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First off, I'm going to start by saying that today is one of those days where we just stayed in what we slept in the night before and we both went to bed in the clothes we wore the day before.  It's just one of those things and it's better for the both of us. 

I don't know what got under my tail today, but I've been a cleaning fool.

This morning started off a little rough.  We had to go to the sick bay at the doctor because Coen had some serious flem/mucus that he just couldn't get over.  He was choking on it and it was also making him throw up a few times as well.  He was even having some trouble breathing because of it and it was just a little scary.  I know that if I had that in my system, I would just blow it out... but he's a baby.  The doc just told us to do a few easy things (cool mist humidifier and saline drops for infants) and he should be all set in a few days.   Luckily it's nothing connected to a fever... just some mucus.

In visiting the doctor, we learned that he had gained another 2 lbs since we were there 2 weeks ago.  That means he's up to 11.2lbs now!  That's huge growth and I'm just loving it!

So what did we do today?

Well, I read this LIFE SAVING post on babywearing this morning that motivated me to not only wear Coen today but also crank out some things around the house.  It was great for about an hour and then I was just too hot to keep wearing him so I took him off.

Before I put him on, I cleaned and organized my bathroom cabinet.

Then I put him on, like this...

And then I organized our "plastics" cabinet to move the large plastic cups up and the baby stuff in.  I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.  The only obstacle now will be to add the pieces that are in the dishwasher.  Hopefully they don't fudge up my work!

It has all my breastfeeding items on the left...

And all the other items on the right.  I'm still cleaning all my bottles and hope to get them in there when they are ready!

See this is my bottle mess...

After all of that, I put Coen in his swing so I could get a few more things done.

 Then I refilled all of our soap dispensers, fliped the couch cushions around, took some baby things back up the nursery, folded some baby clothes, cleaned out two canvas baskets for baby things in our living room and washed a few baby items by hand...

By that time, mama was hungry so I made a snack.  Best news about my eating and weight loss is that I've kept my weight down and even dropped 3 more pounds on the day that I had a McFlurry and a small fry!  I joked that it meant I was to have a McFlurry and small fry every day for a snack!  Ha!  

And then I remembered I hadn't posted my three of my most favorite baby gifts...

The first one I don't have a picture of, but thanks to my sister for researching it and my husband, I will soon be the owner of a new Chamilia charm.  It's going to be extra special because it will actually have Coen's finger print on it and his birthday.

The next one is this little onesie that just says it all.  So sweet.

And lastly, my necklace that is just so special to me...

The last two things are from my friend Lori who visited with her family a few days ago.  It was great to have them out and to have them all meet Coen.  Here's a few pictures from their visit...

Last but not least, Coen is starting to smile and we think it's pretty darn cute.

Sunday marked the first day of the last full week of maternity leave.  Next week, I will go back to work on Friday and gradually start the process of returning full time.  I'm nervous about the whole thing but know that when I'm not home during the next few weeks my husband will be to do the whole trial-and-error thing before we send him off to our sitter.  It will work out, there's just a lot of little things that I worry about but I know that working is not only good for me but good for him.  It allows me to make money to spend on him and give him the best life. 

More on that another time...

Happy Monday!


Kristal said…
I'm so glad the post was so helpful. :) And aren't productive days the best?? They still make me super happy, even with an 18m old!
Sassytimes said…
Look at you! Way to go on all the organizing. Baby wearing is the best. You look like a natural.

Love that last photo of C's smile. Adorable.
Great post. Love your gifts and that cute little onesie.

You're a natural!
He is such a cutie and kudo's to you on all the housework. I always wore my babies and I loved it. I wish they were still little enough to wear sometimes. :)
Leah said…
Holy crap girl, that's insanely productive from the wearing, weight loss and crap, I just lost the third thing lol.

I'm so sorry that the end of your leave has already arrived. :(
Lori said…
Thanks, Jill. Glad you love the baby gifts. We love Coen!!!

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