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Sprout | Week 34, 35 & 36

Here's another VERY quick update... (to get everything in one and just tell you how I'm doing...)

34 weeks... I started noticing that I really wasn't battling my heartburn anymore, however sleep was becoming more and more uncomfortable.  We have a great easter and spent time with family. 

Work has been a little nutty lately.  My boss who normally lives in Mexico has been in town since April 25 and with that, we've done a lot of hands on training and planning leading up to my maternity leave.

This was also the week that we received our King Size memory foam mattress for our master bedroom that we had ordered a few weeks earilier.  I knew that with my shower coming up the next weekend that it might not be the best time to flip everything around, but we surely did it! 

We are nuts. 

First, we changed our master bed from a queen to a king, and that in itself was HUGE. But we didn't want to just toss our queen frame/headboard/footbard, so we took that upstairs to the guest room and threw out the headboard from the guest room.  It was a headboard from S.'s childhood that we had painted.  It still had gum on the back of it from when he put it there YEARS ago... gross!

Then we tossed the mattress combo that we had on our bed because it was just old and awful.  Not to mention we were actually sleeping on 2 mattresses and 1 box spring.  Then we cleaned our room from all dust that had been collection over the years around our queen bed, moved everything out from under the bed and then assembled the king frame.  But we forgot that we would now need a king bed skirt and bedding... So a few days later, we got those things and were able to put it all together. 

With the memory foam, they say that you have to let it set up for 24 to 72 hours before sleeping on it.  The reason is, because it arrived in a big 'ol chiminey tube and was SUPER compact.  So the "setting for several days thing" made sense.

And it's been great!  I cannot tell you how much more room we have, but how little room it takes up on our bedroom compared to the others...

35 weeks... We had my family shower at my house and it really was a nice time!  One great part was that I found out my cousin's wife is pregnant and I'm very happy about that.  Not to mention all of the guests that took time to come... and the hostesses that thought of everything!  I even had the girls that I had babysat for during my first years of college and throughout my years of dating S.  One of the girls was actually my flower girl in our wedding.  They live in Illinois now, so it was very nice to have them there too!

That next day we went to the zoo for the first time, using our membership and enjoyed watching the polar bears that I still hadn't seen yet!  What amazing creatures!

This week marked my last 2 week update and now I'd be starting to go weekly, which I was excited about starting!  She said that my cervix was still hard and that I wasn't dilated.  She said the bpm were great and that my blood pressure was also good too!  All good things....

This week, we also started to plant some of our seedlings and get them in the ground...

Work was still nutty and luckily I had planned for another random vacation day just to get things done around the house.  We wrote our birth non-plan and wrote out our list of items that we want to bring with us to the hospital.  On my vacation day, I was able to get a bunch more laundry done and put away for Sprout, catch up on Private Practice & Grey's Anatomy, do the dishes, schedule a lady to come and clean our house, take Toby dog to get his nails cut, and gear up for our first child birth education class that evening.  It felt great!

36 weeks...  I'm feeling good and finally getting back into some good sleep.  Not that our new bed isn't comfortable, it just took a little getting used to.  Not to mention the fact that Toby dog still sleeps right up next to us.  He has so much space to sleep in, but for some reason, if he's not touching us, it's the end of the world!

Saturday, of last week was also the 2nd day of our child birth education class and it was great.  I have a lot to say about this class, but all in all it was great.  Then we went to visit our friends who moved to the Toledo area and see their new house and their kids.  It was great to spend time with them, even though it was short lived.  I cannot wait to go back and spend time in those little towns that surround their house and community.  They just had the cutest shops and perfect streets to walk a stroller! 

Then we had my first (non) Mother's Day... and it was really nice.  I didn't feel like I should be celebrating just yet.  I mean, CLEARLY I'm carrying a baby and taking good care of him in my womb, but until he arrives, it won't feel like my REAL first Mother's Day... you know?  We also spent time at the greenhouse, planting more of our little plants...

Which leads me to this week, already.  Yes.  I'm 36 weeks and cannot believe it!  We had my dr. appointment on Monday and as I was already saying in my last post, he's measuring just a week behind and because of that, she's wanting me to come and do an ultrasound to just see where he's at...  She thinks that he has dropped and that's why the measurements are off.  She didn't seem worried.  So, I got for my ultrasound tomorrow.  ALSO, she did share that I'm 70% effaced but not dilated at all.

As I wrap up this week, work has just been consuming my every minute.  I have about 2 hours tonight before I have to be somewhere, where I'm hoping to catch up on real work... Once that happens, I'll feel so much better about myself.  Not to mention the fact that I'll be able to put my feet up for a bit too.  They are just swollen all the time now... Not painful, really, just uncomfortable.

This Friday, I have my last shower (at my office) and then we're home free from all other showers!  It's been fun having them and looking forward to everyone of them.  I just cannot believe that they are almost over!  It's been great and I love getting everything together and ready for him.  Such a joy!

OH and Monday, I really started to pack my bag.  Too many of my friends have had babies at 36 weeks and the last thing I wanted to have happen was to have NOTHING ready.  The car seat bases are in the garage and ready to be installed which will happen this weekend, the mirror headrests are ready too, the car seat itself is on the kitchen table and ready to go too!  I also have my boppy close to the door because I don't want to forget that thing!  It's just really really really real.

And, here I am today... For your enjoyment!

Feeling good....


Sassytimes said…
You look great Jill! I would have loved to run into you around Toledo. ;)

I'm glad you love your memory foam mattress. I hate ours. I think it's because it's been through 2 pregnancies with me and it really can't figure out what body shape it's supposed to remember. Haha.
Jill said…
From SassyTimes:

You look great Jill! I would have loved to run into you around Toledo. ;)

I'm glad you love your memory foam mattress. I hate ours. I think it's because it's been through 2 pregnancies with me and it really can't figure out what body shape it's supposed to remember. Haha.

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