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Sprout | Preparing for Vera

Just because I'm 32 weeks pregnant, doesn't mean that I would have to or want to skip out on the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale for the 3rd year in a row.

This is what it was like in 2009 and this is what it was like in 2010.

The biggest difference from the last two years and this year is not only am will I be 32 pregnant but I'm also having to prepare much differently than I have in years past.  It's been on my mind for the last few weeks and now that it's here, I don't know if I'm really ready.

I have a list of goals for the sale.  It sounds so silly, but when you are in that room and you're just grabbing and shopping and grabbing and shopping, you get so lost in the madness that before you know it... you're carrying two bags full of bags, you don't know what you have and you've well exceeded your spending limit.  Oh and these goals don't involve buying their baby bag because I've already got the hook up on that!

So, I have goals.

And aside from my shopping goals, I have other goals too.  I have a "things to remember" sheet as well.  Because going into this sale the last thing you'd want to forget is something you've left in the car...

Most years, we have a bottle of water and our purses and we're good to go.  This year, my list is not just a bottle of water.  This year, it's a little more detailed.  So far, this is what I have:

1. Snacks
2. Drinks (water)
3. Small cooler (to keep in the car)
4. Tylenol
5. Tennis shoes & socks
6. Flip flops
7. Book bag (purse or actually book bag?)
8. Layers of clothing (so I'm never too hot or too cold, but I'm skipping the jacket)
9. Cash (just a little, to help with parking or something)
10. Tums / Pepcid
11. Chap stick
12. Wallet (seems like a simple requirement, but you never know with my brain lately.  I'd probably forget it.)
13. Makeup (because I still can't manage to get this done in the AM at home.)
14. Pen (for circling the items I want to look at and look for while I line.)
15. Cell phone (see #12)
16. Camera (because it's always fun to capture our journey along the way)

So, with that, I think I'll be ready to roll.  I just have to remember the things on my list and I'll be good to go!  It's going to be a blast.  I'll do my best to post an update after the sale!  There's going to be so much to see!

I've already warned my family about my swollen feet and my lack of ability to carry 25 lbs or more... so they may have to help me out along the way.  That or I'll be one of those ladies that gets a box and just kicks it to through the checkout line.  We'll see.

Wish me luck!


SaraBelle said…
Have a blast, Jill! I went on a mini girls trip yesterday to the first day (first session!!) of the sale. After experiencing the utter insanity last year I was not going to go into the same mess this year (esp. since I often have an "I hate people" mentality. ha!). It.was.awesome. WAAAY better than last year. Now I'm not sure if the non ticket days will be as organized, but the selection this year was WAY better (lots of newer patterns/styles), but the prices were higher. Hmph. I hope you have fun, don't forget anything and have a great trip!
Allison said…
Can't wait to see your loot!

Oh, and don't forget the list... :)

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