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my pregnancy

Sean put this together for us to have as a memory of my pregnancy with Coen.  It's very sweet to have it all in one spot and a memento that will last a lifetime.

things I've learned

All things that I've learned in the few weeks of motherhood...
 There really is a difference between a hungry cry and a sleepy cry.Whoever said to use some sort nipple cream from the get go was a life saver.  I was able to use it for only 2 weeks before I no longer needed it.You really can survive on little to no sleep.Maternity leave FLIES by.Breastfeeding dehydrates you, enough so that it can cause headaches.I love my Moby Wrap much more than my bjornGerber onesies are about 1 whole size smaller than what they are marked.  Found this out the hard way when I had one in my diaper bag as a back up and I put it on him and it looked like a muscle shirt.Even though you might birth a 7 lb baby, you will need newborn clothes.You can spend HOURS just staring at your baby because you want to soak up every second of their lives.Your animals do know what's going on and in our case it was really noticeable.  Our dog is always by my side and while that sounds really sweet, it's a litt…

cried, big time.

I could not pass this video up.

Makes me remember that no matter what, you have to have hope.

There's not a day that doesn't go by that I don't thank my lucky stars for my short pregnancy with spud and my life with Coen.  It's just a blessing and you better believe that I also don't forget the 4 years of heartbreak it took to get here.

Found this video here.


First off, I'm going to start by saying that today is one of those days where we just stayed in what we slept in the night before and we both went to bed in the clothes we wore the day before.  It's just one of those things and it's better for the both of us. 

I don't know what got under my tail today, but I've been a cleaning fool.

This morning started off a little rough.  We had to go to the sick bay at the doctor because Coen had some serious flem/mucus that he just couldn't get over.  He was choking on it and it was also making him throw up a few times as well.  He was even having some trouble breathing because of it and it was just a little scary.  I know that if I had that in my system, I would just blow it out... but he's a baby.  The doc just told us to do a few easy things (cool mist humidifier and saline drops for infants) and he should be all set in a few days.   Luckily it's nothing connected to a fever... just some mucus.

In visiting the do…


I've learned that sometimes, even the right bra, the right amount of breast pads and the right about of clothing layers, will still not stop a leak.

We went on a little day trip adventure and while we were there I not only leaked through my breast pad, my tank and another layer.  But baby C got too much to eat too quickly that he threw up all over me and himself.

Thank God for baby wipes, spare outfits and bags for dirty clothes...

We were back in business in no time!

It's funny how (now I sort of enjoy) the idea of having spit up on my shoulder (or lap) because it came from my baby and it's actually sort of cute...

not so bright

I've heard that pregnancy brain isn't as nearly as bad as mommy brain and today I'm here to tell you that they were so right.

My not so bright moment of mommyhood so far was...

When my drivers license expired and it wasn't until I receive a card in the mail that I became aware of the issue.  Not only was it expired, but it was almost a month overdue.

Luckily for me, they don't have an penalty for renewing it late, however if I were to have been caught, my license would've been suspended for a year!  Yikes!

Hopefully this is the last big mistake I make for a while.  That could've been really bad!


Going into labor, I had this thought in the back of my mind.  A thought that I never expressed until after it was all said and done.  A thought that has to do with when I wrote this post and unfortunately the closer my time came to delivery the more I thought about how their life panned out.

I'm not going to lie.  Like all things along this road, if they were negative or brought on anxiety, I tried to just not talk about them for fear that it would make those things actually happen.  So I didn't talk about this with anyone.  I just told my husband that I didn't want to see or find the book until after Coen was here and I was with the both of them.

As my labor progressed, I forgot all about their story and my fear.  I had forgotten about what happened when Liz went to hold Maddy for the first time until it was my turn.  Thinking about the moment I had Coen in my arms for the first time is very emotional.  I wasn't really emotional then, I was just aware (and on a lot of …

bring it back to the blog

Well, if you haven't already done so, you need to check out Pinterest.  I've been playing around with it for about 48 hours and I cannot step away from it.

If you want to follow along with my boards, you can find me here.

Since I'm not doing much blogging, I wanted to share a few pictures from what we've been doing.

My sister got married.  It was really nice and Coen did really well.

Coen, his Great Aunt and myself at the wedding.  Sadly, I was a little overwhelmed at the wedding and didn't take any pictures myself during the wedding.  My brother had my camera and got some good shots, just none as a family.  Should've could've would've.  Darnit.

 The next night we were at another wedding and he did a great job!  Couldn't believe how well he did.  Only mad a fuss to eat while we were eating but did very well otherwise.  What a great baby.

The beautiful bride and groom.

We watched our first fireworks with Coen at the end of our street.  Unfortunately,…


I want to be real, about my weight gain and not fabricate it at all, so... here ya go!

Throughout my entire pregnancy, I ate what I wanted.  I had little food aversions that kept me from eating some of the things that were better for me, but within reason, I ate whatever sounded good.  I also didn't skip dessert and took part in a $1 sundae from McD's just about 3 times a week.  I have a new found LOVE for ice cream and if it's chocolate or peanut butter related, I'M ALL OVER IT!

Anyway, let's be reminded of something.

I went from this....

To this...

And now I look like this.

I went from about 182lbs to 222lbs in about 27 weeks and in 3 weeks, I lost it all.

When Coen was 7 days old we got on the scale together and I weighed 196lbs.  Then about 5 days later I got up the courage to just weigh myself and I was down to 189lbs and then another week or so later, I was at 183lbs.  Now I'm hovering at 182 to 186, but it's basically my starting pregnancy weight and I…

my loves

I love that when Coen is startled by something, he throws his hands up in "stop sign" fashion to express his startled-ness.

I love his little yawns.

I love that when he eats, he grunts through the whole thing and then stops for air in an over exaggerated way.

I love when he's wailing and I pick him up and he automatically calms down.

I love to watch him and my husband have cuddle time.

I love my cuddle time with him after he's eaten.

I love his toes.

I love his facial expressions when he's got his soothie in his mouth.

I love this expression because it just looks like he's saying... "ohhhhhh...."

I love listening to him sleep.

I love that he'll fall asleep with his hands above his head or just resting near his head.

I love that the animals love and care for you and aren't too jealous of our time that we spend with you.

I just love this little man to pieces...  It's an overwhelming feeling that I just cannot get over.  It's absolutel…