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I wasn't a really big lush pre-pregnancy, but I did enjoy a beer when drinking socially.  Now that I'm pregnant, I've had several people corner me or whisper to me (in a social setting, looking at me like I'm going to be sad about them asking me this question...)... "so, do you miss drinking?"

And, I always say confidently, "No."

I mean, I never HAD to have a drink, I rarely got sloshed but I hardly ever refused a drink.  I would willingly be the DD on many occasions, and I do love wheat beer.  However, I don't miss it.

Someone asked me the other day, "so, what's the one drink you're dying to have once you have your baby?"  I said, "nothing really."

I'm just not worried about it.

I have no desire to just right back into having a drink just because I can.  I'm not saying that I will never drink again, because that's just not the truth, but I don't have it lingering in the back of my mind as though I'm just DYING for one...

I was never a "wine with dinner" sort of person or a "beer after work" kind of gal... so getting back into something would just mean that I would reconvene drinking socially, whenever that might be.  I'm not going to seek it out.

Now, being the completely sober person among the drinking is actually very entertaining and fun.  I've enjoyed my time as the sober one and I'm not complaining about it one bit.

Also, I have been one to take a sip of a beer while we're at home or while we are out, while being pregnant, but I'm in no way abusing this.  I'm not having a glass of wine a day "as they say you can do" because I just don't feel the need.  But a sip here or there, I'll do.  Just a sip.

Some choose differently and that's fine.  I'm just saying where I am on this one, because as the weather starts to warm up and we are doing more and more things socially, I'm getting more and more questions about what I am or am not missing about being pregnant and being out socially.

Where did you stand on this one during your pregnancy?  Or where do you think you'll stand once you're here?


Leah said…
It was a lot harder for me with Isaac. A lot changes in 2 years time. We socialized differently with our friends, we were younger, and our friends less mature. Tony drank more last time, which is not to say that he drank a lot, just in comparison to the literal 5 times this pregnancy that he's had a drink in my presence, it was more with Isaac. All this said, it was much harder to be without.

This time, it's rarely ever a thought. It's not something that I'm living "without" because most days I forget that I even need to make the choice to not drink alcohol.

I had a few sips with Isaac and thought we'd be the type to have celebratory champagne in the hospital. As soon as he arrived, all of my desire for it vanished. Like now, it wasn't even a thought.

I haven't had any sips this pregnancy and while I don't see anything wrong with choosing to, I probably won't either.
Sarah said…
I didn't miss it much either. I was fine. There were a few occasions, though, that a beer just sounded good. (I even had one of my most fun New Years Eves as the sober pregnant DD girl!)

Now though, when we have a rough whiny day, I LLOOOOOONG for a beer. Last night I had 2!
Josey said…
So far the no-drinking issue has been fine by me, but I really do see it being hard this summer. My husband and I are those "beer after work" people, as are all of our friends. Our group is basically comprised of 26-33 year olds, and NONE of them have kids - so us socializing all summer (BBQs, rafting trips, etc) all sort of revolves around beer and wine. So far my hubby has still had beer(s) nearly every night when he gets home. So far it's fine, but I might have to ask him to quit drinking so often around me at some point.

All that being said, it's another one of the reasons that I am SOOO happy that one of my closest girlfriends just got her BFP yesterday - we hang out with her and her husband often, and I have a feeling this will be a lot easier with someone else to drink water and laugh at our drunk husbands with. :)
M said…
At this moment I am regretting the drinks I had last night! The only thing I dread about the no drinking while preg is the other drunk people! However I owe you several sober rides when you can drink again. Thanks for being a great PD
Allison said…
Pre-pregnancy, I was a once or twice a year drinker anyway. So once I was pregnant, I really didn't miss it. I wasn't a beer-drinker and since my husband doesn't like wine, I didn't have much opportunity to have "just a sip". We made non-alcoholic margaritas for Cinco de Mayo when I was pregnant and they were just as good as the alcoholic ones, IMHO.

I actually didn't have alcohol from the winter/spring before getting pregnant (2008) (not consciously avoiding, just didn't drink anything) until about a week ago. I didn't feel like pumping and dumping or trying to make sure I timed drinking in between nursing sessions, so I just didn't indulge. I had no problem with other people drinking, but just didn't feel the need.

That first wine of glass after 3 years tasted really, really good, though :)
Mrs. Dirnberger said…
I never thought it was a BIG deal in my pregnancy either. I mean I would socially drink, but I didn't feel a NEED for it. SO I never really missed it too much.
Alyson said…
I thought I would miss wine while pregnant and would joke around about missing it but I didn't at all. I didn't mind being DD on occasion. I felt better that everyone would be safe getting home with me driving. As far as after N was here, I didn't have my first glass of wine until Thanksgiving. I had stopped breastfeeding by then so I had a few glasses but haven't had much at all since then. I will have a glass here and there socially. We did go to a friends party recently where I drank more then I have in almost 2 years and I felt like crap for 2 days but I guess you need those nights every once in awhile to remind you why you don't do that very often anymore. Ha!
I was definitely a glass of wine with dinner person before pregnancy. I didn't drink at all during the first trimester, but after that, I probably had about a glass a week...and I don't regret it at all. I am in the "everything in moderation" camp though! To each his own! But yeah, overall, I did not find it hard to go out with friends and remain sober...I thought it would be hard, but it wasn't.
I never really drank much before I got pregnant and it hasn't been an issue at all. We are going to Hilton Head next month and my family is ALREADY talking about all the drinking...they love to drink! I will be perfectly happy with my non-alcoholic pina coladas and just sitting by the pool :) That's not to say some of those fruity drinks won't look pretty darn great, but even if I wasn't pregnant I wouldn't drink much anyways.

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