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Sprout | Week 31

How am I feeling? I'm still feeling really good.  I've noticed in the last few days that it's getting a little harder to get up-and-down, on-and-off  and in-and-out of things.  I guess that's how it's going to be for the rest of the pregnancy, but I didn't realize what that was really going to feel like until recently.  Good news is I can still tie my own shoes (even though I wear slip ons of some kind, almost everyday)!  I also can roll up the bottom of my pants when the slip ons are too low and I'm really happy about that.
I'm also having less and less battles with my on-going heartburn and I'm extremely happy about that! I dont' know what has been helping but I've not been taking pepcid or tums as much and when I do, it's usually for fear that something I'm about to eat might flare it up.

I'm still having on-and-off back pain, but that's not going to go away.

Weather: This week has just been grey.  It hasn't been too sunny but the sun has come out a few times.  Nothing really that exciting... I guess it's to be expected... April showers bring May flowers, right?

Clothes: I'm still wearing all maternity pants and just a few regular tops.  I bought some more larger regular tops at Gap Outlet last weekend and they are dreamy.  They cup my belly nicely, they are long and they are comfy.  I'm glad to still be wearing some regular type clothes... Feels good that I'm not in just maternity.  Plus, in my opinion, maternity tops are just not very flattering.  Unless you buy ones that have rouching on the sides...

Weekly Events: Last Saturday was my first baby shower and boy... was that overwhelming!  Not only did I have a fabulous turn out, but I received so many thoughtful and gracious gifts that I just couldn't believe it.  It was a long day and I'm so thankful to have on under my belt!  I was also happy to get home and take a nap after it all.  I felt bad because I don't know that I talked to everyone, but I sure tried!  It was fun to have everyone there and see some faces I hadn't seen in a while!

Monday, following my shower, we headed out to IKEA for some nursery furniture shopping and a little personal shopping at the outlet malls.  S was on spring break and I took some vacation days to hang out with him and accomplish some major things on our list.  More on this trip very soon...

Tuesday, we had a packed day too!  We had my OB appointment in the AM and everything was great!  Had a lot of questions to ask my doctor and she answered them right on point, as always.  I think I might do a post about these "questions" that I'm always asking my dr.  Could be a learning experience for me and for you...

From there, we visited with two potential in-home daycare options and had great things to say about both meetings.  It was also so eye opening, since that was our first time interviewing people in person.  Over the phone is great, but meeting someone face to face sure helps.

After that, we had dentist appointments, lunch at a pub and then my parents came over for dinner and to help put together the furniture that we had bought at IKEA.  It was a great two days away from work, but boy were we busy!  It felt like all vacation days do when I went back to work... I needed just one more day to rest from my other (very busy) vacation days.

Wednesday, my friend and neighbor hosted a cute 'Ready to Pop' party for all of us pregnant neighbor friends!  I was gifted a handmade blanket and a very cute train block toy!  It was a great time and fun to celebrate with so many friends and their soon-to-be babies...

Thursday, we hung shelves in the nursery.  Our goal was to get both of the shelves up, but by the time we got one up, it was to exhausting to do another before we ate dinner, so we just scrapped it for Wednesday and decided to try again on Sunday.

Which leads me to today... we're going to dinner at a co-worker friend of S's... S started a new diet this week.  He's basically eating more fiber and protein and cutting back on carbs, starches and eating out.  He's got a list of meals that he's allowing himself to enjoy that are good for him.  He's also trying to start doing the 'Couch to 5k' program, again.  With that said, he's also not really drinking much beer.  This is disappointing to his co-worker friend because it's something that they bond over and since we're going to their house, he was razzing S for not drinking beer and only liquor.  He's digging that Sweet Tea Vodka that is so delicious and his friend thinks it's a joke that he won't be drinking beer. 

It's good for S though.  He has a torn arch in one foot and off-set hips that give him back pain and all this other garbage. He's working with several doctors to get the right combo going to make him feel better and allow him to exercise again.  He's plan is to do the 'Couch to 5k' thing to drop the weight and then use his new bike to continue with cardio exercise.  We'll see how it works.  He always was better at the planned exercises than me.  Maybe he can coach me back into shape after this baby...

Weight: Currently, I'm up 22 lbs.  Enough said.

We have a busy weekend ahead of us and I hope to have some pictures loaded so that I can show you what we've been up to!  More to come, very soon!


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