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Sprout | 40 wks 4 days

To eliminate all negative, I thought I would start naming my posts as the weeks/days I am pregnant, verses the days that I am beyond my due date.  Just makes me feel better.

Yesterday wasn't a very happy day.  I teared up and then cried at the pediatrician's office.  It wasn't his fault.  He was saying how he heard about me wanting to come in and it was just dependant of me going into labor last weekend or not.  Since I didn't, he was happy to see me and all.  He was funny, but I wasn't having a good day.  When I said that my due date was last Saturday and that I was just a little frustrated that I was still pregnant, the tears just started streaming.

What I have to remind myself of is that this is totally normal.  Just because some women go early, doesn't mean that all should and will.  I had such confidence last week and even early this week, but boy do the people just bring you down.

My doctor is confident in me and my body.  She's seen and heard how he's doing and as long as I'm okay, she's okay.  I just wish that people would become as comfortable with me passing my due date as I have been.  It's not uncommon and I'm not miserable.  So please, lay off.  Honestly, the people that don't have a clue and that keep staring at me and saying stupid comments are the people that are pushing me over the edge.

I know it's normal.  People don't understand and those that haven't done this whole pregnancy thing REALLY don't get it.  And people that don't know me that well and still feel like that have to act like they care about me.... REALLY don't get it.  Those people/co-workers just piss me off.  The comments are something I really didn't plan or think about how I was going to manage, but here we are and they don't stop.

Yesterday I was hard on myself and the thought of coming to work and having to look at everyone... just wasn't my cup of tea.  Luckily, I was able to work from home and boy did that help my spirits today.

I'm 40 weeks and 4 days pregnant.  It's not glamorous, but it is what it is.  I'm living my dream and I'm really enjoying most minutes of it.  So please, just leave me alone...

Getting to today, June 8th, is sort of a joke now.  My poor husband wrote 2 weeks worth (pages and pages!!!) of lesson plans for his classroom thinking I would've had our baby weeks ago.  He's a little bitter that everyday he has to throw out PAGES of his handwritten, typed and planned notes, but we just never thought we'd be here.

I'm happy that I didn't deliver on June 8th, though, because it means a lot to my husband to be there for his class and his students.  For someone who has been teaching for 11 years, there's still something so special to him about the last day of school.  It's a sentimental thing, I know.  But sending off the 8th graders to their new life at the High School is just special and a day that you don't get to repeat.  As an 8th grade teacher, too, it's usually the last and final time that you'll see some of those faces again.  Faces that you've been with and teaching for how many days of the last year?  It's just a good day for him to be there and be with his kids and he was becoming a little bummed thinking about not being there.  Plus, they have two GREAT teachers that are retiring that mean a lot to his school and him that he wanted to be there for too.  So I'm happy for him.

Sprout's doing great though, so why not....

Getting to June 8th is a joke for another reason too... my (used-to-be) boss had joked that June 10th would make a great birthday, selfishly because it is her birthday and people LOVE sharing their birthdays... Come to find out (or be reminded), that June 10th is also my Grandmother's birthday, so it's extra special in my mind.  Thinking about it months ago, I thought June 10th was a TOTAL joke, but then again... we're only 2 days away from that day and ANYTHING is possible.  June 10th could be totally doable at this point.  Who knew that could even get close to going 6 days beyond my due date to get there...  We'll see.  The day is full of possibilities.

Mentally, today is a better day for me.  I'm confident in my decision and I know that tomorrow we'll have a lot more questions answered and be reassured of our decision to keep going.  Yesterday I was on the verge of a mess or a breakdown, but it didn't come to that... fully.

Today is a good day.  Today feels good.  Today... Today, I'm pregnant and loving every minute of it!

Side notes from yesterday:

  • I was able to work from home and if I could've taken a picture of myself, you guys would've died.  I was sitting on the yoga/exercise ball with my laptop set up on a board on one of our chairs in our living room.  Using it as my "desk".  I could sit low into the ball, bounce from time to time and just be super comfortable while still working.  It was fantastic.
  • We went on a longer walk yesterday and it was great.  I actually walked Toby the whole time too and that really felt great too, because he sort of pulled me along.  Not at a crazy pace, just comfortable.
  • I'm still experiencing some discolored discharge, while my dr. said was normal.  That's been going on for about 4 days now.  I was also still bleeding lightly from my membranes being stripped, but I think that's starting to wind down a bit.
  • Last night, I woke up in the middle of the night sweating so much that I thought my water had broke and I didn't notice.  I'm not kidding.  I was wearing shorts and a tank and I was experiencing that awful skin-to-skin leg feeling plus sweat.  It was so gross.  I had to get up and put pj pants on so that wouldn't happen again.  Such an awful feeling.


the grumbles said…
positive positive positive positive. hang in there, you're doing great. it just... really sucks at the end. you're being so patient. i'm proud of you!(maybe that's kind of weird, but ok! you go! go you!)

he won't stay in there forever. he'll be out when he's ready. a lot of people who don't have much experience with pregnancy don't understand that due dates are pretty flexible.
You are doing awesome.
YOU can do this.

You have made such a welcomed and comfy home for Sprout that he's just really taking his time and enjoying himself in there. He can't help it - you're already a phenomenal mommy!

I think all of this "lateness" means that your sweet boy is going to be a laid-back, sweet-as-pie, scrumptious little thing.

You're doing so well. SO well. You can do this.
Krista said…
I'm thinking of you a lot Jill!! You are still my hero!!!
Sassytimes said…
Hang in there! You are doing a great job! Ignore all those people and their comments as much as you can. They just don't get it. Unless you've been pregnant to your due date or past it, there's no way you can get it.

He'll come soon...and he'll be perfect.

Are you having contractions at all?

Hang in there!
Ignore all those are doing GREAT and SO very soon you will be holding your son!! He is just enjoying a little more time with mommy before seeing everyone else :)

HUGS to you!!
Leah said…
Seriously Jill, you are being such a rockstar! I just love your attitude and that no one needs to remind you how hard you've worked to get here! Sprout is just living it up and soaking in your hospitality a bit longer than anticipated.

Someone just reminded me, they're the easiest to care for when they're inside babies. ;)
christina said…
You are doing so great, Jill! It really is so emotional and the unknown of "when when when" is so hard to handle alone, let alone when everyone you see or talk to is asking. It's a lot of pressure on you.

Just know that you are doing everything perfectly and that he is preparing to make his grand entrance!

For what it's worth, I think you are doing the right thing. I was so miserable and having a rough time that I went in for induction at 2 days over my due date. My dr. likes to deliver his own babies, so he was on call and just sort of scheduled it (I was measuring a little big). Looking back, I am almost certain that I wouldn't have had a c-section if I had allowed my body to do things on its time, and allowed Wren to come when she was ready. I say that to remind you that you are truly doing everything that you can to keep Sprout safe and once he's here you will instantly forget all of this waiting.

I will be thinking of you!!! Wishing you all the best and I can't wait to see him!!
Amanda said…
Hold on, you are doing great! The average length of gestation for a natural birth is 41 weeks, 1 day. 40 weeks is an arbitrary number, some women go two weeks early, some two weeks after. You are not overdue!!!
Erin said…
Nothing much to say other than being late would really suck! I was going crazy already by the time I delivered just a few days before my due date. Other people are for sure what makes it hardest.

I know a ton - seriously SO many - of people who delivered around 1 week late and went into labor on their own. Hope something starts soon for you!
Moore Family said…
You are doing great Jill and doing exactly what this baby wants you to do! I just delivered a baby last night that was 42wks 1day! IMAGINE that!! He was fantastic, went right to breast and fed like a champ and when I first put him on mom's chest, he raised his head and looked at her! Most 1st time moms (who aren't induced) go past their due date, I think it's totally normal and I am sure you look fantastic :D I know its hard to enjoy being pg this "late' in the game and you just want to see his beautiful face but I will tell you what I tell all my other moms in your shoes.....they are SO much easier on the inside :D LOL!!!

From 1 previous 41 weeker to another,
Ericka :D
April said…
Hang in there, mama...though I hope by this time you are feeling much relief! The last days feel like months, but it's so worth the waiting when that bundle is in your arms!
Hi, just checking in and hoping all is going well. I've followed your blog for a while and since you haven't updated in a week or so, I am going to guess that Sprout made his arrival and now the three of you are becoming acquainted with one another. I know in a previous post that said you wouldn't post anything on the blog right away, but since I don't follow you on FB or anywhere else (just the blog...gotta love blog stalkers), just wanted to pass along my well wishes. Take care!

Erin said…
I've been thinking about you the past few days - I hope the silence on the blog means your baby is here... or that you're just taking the last few days of your pregnancy to be focused internally! Good luck with everything!

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