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Sprout | Royal Wedding...

Now that the Royal wedding has already taken place and Prince William and Cate are now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, I wanted to share two little tidbits.

First being, Prince William and I have a birthday just 3 days a part from one another.  I had always thought it was the same day until I just looked it up, to confirm.  But either way, 3 days from one another... That's really close!

Another tidbit, is a local ice cream shop, Jeni's, has put together some of the most dreamy flavors for these Royal Wedding festivities and I'm DROOLING just thinking about them.  I saw this post yesterday and all it made me want to do is take off work on Friday morning and STUFF my face with these LUSCIOUS ice cream options!  Could you just die?

For the record, I did NOT take off work for the Royal Wedding, but I have recorded the coverage starting at 4am and going until 2pm (which my DVR hates) but I cannot wait (Last night we adjusted the DVR settings and now we're only recording …

Sprout | Maternity Pictures...

Britt posted our maternity pictures all over facebook and her blog.

Check them out here.

P.S.  There might be a little sneak peak within.... check it out.

Sprout | Sleep

I haven't had much trouble sleeping really.  I'm in a pretty good routine with my animals and the broken sleep doesn't usually wear me out too much because I've been doing it for a while.

I think I've talked about this before... but I wanted to write it out this time.

Basically, this is how a typical night goes (vs. this is how last night went)...

9:30pm - Head to bed.  Start the routine... Get changed, take vitamins, Tylenol, drink water, read a little and then crash about 10:30pm or 11:00pm.

Between 11:45pm - 2:30am - Wake up with William (out cat) meowing for no good reason and take him to the basement with milk and treats.  I shut him down there for the rest of the night at this point, because I cannot be up all night with him meowing.

About 4:00am - (I usually) Wake up with Toby (our dog) whining because he's confused and thinks it's time to get up.  Most nights, he will come back to bed and sleep through the rest of the morning, but some times I will …

Sprout | Prepping

This week, we have a lot going on.  We're gearing up for my last shower that is actually going to be held at my house.  At the time, I thought it was a great option, but now that we're in the home stretch, I'm creating more work for myself that I had intended.

I think it's my own fault though.

Between Spring Cleaning in the air, the whole "nesting" idea going and just trying to make things look good for my guests, I've got a very full plate.  Not to mention that S is really trying to crank out some projects too, so we're both busy with our own things, daily.

In the midst of it all, S asked me... "When should we pack our hospital bag?" And now I cannot stop thinking about that.  My thought was once I started going weekly, I would need to have something packed.  Being that my next appointment will help us know where we are or aren't, my thought was... "following the next appointment and the next shower, we can start putting something …


Today, is the second day of the National Infertility Awareness Week and I'm here, as living proof that infertility isn't forever.  I'm living proof that with the right mix of chemicals, patients, love, support, and guidance... Infertility could be overcome.

We didn't have a fun ride getting here, but being here has been a joy.  The thought that our little Sprout will be joining us in just under 2 months, is absolutely dreamy.  I mean, for 4 years, we begged, pleated, tested, tried and nothing gave.  Finally, after some serious desperation, I gave in and tried something I had read about online and it worked.  There were several pieces that came into play, but basically it all stemmed from information I read about online.

And it worked!

And then we lost our pregnancy with Spud.

We had a D&C.  We were rocked, but we weren't going to give up.

Sure that was a crappy hand to play after everything we had been through, but we stuck together and got through it.

And then…

Sprout | It happened again...

I went to Giant Eagle the other day to buy a few items but mainly to purchase $150 in Lowe's cards.  I whipped through the store, grabbed what I needed and was out the door.  I ran over to their gas station to get gas with the gas points I had just earned and then I was off to Babies R Us to make a return.

On my way home, I was talking to my mom and telling her about what I had done.  I had hardly got the words Home Depot gift cards out of my mouth before I was in tears.


I bought Home Depot cards and not Lowe's cards.  And it was a big deal because Home Depot didn't have what we needed.

And there I was, driving along balling.

I called S to let him know that I had messed up.

I tried to call Giant Eagle to see if they would do an exchange, to which they said no.

Then I called S back who was still mad.

And then I just continued to make my way home.

After about 20 minutes on the road, S calls me back and says, I'll just have to get some of the smaller items that Home…

Sprout | 3rd in line...

So, over the last few months, I've had several friends lined up to have babies.

In my neighborhood group of friends, it was supposed to be:

Jodi - EDD April 28
Stephanie - EDD May 1
ME - EDD June 4

3rd in line.

With my nest board friends, it is supposed to go like this:

BNLfan - EDD May 3
Mrs. Serapoet - EDD May 27
Me - EDD June 4

3rd in line.

With my other group of friends who are expecting, it has already gone like this:

Lena - Miri arrived February 28
Andrea - Lucas arrived March 4
Me - EDD June 4

3rd in line, but MY TURN!

I was a little freaked out about this the other day, but the more and more I think about it, I'm so ready for him to be here!  We aren't officially "ready" but we can be if he decided to arrive.  When are you ever "really ready" for something that you've NEVER done?

With that said, we have Easter this weekend, another shower next weekend with my family, then we have our birthing classes and then it's Mother's Day!  If h…

Sprout | Week 33

Just typing those words in the title line every week is nuts!  Week 33.  I cannot believe how close the end is... having him here will be an absolutel dream.  I'm still shocked that my body has even accomplished this amazing miracle.

33 weeks 6 days, today 042211
So, how have I been feeling? Pretty good!  This weekend was the true test.  On Sunday, we mulched, I repainted (what?) and we were constantly on the go doing stuff around the house to just crank some things out with the nice weather and before the baby arrives.  Outside of that, my back typically hurts before bed, I'm peeing a lot more, I felt a little "backed up" earlier in the week but that has passed and I'm still swollen at night.  Nothing too major and the swelling, I learned is uncomfortable, but not as bad as it could be.

Weekly Events: Oh and yes, I repainted.  UNFORTUNATELY, we found our nursery paint color from Ace Hardware and had it color matched with Home Depot paint because we had a gift card…

Sprout | Brews or Wine

I wasn't a really big lush pre-pregnancy, but I did enjoy a beer when drinking socially.  Now that I'm pregnant, I've had several people corner me or whisper to me (in a social setting, looking at me like I'm going to be sad about them asking me this question...)... "so, do you miss drinking?"

And, I always say confidently, "No."

I mean, I never HAD to have a drink, I rarely got sloshed but I hardly ever refused a drink.  I would willingly be the DD on many occasions, and I do love wheat beer.  However, I don't miss it.

Someone asked me the other day, "so, what's the one drink you're dying to have once you have your baby?"  I said, "nothing really."

I'm just not worried about it.

I have no desire to just right back into having a drink just because I can.  I'm not saying that I will never drink again, because that's just not the truth, but I don't have it lingering in the back of my mind as though I'…

Sprout | Crib Mattress

Going into Babies R Us and registering for items, crib mattresses was something that I literally didn't know anything about.  Now that we're about 7 weeks away, I've had question after question about what sort of mattress we'd want or if the one we registered for was the one we really wanted.

My response, "I don't know anything about mattresses, other than they aren't supposed to be soft and rather quite firm."

So, with that said, I removed the one from our registry and I'm starting this process off on the right foot.  I want the best for a reasonable amount of money.  You can find everything from $40 to $400 and I just need to know what seems to be the best for the best price.

Here's a Consumer Report blurb that seems to be helpful.

Here's the best rated mattresses from Babies R Us that also seem to be slightly helpful.

But honestly, how do you know what you're getting will be the best?


Sprout | Dr. Appointments

I just wanted to document this information now, before I forgot.

I went to the doctor yesterday (4/18) and my only complaints were, I have had and have swollen feet.  It's really much more worse toward the end of the day, but it's happening and it's making it harder and harder to wear certain shoes.  Not to mention my feet just being tight and harder to walk on comfortably.

My dr. said that while they are swollen, they aren't nearly as bad as they could be and I should be thankful.  However, she does understand how sore they might feel from time to time and to just keep hydrated and keep them elevated.  She said that she suffered through them during all three of her pregnancies and sometimes, she still gets them while not being pregnant. 

My heart rate and blood pressure were all good, so there was no worry for preclampsia either.

Other than that, I'm 24 pounds up from my pre-pregnancy weight and I'm still feeling good.  That's not a fun number to watch gr…

Sprout | Weekend Update

This weekend was crazy, but so productive!  I loved and hated every minute of it!  ha!

For starters, my mom, sister and I headed to the Vera Bradley Outlet sale on Friday which was a DREAM compared to other years.  My only complaint was that I was tired and my feet hurt when it was all said and done.  That evening, we just hung out at home.

Saturday, we had our maternity pictures with Britt Lakin in the morning.  The following that, we made a trip to Home Depot for more nursery paint and lunch.  From there, we got ready for our couples shower at our friend's house.  I wasn't sure what to expect, other than a great time... and S's quote from the next morning was that he couldn't believe that he could utter, "I cannot believe how drunk I got at my baby shower last night!"  Funny, but so true.  It was a great time and I'll post pictures about that soon too.

Sunday, we painted the nursery walls again, only to find out the paint we had just used was off a litt…

Sprout | Week 32

How am I feeling? Well, this week had a lot going on...  Saturday and Sunday, I was battling some majorly swollen feet.  I've found that drinking massive amounts of water and keeping my feet up while sitting help me keep the swelling down.  Easy enough, right?  Well who knew that it would take about 48 hours to get those suckers back to looking some-what normal.

Then Tuesday through Thursday I've been having some serious upper abdomenial pain.  At first I thought it was more heartburn but after a day of pepcid (as perscribed) and about 6 tabs of tums, I realized that the pain was much different than heartburn.  It was like a burning feeling in my ribs.  Like my ribs were about to explode or something wicked.  So, I've come to the conclusion that either he's trying to shove his whole body up there or he's pushing all my organs up there and it's just not comfy.  I know that sitting 75% of the day isn't very fun for him.  I do my best to get up over and over a…

Sprout | Preparing for Vera

Just because I'm 32 weeks pregnant, doesn't mean that I would have to or want to skip out on the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale for the 3rd year in a row.

This is what it was like in 2009 and this is what it was like in 2010.

The biggest difference from the last two years and this year is not only am will I be 32 pregnant but I'm also having to prepare much differently than I have in years past.  It's been on my mind for the last few weeks and now that it's here, I don't know if I'm really ready.

I have a list of goals for the sale.  It sounds so silly, but when you are in that room and you're just grabbing and shopping and grabbing and shopping, you get so lost in the madness that before you know it... you're carrying two bags full of bags, you don't know what you have and you've well exceeded your spending limit.  Oh and these goals don't involve buying their baby bag because I've already got the hook up on that!

So, I have goals.

And as…

Sprout | Underwear Update

I posted a few weeks back about how the undee-roos that I was currently wearing just weren't cutting it anymore.  I didn't want to invest in maternity underwear, while genius... stupid expensive.  So last weekend, I'm happy to report that we went to Big Lots and I purchased 3 new packs of underwear to get me through the next few months.

It's a dream.  They are so much more comfy and actually fit.  Plus, I don't have to worry about pulling them up all day or being out of a pair because I have so many now.  It's amazing!

Just thought I'd update you on this little tidbit, because I know you were on the edge of your seat wondering about it...

Happy Hump Day!

Sprout | Breastfeeding Class

I have to start this post by saying a few things.
In this post, I'll be talking about breastfeeding.If you have chosen to breastfeed or not, that's your choice.If you've done it and had a horrible experience, I'm sorry.If you think formula is the best way to go, great.If you weren't breastfed, fine.If you think it ties you down, destroys your body and you hated every minute of it, great.This is my opinion, pre-baby.  Post-delivery I'll share my follow up thoughts but for now, this is now I feel.Yes, I understand that post-delivery everything that I talk about below might be out the window, but again, I'm just stating what I know, what I've learned and what I hope to accomplish. On March 22, my husband and I attended a breastfeeding class.  It was something that we willingly signed up for and boy did we leave happy about our decision.

Why a class about breastfeeding (when they educate you 'enough' while you're in the hospital to do it)?

My respo…

Sprout | Swollen

32 weeks 2 days
I'd been getting a lot of questions at work about whether or not I was getting swollen feet.  At first, I was saying no, but then the more the week went on, I was noticing swollen feet!

Then this weekend, we were at a friend's house, we were running around and before I knew it, my swollen feet were also up in my ankles.  It was awful.

I'm told by some previously-pregnant women that I should start drinking more water (to keep flushing out the waste) and adding lemon into it, if possible.  I'm also supposed to keep my feet but whenever possible and get up from my desk more often, just to get blood flow going.

Do you have any other suggestions?

capturing sprouts

I took these pictures with my NEW camera.

I'm still learning what it can do and for all I know these images could be so much more with a little tweaking.  I guess those are all things I'll learn about over the next few months.

Anyway, here you go, some pictures of sprouts...

Smaller subjects are easy and hard to capture... when they aren't moving it's much easier!

More to come soon...

Sprout | Maternity Leave

Maternity Leave... This is one thing I'm not really stressed about through this whole process and I'm not because of how it's all going to work out.

Basically, I'm planning on working up until the day I deliver.  If it goes as it should and I (by some miracle) deliver on Saturday, June 4th (my due date), I will work until Friday, June 3rd and then be off.  My work allows for 8 week paid for maternity leave, which is a godsend and I plan on taking every day of that leave.

The best part is my husband will be off the ENTIRE time with me because he'll be on summer break!  We couldn't be more fortunate to have this time together and I know it will be immensely helpful to have him around all the time instead of just 1 week or 2 weeks or 6 week as some husbands get.

He will also be around AFTER my maternity to leave too, because summer break won't be over and this will allow for Sprout to be home for a total of 13 weeks before he would go to a sitter.

I have thoug…

Sprout | Week 31

How am I feeling? I'm still feeling really good.  I've noticed in the last few days that it's getting a little harder to get up-and-down, on-and-off  and in-and-out of things.  I guess that's how it's going to be for the rest of the pregnancy, but I didn't realize what that was really going to feel like until recently.  Good news is I can still tie my own shoes (even though I wear slip ons of some kind, almost everyday)!  I also can roll up the bottom of my pants when the slip ons are too low and I'm really happy about that.
I'm also having less and less battles with my on-going heartburn and I'm extremely happy about that! I dont' know what has been helping but I've not been taking pepcid or tums as much and when I do, it's usually for fear that something I'm about to eat might flare it up.

I'm still having on-and-off back pain, but that's not going to go away.

Weather: This week has just been grey.  It hasn't been too s…

matt's book

For Christmas, I asked to receive theTwo Kisses for Maddybook that Matt Logelin had written about his life with Liz and his current life with Maddy.  It's a blog that most of us in the blog-world are familiar with because of his writing style and because we all cared so much for them during a really challenging time.  We were all on his sideline cheering him on from all over the country and now, his story wasn't just going to be a blog... It was a book.

I was stoked when I opened my gift from S. stating that the book had been pre-ordered and would be delivered in April. 

At the time I was thinking, this is going to be great!  I cannot wait to read it. 

As time approached, I kept thinking those same things.  What a great opportunity to own a book that a fellow blogger had written and support Matt.

All along, being pregnant.

As time came closer to the release, I started seeing more and more blog posts about Matt giving away books (prior to the release).

I started realizing tha…

Sprout | The Crib

Alright, a disclaimer... I am participating in NaBloPoMo, but it's not working out the way I had planned.  I'm hoping to pull it together for the rest of the month, but I cannot promise anything...

We purchased our crib from Amazon.  When I purchased it, on 1/19 from Amazon, I did the free shipping and thought in about 2 weeks I'd have our crib.  WRONG.  I got a nice little confirmation message that said, "your product will ship between February 12 and March 11".  WHAT?  After a minor freak-out session, I realized that it might not be in stock and I'd just have wait.  About 3 weeks later, on 2/9, it arrived!!

And now... the first pictures of our nursery...

The before...

The during...

The after...

It doesn't look like much now, but once you see what we've done over the last two days, it will start to look like a whole new room.  We're so thrilled with the way it is coming together, we can hardly stand it!  So with this, you have your first sneak pe…

Sprout | Road Trip

Today we went on a road trip to IKEA!!  I'm on a vacation day and my husband is on spring break.

While we thought it was going to be a great trip, we woke up to some nasty weather that didn't really leave our side the entire day.  We made it through it all with just a little rain on us while we were shopping!

We got some great treasures for ourselves (mostly for me, unfortunately for my husband) and several things for the nursery.  It was a very success shopping trip.

When we got home, we couldn't help but start to put some of the things we bought, together.  Plus, I had a few items from my shower that I was eager to put to good use!

More to come on these things as they start to unfold over the next few weeks.

The nursery reveal is in the very near future!

Sprout | Diaper Bag Drama

So, it all started with this one.

I bought this one at the first Vera Bradley Outlet sale that I attended almost 3 years ago now.  I bought it because I had the idea of being pregnant in the back of my mind, but also because it was a great bag.  It was a good size and a great price.  My mom and sister loved it so much too, that they bought it as well.  I've had it in my guest room closet since I purchased it and have never used it, in hopes that it would serve as a baby bag one day.

Then, I realized that Vera had a new style out and while I loved the one I had purchase from the outlet, the only major differences between that on and the blue one above was that it had a more plastic lining throughout and it zipped completely shut.  Luckily, it went on sale and my aunt sent it to me when we first found out we were pregnant.
I was over joyed, but the moment I showed both options to my husband, he said, "well, those are nice, but what will I carry?"

Which brings me to this l…