on the mouth and you would sort of smirk.  Now, we can just smile at you and you do it back.  It's really sweet.  You're just starting to make noises when you smile, sometimes and I like to think that it's the start of what's going to be a great laugh!  We love it so much!

You're also getting really good about eye contact.  Not only that but you're starting to recognize faces more too.  Like when your dad picked you up from JP's house for the first time and you locked eyes with him and just smiled!  You made him so happy to have recognized him so easily and so quickly. 

You're quiet the mover and shaker too!  We've snapped hundreds of pictures of you and you're starting to become harder to capture.  It's really cute though.  You move your arms so quickly and you move your legs like you're marching.  It's fun to watch you and just let you go to town dancing around.  You're also putting your hands in your mouth and from what we understand it's a soothing thing, a "i need to eat" indicator and just a new thing that you've discovered! 

Oh and diapers.  We've tried a number of options.  When we left the hospital we were doing Pampers and we used Pampers until you were out of newborns.  Now, you're in Size 1 and we started with what we had from friends.  We had Seventh Generation & Pampers and when we were done with those we tried Target's brand of diapers.  They weren't my favorite because they'd just slip off of you.  So now we're using Luvs and while I do love them, I haven't decided if I'm crazy about the baby powder smell that they have.  We're still deciding, but they are cheap and fit you great!

You're still battling a little bit of a mucus back up in your nose and throat.  I'm hoping when we go to the dr. we'll know more about what's going on.  We've already been to the dr. once and it's better, but not gone.  So we'll see.

You're wearing size 3 Carter's onesies and a few 0-3 month outfits that are still fitting you nicely.  About 3 weeks ago you were already out of newborn clothes, but you wore them for a while.  I didn't really buy too many newborn outfits so I was happy to not have to store a lot of those away.  Luckily, I've had two generous friends give us lots of clothing options for you.  I cannot wait for the fall to arrive so that I can put you in some new outfits and things that I bought for you long before you arrived.

You're still sleeping in our room in your bassinet.  We think that we'll keep you in there until you're about 3 months old.  Since our your bedroom is on the second floor, it's just easier for me to have you close so that I can nurse you and put you back to bed quickly.  At 3 months, we'll talk about what we're going to do and see if it's going to work for all of us.  I'll still be nursing you at that time, but it'll just be a gamble of what you need and what's going to work for all of us.

You're still nursing like a champ!  Taking a bottle from someone other than your dad or myself, has been a little bit of a challange, but we're working through it and you're doing great!  Breastfeeding has been a very awesome experience and I couldn't be happier about it.  We had a little hiccup at the beginning but overall, it's been great!  I plan on nursing you for as long as you let me.  I plan for a year, but I could go longer if you need me to.  I've got about 100 ounces stocked up for when you won't be near me or won't be able to nurse.  That will also help for when you decide that you don't want to nurse anymore, you'll still be able to get my milk.  I also have no problem nursing in public or anywhere that I need to nurse.  You need fed and I need to express it and that's the easiest way to get both of those things done.  Right now you eat in about 20 minutes or less so it's really a quick process and you're a champ!  I'm so happy about this accomplishment!

Because of the nursing.... you're growing like a weed and while we (I) was really upset about it at first, it's now very exciting to watch you grow and change.  A lot of people think that you look like me because of your brow line and your hair, but I think you look like your dad.  We've compared pictures and you have a lot of your dad's features.  It's so fun to watch you change and I'm sure over time you will continue to change.

You're such a sweet little boy and because of you, we cannot wait to bring another baby into the world that will be just as sweet as you.  You're a complete joy and we love you so much!

Happy 2 months, Coen!

Love, Mom & Dad


Sassytimes said…
Wow. 2 months already?! What a sweet little boy. I love all the smile photos.
Allison said…
Awww...happy 2 months to you, mommy! Such a sweet little man!
What a cutie pie! You are so blessed!

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