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OOT with baby...

When we would travel, pre-baby, I'd over pack.

If we were going for a week, it might look like I was going to stay an additional week by the amount of items, bags, and clothes that I had packed.

Now, having a child... (for lack of better terms) it basically looked like we moved out of our house last weekend just to go out-of-town for 1 night.

I was so worried that I'd forget something or run out of something... luckily for me, the only thing I forgot was my makeup but with about 50 of our friends there, I did have someone who lovingly shared.

What was on my list to pack?
pack n playpack n play sheetswaddlediaperswipesdiaper bagC's bagburp clothstravel outfitbackup outfitsoutfits for sundaywedding outfitbackup wedding outfitgoing home outfitpjspacifiers & clipbaby shampoo & body washwash clothsbath towelbeach towels x3bathing suits (me & C)sunscreensun hattylenol (never have given it to him, but never know when you might need it)thermometerbulb syringe…

battle scars

I was so disappointed and still get teary when I think about how late they arrived. 

I thought I was in the clear, I was bragging about how they hadn't arrived and then I turned around one morning.  There in the mirror, starring right back at me, at 39 weeks, they were here.  

I thought it was just something on the mirror, so I went to the bathroom and they were still there. 

All over my belly.


Silver lines.

Stretch marks.

I had just been talking to my mom about how people think it's wild that I don't have any and how she didn't have any so maybe it's genetic.  I was saying how I use Palmer's lotion and how it "must be doing the job."

I started reading on the internet about how some people didn't get stretch marks until after their labor.  Some had stretch marks beforehand but they worsened after labor.  Some didn't get any at all.  Then I started to fear that I could potentially get them after labor...

I was so determined to le…

the dr. said so...

When we went to Coen's two-month check-up appointment the one thing that the pediatrician was really big on was putting Coen in his own room and in his crib.  He said that now is a good time to do this, because they are usually sleeping through the night better at two-months and becoming more and more aware of their surroundings.  He just recommended that we do it.  While it might be hard, we just have to take the plunge.

My biggest fear is that he's upstairs and we're downstairs in our first floor master (another house option that I thought was great until we had Coen...).  I just didn't want to be that far from him and I didn't want to miss something because of the distance.  I had a fear that something would go wrong and I wouldn't be there to just jump up and grab him, like I am in our room.

We talked about it a handful of times at home and we came to the conclusion that he would start going to bed in his crib.  We'd just try it and if there was a fig…

King Pin | Pinterest Challenge 2

We're back at it again to attempt another round of Pins that we've pinned on Pinterest.  We do not guarantee that any of these will work, but we're going to give it a whirl and hope for the best.  The first time around was so much fun, we're doing it again!

If you want to join in on the fun, please leave a comment or contact one of us and we'll get you involved in the next round.  We'll have a new host for each challenge and would love to see some new faces get involved!

Goals of the challenge:
Pick a Pin to recreate.  Could be a craft, could be a photo, could be a purchase... anything works.Attempt your Pin.Submit your results (in photos), show the good and the ugly...Wait for the post to post on host's blog.Post to your Pin Challenge on your own blog and link back to host. These ladies have each picked their own pin and we're hoping to see how it went next Friday. So, what are we going to see this time around?

Well, to start us off... Sarah, who bl…

new location

Over the next few days, you might start to notice we have a new location for our blog.

As blogger said this morning...

Your blog is in transition. Your blog's new address is Since it takes time for this new address to be available all over the Internet, you can still get to it at

Your new address should work for everyone after at most 3 days. At that time we will redirect your readers from your old address to the new one.

It all started when I decided to order from Minted since they were offering $30 off of an order of 25.  However, I ordered 50 for $5 and they should be here in 5 days!  I'm so excited!  Because of these cards, I decided to just take the plunge and claim my domain as well.

Oh, here is what I ordered...

It's a big day here at happyhopefuls!   I am just so giddy about these purchases!  Very very excited!

So, for your blog feeds, readers and everything else... It should still fee…

the name

We haven't had too many questions about our name or where it came from or what it means.  We just have a lot of people tell us that they like it, it's unique and then they get distracted by how sweet he is.  But, I wanted to give the background story on how this name came about.

In 2003, my fiance (at the time) and I started watching the show The OC.  For me, it was like a soap opera at night and for my fiance it was like watching 90210 again.  We were hooked from day one.  We watched all 4 seasons (ending in 2007) and watched every single episode (all 92 of them).  We were so bummed when they took it off the air, but it was really for the best since the story lines were starting to get a little nutty.  Nutty it was, but we still loved every second of it.

So, in 2007 The OC ends and we're bummed.  A year or so passes and we notice that it's on the Soap Network playing reruns and not just reruns but the ENTIRE series over.  So we couldn't help be DVR the entire se…

just wondering...

Yesterday, was C's first day at the sitter and it was a success.  I didn't even get upset about leaving him because I actually dropped him off and he was snoozing so, it was a smooth transition.  I was so confident about our decision and C's sitter just makes me feel so comfortable.  I even received a text about how he was doing around 12pm and I was there to pick him up at about 5pm. 

He did great, except, he didn't really eat too well.  I mean, he's a boob man and he just fights the bottle.  It's not that he doesn't like it, it's just not what he prefers and because of that, he just doesn't eat like he would if we were together.  He eats about 8 or so ounces when we are a part and they are about 4 hours in between.  When we are together, we are usually nursing every 2.5 to 3.5 hours.
I get concerned about this because I think that he's just holding out until he gets home, but then I have to remember that if he gets hungry enough, he'…

what I've learned...

All things you worried or stressed about early on get so much better at about 3 to 4 weeks.  And even more so after about 8 weeks.Sometimes he will love the bottle and sometimes he will act like it is his worst enemy.A pacifier works, but not every time.Sometimes, they just want to be held and that is okay.If your baby doesn't complete a feeding, pump it off.Drink water.  Lots of water.  Like a friend of mine said... if you can feel that your hands and feet are dry, you aren't getting enough water.  My biggest thing is headaches.  I get them frequently when I'm dehydrated and not getting enough fluids.I started pumping quite a bit more and it's not feeling all that good.  The pump just isn't as kind to my body as baby C. Ouchie-wa-wa.I have to keep reminding myself that when I pump, I need to pump at least the amount of milk that C is eating when he's away from me.  More than what he's eating is fine, just not any less.I have Fenugreek on hand, just in case…

flower power

We were so excited.  We had a plan in place and we were stoked to get out there and just give it a try.  We thought for sure that we'd be loved and that we'd be welcomed into the group.

And then.... about 5 weeks later, we were in the hole and it wasn't looking good.

Our farmers market, in town, is great!  I've posted a number of times about how you can spend less than $20 and walk away with a lot of great produce!  I've talked to friends in town about how much I love the market and always encourage people to go!  But what was the market missing?  (We thought) FLOWERS!

Location for a farmers market, is key.  If it's on the main street of a town, it helps with the flow of traffic and it draws in people that maybe wouldn't normally stop because they've spotted something from the road that they want.  Unfortunately for us, our market is that it's not located on a main street in town, it's just catty-corner to the main roads and because of this, …

King Pin One

I've found that there are just 100,000 pictures and poses out there that are captured daily that are just A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!  Thanks to Pinterest (can you tell I have an addiction), I can keep track of them so that I can try to recreate some of the shots.  Today was the first day we gave it a whirl...

The first one being...

Isn't that sweet...

We had several attempts, but we ended up with this one and I'm very happy with how it turned out!!

I just love them, so much!

This is my first of four pins that I'm hoping to complete by this Friday.  Stay tuned for the rest...

Oh and if you want to see some of the other photography ideas, you can visit them here in my Life Captured board...

Happy Thursday!

branching out

If you are new here and haven't visited before, welcome.

I recently joined networked blogs and through them, my blog will be seen from a few new locations as posts are posted.  It's a fun tool and while I've never been crazy about sharing my blog with the world, I have decided to just go ahead and give it a try for a little while.

So, if you are joining me from facebook, welcome friends!
For those that are new here, I wanted to say a couple of things...
First of all, I've been blogging for about 4 years.I started to blog about our struggle to start a family.Blogging is an outlet for me.My blog = My journal of thoughts and opinions.My thoughts and opinions, means it's just how I feel.  I'm not filtering much of anything, I just let it out.Who reads it? Friends from the inter-web.Why did I keep it to myself?  In short, I just didn't feel like it. So, now I'm branching out and sharing it with you. 


Read along if you'd like.

Read back in…

We're Moving!

Okay, not immediately...

....but soon.

Our house is the house that I loved during our first house search and not the one my husband loved and because of that, there has been a burning itch to move (for him) since the moment we moved in... 7.5 years ago.  We've done a lot of work to our house, making it our own and I just love it here.  However, I know that it's not our forever home but rather, our first home.

So, our goal?  To try and sell our house in about 2 years and then move.

Move where?

Well, at first, we hope to either move into an apartment or with my parents (they've heard of this idea but only recently) and save some money for a while.  We also want to search for our perfect home during that time and not just jump right into another one.

Well, like I said, my husband has never loved our house and we struggled for a long time to love our location.  That being said, in the search for our forever home, we HAVEN'T said that we wouldn't buy anothe…


We went for C's 2 month appointment and he now weighs 12.6 lbs and is 23 inches long.  He's in the 42% in length and 63% in weight, so he's doing great and looks great!

During his visit, he got 3 shots and boy was the harder than I thought it was going to be.  We had him on the table, very calm and happy.  We were both holding his hands, both to make sure that he didn't try to help, but also to just be with him. 

As soon as it went down, there was just fear and pain in his eyes.  He jumped, turned beat red and then let out the biggest scream that I've ever heard from him.  Then the nurses ran out, I teared up, he was still crying, we hugged it out for a minute and then he nursed for about 10 minutes to calm down completely. 

I knew it would be harder for me than him, but I didn't want to worry about it until it happened.  Now that it has, I worry about the next time.  Having it happen made us realize what his pain cry sounds like.  We hadn't heard that …

pinterest challenge

I've had a great time on Pinterest and found som crazy motivation to actually try some of the things I've found because of it, too.  I'm not alone in this feeling though.  It seems that a lot of people are trying things too.  It's a little outside of my box, but I'm totally loving it.

This awesome group of girls have come together to do a challenge and I'm part of it!  I was so excited about it that I've already complete 2 of the 4 Pins that I'm going to complete and I'm about 90% of the way done with another Pin.  It's so addicting, I cannot help but do something!

Jump over to Wendy's blog to see what I'm going to attempt to do and see what the other girls are doing too.  Then remember to pop over next Friday to see what our projects/Pin attempts look like all complete!

It's so exciting.

If you're on Pinterest and have been inspired, what have you done?

I did it.

I hit the "mark all as read" button on my reader.

I've struggled for a year to get through the blogs I enjoy reading and file others that aren't as important.

In doing so, I've neglected some blogs that I love.

So today, I pushed the button I was dreading.  The "mark all as read" button and I cannot tell you how great it felt.

So, now I'm onto commenting and loving on the blogs I love.... starting now!

Coen, 2 months

Dear Coen,

I cannot believe that you have already been in our lives for 2 months.  It seems like yesterday I was in the hospital with you just waiting to go home and show you around. 

I wanted to write down a couple of things to remember from last month to this month, just for documentation sake....

Our nicknames for you: Bubba, Mister, Baby Coen

Weight & Height: On July 25 you were 11lbs 2oz... Any guesses on what he might be on Friday(when we go for the 2 month appointment)??

Loves: Bath time, kisses from Mama and Dadda, your swing, being swaddled, be held, laying on your gym mat with dad, visiting with new friends and family, and smiling.

Dislikes: Hiccups.  Those darn things just makes you feel terrible and you get so fussy when you have them right after you eat.

This month was the first time that someone other than your dad or I watching you and from what we heard, you had a great time.  Being wide awake, alert, active and a very happy baby.  You weren't crazy about havin…

at least 6 months

When I went to the dr. for my 6 week check up, she wanted to know what kind of birth control (if any) I would want to get started on.  I said that I just wasn't interested because of many reasons.

First and mainly because it took us so long to get here, I'd hate to get on birth control and have that throw us a curve ball for when we go to try for our second baby.  Second being, I don't want it to hinder my milk supply at all and lastly, I just don't want to take a pill or something else daily/monthly, whatever...

I know it's risky and for all we know we might be pregnant sooner than we think, but we're not afraid.  We want kids and while we'd love to say that we want them about 2 years apart, who knows what will happen.  We're not going to actively start trying for about a year, but anything could happen.

My dr. requested that we wait at least 6 months to a year to start trying again and that fits right into what we had said from the beginning.  My body…