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Sprout | Week 37 & 38

In tidbits...
  • Our first Farmers Market in town was this week.  The reason this is pretty exciting, is not only because I LOVE the farmers market, but because there is a future business brewing for myself and Salutations at the market and within the next few weeks, we will be selling something pretty special there.  More to come on this very soon.  You can get a sneak peek over here...

  • This was the week that my dr. said that I was 70% effaced too.  Thinking about that now, I'm not sure I heard her right, but it's too late now.

  • Saturday, (5/14) we were supposed to have some carpet cleaners come out to clean our carpets and 30 minutes before they were supposed to arrive, they called to say their machine was broken and they wouldn't be able to make it.  While this wouldn't normally be a big deal... I was 37 weeks pregnant, we had moved all of our small furniture out of the rooms we were getting cleaned and virtually everything from our living room was moved as well.  In about 40 minutes of calling a few other places on a Saturday, I was able to find another company that could come out but not until the next day.  So we just took off and did some shopping so we didn't have to stand in our crazy house... or sit on the floor in the living room to watch t.v.

  • That Saturday, while we were out shopping, we managed to squeeze in a date too.  We did our favorite thing... Grabbed sushi and then Jeni's Ice Cream.  This time I had dark chocolate, browned buttered almond brittle, and strawberry buttermilk.  It was so dreamy!  I should've skipped the sushi and went right for the ice cream.

  • That same Saturday, we went to my parents house and my mom gave me this calendar that she had kept when I was a baby.  It's called "Baby's First Year" and it's literally the first 365 days of the baby's life and everything that they did.  It's a little wild how much she wrote down but I read through it all... It's such a great item that I asked her to find me one that I can do with our first baby.  It's just a neat way to write down the little things that you will soon forget when distracted by your little one!  I'm excited to get that started!

  • During my 37 week, I was really feeling the heartburn come back.  I am then and still burping and throwing up in my mouth quite frequently.  I'm still taking pepcid prescription and tums to balance it.  I'm not really avoiding anything because I love everything they want me to avoid.  So, in essence, I'm just setting myself up for it... oh well.

  • During this same week, I made some other appointments to crank out so that I didn't have to worry about them post-baby.  I went and got my last hair cut while pregnant, I went to the dentist for my 6 month check up and I went to have lunch with Trish to talk about other items she's going to graciously make for me! 

  • Call me crazy, but during this week, I also babysat for my boys (Jake & Jack).  It great to see them and listening to them ask me questions about my belly and my baby were just hilarious.  They wanted to know when he was coming out, if he had a mouth, if he could walk, why he couldn't come out now, they wanted to know where his head was, they said that 14 days was SO long and wanted to know if he would come out now.  It was so funny and very entertaining.

  • Not to mention that because their mom is AMAZING, a mom of two boys and won't be having anymore children, she was sending me out the door with anything and everything that I wanted that was baby/toddler related.  It was crazy.  Both night that I was there last week, I left with a car full of baby/toddler items.  We have car seats for when he's out of the infant carrier, a pack n play for my mom's house, clothes, puzzles, toys, a bumbo for my mom's house, books, and tons of other things that are just awesome to have!  We cannot wait to use them and cannot thank them enough!

  • I'm not going to lie.  I haven't stopped snoring.  Have I mentioned that before?  Well, if not.  I'm snoring.  I blame it on pregnancy because it has only picked up over the last few weeks or months and before that I didn't snore.  Now, I'm not fully on rattling the walls or anything, but it's a snore.  Unfortunately for my husband, he's a light sleeper and it keeps him up.  I feel bad, but what am I supposed to do?

  • Saturday and Sunday (5/14 & 5/15) were scheduled with some friends as back to back baby showers.  I was only able to attend one and it was nice to be there.  I wasn't sure that I would be comfortable enough to go or willing get dressed enough to go, but honestly it was great.  The food was good, the company was entertaining and the baby-mama's-to-be were cute as can be.

  • After the shower, I came home, put together the pack n play, grilled out with my husband, watched Black Swan and hung out with my husband.  It was great.  We've really enjoyed spending time at home and honestly, it gives me time to get things done that I constantly feel need done.  Now if I could only get OUR laundry done, I'd be all set.

  • Earlier in the week, my husband's aunt was found dead and going to her funeral on Sunday, May 22nd was actually a sad but very cool experience. She was a very holistic, spiritual, healing sort of woman and hearing about her life was just really interesting to me.  It was good to see S's family together before the baby arrives too!  I'm glad that I could be there.

  • Today, I'm 38 weeks and 3 days.  My dr. appointment yesterday was good.  I had told myself over and over again that I just didn't want to get checked internally.  I didn't need to know if I were progressing because it didn't mean anything.  I could be 3 centimeters dilated and go into labor that night or in 2 weeks.  Either way, it didn't need to be done.  However, I was there... and I did it anyway.  I'm mad that I did, but it's done.  I had thought about not sharing what I learned, because it's not going to change anything...but then I decided that I would.  I'm a centimeter dilated.  In my appointment I learned, that I only have one left.  One appointment with my dr. left.  She asked me how I felt about an induction or if I wanted to start talking about that now.  I said no, because I would really prefer to wait it out and start this whole thing on my own.  Pitocin is not something I'd like to have to have.  Period.  So now, I have my next appointment set up for next Tuesday and then the Monday following I'm also going to plan on going, just in case.

  • The idea of passing my due date doesn't freak me out, honestly.  It happens to a lot of new moms and I would (honestly) rather pass my due date and go into labor on my own than be induced.  I really would.  So, when I booked my June 6th appointment that is 2 days after my due date... the receptionist was all apologetic about it.  It really didn't even phase me.  I think it would be a dream to have my body do what it's meant to do, rather than force it.  Honestly.  And I'm not in a lot of pain or discomfort.  Sleeping isn't bad.  I'm actually feeling really good so I'm not going to stop it now.

  • All in all, it's been a great couple of weeks.  People ask me all the time if I'm ready or if I have the nursery ready or if I'm nervous.  I'm really ready.  I really want to meet him, but I'm not going to rush it.  I do have the nursery as ready as it's going to get.  There are a few more things that I'd like to do, but nothing that needs to be done now.  I can wait, if he were to arrive.  And honestly, I'm not nervous labor.  The only thing that brings up some nerves is the idea that labor could start anywhere.  I'm not a huge fan of the idea of it starting at my office, but I've made arrangements if it does.  Other than that, I'm really anxious to get it started!  I get all ramped up talking about it and then I'm still sitting her waiting for things to start.  It will happen, just have to give it time.

  • Lastly, my funny story for this week.  I'm going to Giant Eagle on my lunch with a co-worker to pick up some gift cards.  Because I'm 38 weeks pregnant (at this point), I've been taking full advantage of the "stork parking" or "mommy-to-be parking" or "mommy with kids parking".  As we pulled into Giant Eagle, I saw that their "mommy-to-be parking" was open and I zipped over to it and put my blinker on.  As we attempted to make the turn into the spot, the lady in the spot next to us was getting in.  She was an older woman and boy did she take her sweet old time getting into the car.  So much so that she had to not only back into her seat but also PICK UP each of her legs to place them into the car.  Once she was in her car with the door shut, we pulled in.  In the corner of my eye, I could see her rolling down her window and looking over to us like she wanted to say something.  (Keep in mind there is a big white sign that stands in front of this spot like a handicapped sign that you cannot miss)... As she catches my eye, she gives me a concerned look and then starts pointing aggressively up at the "mommy-to-be parking" sign, as if I didn't see it.  Without blinking an eye, I brace myself and lift my butt out of my seat and start pointing with both pointer fingers (aggressively) at my belly.... as if she didn't see it.  As I got of the car, she said, "oh, I couldn't see..."  And I said to her, "Thank you, but I can read."   Some people have some nerve!  Who is she?  The Giant Eagle parking police?  Even if she was, what was she going to do?  Why was it her business?  Gah!

  • Oh and my last note is that I started drinking Red Raspberry Leaf Tea to help prepare for labor.  It's really yummy!
Until next time......


Leah said…
This post is kind of making my hyperventilate, again. YOU'RE THERE MAMA! I can't wait to meet Sprout!
Nicole said…
I did a 1st Year Calendar for each one of my kids - Hallmark carries both gender specific and gender neutral ones that have all kinds of cute stickers (for pediatrician visits, visits from friends, and milestones like new teeth, waving, clapping, etc.) They were perfect to hang in the nursery (or stash in the kitchen in the case of my last child, who, of course, has gotten the short end of the baby-book stick) - I could write on it when I had the chance and jot-down those little things that I didn't want to forget. It also has space for a picture each month.

(I used to blog at F.ishsticks and F.ireflies, and several years ago you shared the link to the story of my daughter Q.uinn's birth and death. I have followed your blog off and on since then, and am so thrilled for your impending arrival. Wishing you the best of luck with a smooth delivery!)

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