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matt's book

For Christmas, I asked to receive the Two Kisses for Maddy book that Matt Logelin had written about his life with Liz and his current life with Maddy.  It's a blog that most of us in the blog-world are familiar with because of his writing style and because we all cared so much for them during a really challenging time.  We were all on his sideline cheering him on from all over the country and now, his story wasn't just going to be a blog... It was a book.

I was stoked when I opened my gift from S. stating that the book had been pre-ordered and would be delivered in April. 

At the time I was thinking, this is going to be great!  I cannot wait to read it. 

As time approached, I kept thinking those same things.  What a great opportunity to own a book that a fellow blogger had written and support Matt.

All along, being pregnant.

As time came closer to the release, I started seeing more and more blog posts about Matt giving away books (prior to the release).

I started realizing that while I know their story, it wasn't a book that I was really ready to read.

I asked my husband to keep the book for me.  Keep it in a spot that I don't know about and that I don't see until I'm through with my healthy, thriving pregnancy.

Then it came in.

I was handed the book and before I knew it, I was reading the foreword.

I stopped myself, put the book on my dresser and plan to tell my husband again to put the book somewhere until I'm ready to read it and he can give it back to me.

Don't get me wrong.

I know her story.

I've read countless entries from his blog about their story.

And now, their story was on paper and in my house.

I couldn't be more thrilled for them and for their story, but for now, I'm going to put it to the side until I'm ready to read it.  From the comments I've read on his blog and the comments I've seen other places, the book it unlike anything else and so full of emotion.  Honestly, I cannot wait to read it!  Just need a little more time.

Have you read it?  Bought it?  Loved every moment of it?  Followed his blog? Know anything about this family?

If not, venture out there some day, you won't be disappointed.

Matt's Blog
Liz's Foundation
(The book) Two Kisses for Maddy
 More about the book

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Melissa said…
I don't have the book, but had a hard time reading the blog on some days when I was pregnant because it gave me the same thoughts that you are probably having. I think it's a good idea to read it once you have the baby.
Bethany said…
To be perfectly honest, if I were pregnant right now with my first baby, I would not be able to read it either. You are is just so filled with raw emotion (I have read some experts from it) and with how scary going into labor and having a baby is...probably the best choice to wait.
Its probably a great idea to wait. Maddy is my oldest daughters age and I luckily started reading his blog just after I had had her. He has such a nice way of writing that makes you feel like he is sitting there talking to you. I can't wait to read the book.
M said…
This is depressing and you should not read it!....
Dre said…
That picture of Liz gives me the chills every time I see it and I have read his blog since Maddy was two months old. In fact, it was the first "blog" I ever read (yes, I lived under a rock) and clicking on some of the comments led me to find this great IF community online.

I got pregnant with my second child six months later, and I actually have clotting issues, so their story was always in the back of my mind. Now that both my boys are here safe and sound I feel I can read it (even the excerpts I read had me tearing up), but I think you are right to wait. You don't need any more anxiety than you already have. I would wait until at least eight weeks postpartum to read it, as I was still very weepy at everyday stuff (commercials, etc.) until my hormones returned to normal (this took longer with my second fella since I had some post partum depression issues).

You need to focus on nothing but happy! The book has been purchased, you supported Matt and Maddy, it doesn't matter when you read it! Hang in there, you are doing great!
Allison said…
I don't blame you AT ALL for not wanting to read it yet. I am waiting anxiously for my copy that I think my mom pre-ordered for me for Christmas. Need to ask because if she didn't, I'm ordering it TODAY. I know and love their story and cannot wait to read the book.
erynn said…
I want to read it.. just not yet..
I read his blog and just finished his book. I am also pregnant (with my third). I put the book down several times in tears and told my husband I would finish after my pregnancy.. But like I said, I just finished it. It is such a tragic love story that I couldn't help but be drawn back to. But what I love about the book that you don't see in his blog is how Liz comes to life. I would say read the book if you want - with caution. Some details of her death are so raw and descriptive. Even after reading his blog for years - I was still heart broken when reading the part where she passed. I don't know Matt, but did have an email communication with him once and he seems very genuine. :)

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