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Sprout | Packing My Hospital Bag

Today marks the "30 DAYS UNTIL MY DUE DATE" point!  Holy Crap!

This is something that I'm starting to think more and more about.  As I near 36 weeks, I just can't help but think, "I need to just do this and have it on hand for when something might happen."  My neighbor posted that she had hers ready at 35.5 weeks for her second because she wished she would've with her first, but didn't.  Thinking about that makes me think that I'm behind in packing, but I know that I'm not.  For all I know, like my neighbor said, I'd be the one to pack a bag and the go past my due date.  I know that anything is possible, but you can never be too prepared.

My list consist of these things:

              Birth plan
              Reading (baby stuff?)
              Going home clothes (comfy or maternity comfy clothes)
              Full coverage underwear
              Nursing bras or tanks
              Flip flops
              Make up
              Titty cream
              Breast pads
              Shampoo, tooth brush, tooth paste, deodorant, etc.
              Personal documents/identification/insurance information
              Folders for new documents for you and baby
              Notebook and pen
              Ponytail holders/bobby pins
              iPod / earbuds
              Phone charger
              Laptop charger
              Video camera
              Chargers for camera and video camera
              List of who to call after baby is born
              Going home outfit for baby
              Swaddling blankets
              Diaper shirts or 1/2 (criss-cross) shirt for baby
              Blankie for baby

And the list that we have for my husband is as follows:

              Pillow and blanket for Daddy
              Car seat (base installed) with head support / Blanket
              Cash (small bills)
              Clothes (comfy)
              Swim Suit
              Extra bag
              Toiletry kit
              Phone charger
              Hand Massager
              Lists of people to call/text about arrival

Since I'm rapidly approaching the "36 week mark" which means the 37 week mark is quickly behind, I need to start packing some of these things away.  We haven't decided if we're just going to have one bag or two.  Either way, we hope to have most of these things packed in the next few days so that we have them with us, in case we need them.

If you remember correctly, once we are at the hospital, we'll be about 3 miles from home.  If we forget something on the first round, we'll be sure to get it on the flip side with a quick drive home.  Or we'll have a family member grab it for us on their way through.

Is there anything I'm missing that you would suggest bringing to the hospital?

Here are some other links that might help you when making this sort of list.  I know that the Blue-Eyed Bride was a huge hit for a lot of great things that you need and just need to write down (before you forget).

From the Baby Center: Guidance to packing your hospital bag.

From the Bump: Packing your hospital bag.

From Blair: What's in the bag?

From Blue-Eyed Bride: Pack your Bags!

From Mama in the City: The Great Big Hospital Bag: What to Pack for Your Labor

From The Only Baby Stop: What to Pack for Labor and Delivery

From 5 Things You SHOULDN'T Pack for Labor

Next on my list of things to share... our daycare decision.


M said…
Will daddy S be swimming? Why the swim suit?
Sounds like you'll be more then prepared
Allison said…
The only thing I thought of was something to entertain you, if needed, during a long labor. I didn't have that, so I don't know if that's even applicable, but I've seen people pack things like that.

I was skimming your list first and "titty cream" made me actually do a spittake. It's definitely something you could need...but just really caught me off-guard. :)
StaeheliGrl said…
What about the baby book? There's the section in there for the baby's foot prints. I did that with all 3 of my kids and my husband would just give it to the nurse to stamp the prints directly into the book. Also you didn't mention the carseat, you'll be bringing that up to your room before you leave obviously.
Andrea said…
Yup..what StaeheliGrl said. The baby book. I had it out and ready while I was pushing so we could get that footprint asap.

My husband came home after the first night to get our sound machine and a few swaddles. I totally didn't think we'd need them but since our son was in our room 24/7, it was the only way we could get some sleep longer than 10 minutes.

Not sure if you'll need the pads. Regular menstrual pads won't hold up with the amount of bleeding those first few days. I used the HUGE hospital pads and even had to double up the first day. It's a murder scene...seriously. Plus, the hospital should give you tons to take home so leaving those pads behind mind give you some more room in your bags.
Andrea said…
I agree with Andrea that you'll be better off using the hospital's pads. It's shocking how much it looks like a murder scene the first time you use the restroom. At my hospital they encouraged me to take tons of stuff home with me too.

I also loved the mesh underwear they had. I had a c-section and thought it would irritate my incision but it was fine. Way more comfortable than anything I had brought with me.

Is your titty cream lanolin? I was so nervous about breastfeeding because of the horror stories of cracked nipples, bleeding scabs, pain, etc. I used lanolin faithfully every time I nursed for about three months and never had any issues like that. I'm still nursing almost 9 months later and don't use it anymore and don't have any problems.

As for diaper shirts for the baby, you'll want one to go home in with the outfit but my hospital provided receiving blankets and shirts every day for the baby. Just one less thing to worry about keeping track off, in my opinion.

I'm getting really excited for you!
the grumbles said…
don't bring your own lanolin- ask the nurse on hand for a sample tube. maximize your free-stuff-receiving! you'll be paying enough as it is!

same with pads...

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