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Sprout | The Non-Birth Plan

Note: I'm not a medical professional.  I'm not a second-time mom.  I'm not trying to say that this is the best and only way to go into a first time labor.  I'm not trying to say that if it doesn't go this way, I'll be mad.  I'm just saying what we've talked about as a couple and what we hope to achieve while in labor.

Boy have I gone back and forth about this one.  I feel like putting it on paper makes it real and makes it seem like we're really close to having it happen.  Keep in mind, I'm 35 ish weeks and the truth is, it really is approaching quickly and putting it on paper just takes one more thing off my list.

I asked my doctor MONTHS ago about writing a birth plan.  When I was asking her, I was barely 18 weeks and she said... (paraphrased) "if you have a birth plan, you're basically setting yourself for up for the complete opposite to happen."  Which is why I'm calling it the "non-birth plan" to make it seem less "set in stone". 

So, what are we really shooting for and what's important to us?

This is what we've drafted so far...


1.  Given the option for drugs, but would like to labor and deliver without.

2.  Do not want to labor in bed.
i.   Walking
ii.  Birthing ball
iii. Jacuzzi tub

3.  No forceps or episiotomy if possible. Understand if necessary.

4.  Delivery room
i.  Mild labor - Parents and siblings
ii. Full labor - Mama & Dadda
iii. 2 hours after delivery - everyone

5.  During labor
i.   Dim lights
ii.  Music
iii. Pain relief - Do not offer meds, will request if needed. Will use bath, shower, breathing techniques, hot / cold therapy.
iv. Offer to touch babies head when crowning

6.  After Birth
i.  Hold baby right away (skin to skin) and hold off on any non vital procedures (no eye drops or vitamin K until he latches properly)
ii. Dadda to cut the cord

7.  Feeding plan
i.  Breast feed exclusively
ii. No formula or pacifier

8. Circumcision at hospital after breast feeding

We've typed, printed and reviewed this about 10 times already.  We plan to still make changes, if we come across something that we feel needs added.  But for now, we're ready to present it, if we feel they (nurses and hospital professionals) aren't meeting our needs that we plan to express verbally.

It's hard to tell a medical professional that this is what you want when they are the medical professional, but we're sure going to give it our all and proceed as (not) planned above.

There's just a lot that people don't know going into their first labor and while there is still a lot that can change... we're going in thinking that everything will be ideal and perfect.  We understand that every birth is different.  Every woman and body is different and every baby operates differently.  What we plan for may NEVER happen, we know this.  But we still want to plan as though we're going to have a perfect world and perfect labor.  If it gets thrown up in the air and jerked around... fine.  We just want peace of mind that we had a plan for when and if a perfect world would happen.

We will do everything and anything to keep Mama and Baby safe through the entire process.  If that means throwing out the "non-plan", we're okay with that too.  I just know that if I don't write these things down now, I'm going to forget and say random things that won't make sense.

Here's hoping it's somewhat perfect and mostly ideal labor and delivery for our little Sprout...

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the grumbles said…
shower and (strange as it sounds) the toilet are also good places to keep in mind for labor. the toilet can be nice because it's a position that a) uses gravity and b) we're all used to "loosening" up our birthing muscles in that position c) (with no fear of gross output, can help with fear inhibitions)

i saw someone else talking about that and i kinda wish i had thought of it more in my own labor. makes sense. but i was totally a stander, i wanted to be up and about. ah well, next time.

not sure if this is unwanted assvice (actually, this whole comment, sorry) but you CAN decline the eye ointment/vit K shot if you're not totally gung-ho about it. all you have to do is sign a form. we declined the eye gook (since it's protective against a venereal disease I DON'T HAVE) but opted to still do the vitamin k shot just in case.
Dre said…
That is awesome that you have a plan typed up and ready to go! Make sure to bring more than one copy with you, because there will be shift changes and you don't want to worry about the written document being lost in the shuffle, or having to explain it while you are concentrating on your labor. And you have the right attitude about not being rigid about the plan. Birthin' babies is a crazy process, and there is no need to set yourself up for disappointment if things do not go totally according to plan. Healthy baby and healthy mama? Success! Wishing you peaceful and speedy labor thoughts!
Allison said…
I think all of your requests sound perfectly logical and fairly easy to execute. And it will all be in the way you present your requests whether people think you're just trying to express your preferences or they think you're a control freak. The way I read this, you're just expressing what your preferences are. I hope your doctor and other medical professionals read it and receive it the same way.
Sassytimes said…
I think it's great that you have a 'non' plan....and it's great that you understand that everything isn't perfect and are okay with things being changed if need be.

I hope it all goes perfectly for you!
Love your plan.

Delivering here in Mexico I literally had to tell them, "NO FORMULA" 17 times per baby. The nurses would all tell me that my ladies weren't getting enough milk.

Duh. That's because your milk doesn't come in the


Stick to your guns.

(And I loved that we took our iPod and dock with us when I was laboring. I loved it.)
Melissa said…
Hope it goes how you want.

The hospital told me they don't do circumcisions on the day they are born (or that they didn't like to). They did his the day after.
I was careful to call it Birth Preferences instead of a birth plan (I got less much less resistance with a switch of a word...) I'm hesitant to recommend it because you've clearly done a lot of reading, but my husband and I both really liked the Thinking Woman's guide to a better birth by Henci Goer. It was a solid read with good research and recommendations. (And please believe that there are many complication free natural births that occur in hours instead of days, though they aren't terribly exciting stories, so it may be less likely you'll hear them. May you're birth story be one of them. :)

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