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Sprout's Route | Week 27

Edited to add these pictures....

27 weeks and 6 days

Oh and yes, I did get my hair cut!  About 3 inches off the back and just a few off the front for that "stacked in the back but longer in the front" look!

How am I feeling? I'm still a little crampy feeling and not feeling 100%.  It's just crazy how all of a sudden, I eat anything with some spicy or just a little more flavor and I'm messed up.  Like on Monday, I had an everything bagel as a snack.  I knew it was a test, but I had taken my pepcid and thought I could just do it.  So I did.  Then, before I knew it.  I was rocked.  I felt bloated and uncomfortable and sitting at my desk just made it worse.

It's sort of frustrating because I LOVE SPICY FOODS and usually ask for things to be extra spicy when they indicate any spiciness at all.  Now, just thinking about the word spicy makes me want a tums.

Updated from my appointment on Wednesday: Basically, I have heartburn.  I'm told to keep taking the pepcid and pop tums when that doesn't help.  My mom said, "guess it's time to start buying tums like their mints and just pop them when you need them."  I thought that was so funny but it's so true.  My dr. said how she felt like she was dying when she had heartburn for the first time while she was pregnant.  I had no idea what it felt like, but now that I know, I realize that I have been feeling this way for since January or before and never knew what to call it!

Seems silly to be complaining about heartburn because so many people get this daily, but it's what wrong with me and as long as that is it and I can manage it.  My dr. said that if it gets to a point where pepcid and tums aren't doing it, then I'll have another prescription given to me.  She also said that I can have as many tums as I would need to manage my pain or discomfort.

So strange.  I don't look forward to hearing that my baby is going to have a head full of hair because I have heartburn, but I understand that a lot of people feel this way... so bring it on!

Weather: (Just because I think it's fun to document this...) It's raining, it got a little colder and then it rained some more.  It's just been crazy with the amount of rain that we've got, but it is what it is.  It's grey, blah March weather...

Clothes: Some of my maternity pants that hit low on my abdomen are becoming more and more uncomfortable.  I'm finding that I can still wear them, but just have to be strategic about what is worn over them.  I'm still making use of my belly band and that does make things much more comfortable, but maybe just more tolerable.  I'm wearing some of the same tops, mixing my regular tops with maternity tops from time to time.  I'm trying to be more creative with what I wear, but I have found that I do wear some of the same things over and over again with little variation.

School: I took my last class for this quarter on Wednesday and I have my final due next Wednesday for that class.  Very excited to be done and kind of feeling bad about not taking another class this coming quarter.  More on this in another post...

Movement: I think I mentioned sometime ago that in my weekly text updates, I was told that my little boy would "stop feeling like a little "flutter" in my tummy and more like a line backer!"  At first, I thought this was hilarious because I knew this day would come, but I didn't realize that I was already there.  And, like some of the other updates, I just assumed that it would start happening all of a sudden.  Only, this time, it didn't happen right away... It took a few days and then before I knew it, this little guy was just kicking and punching away!  Now, it's not all the time but it is more frequent.  This is another moment in this pregnancy when I wish I had an iphone so that I could have a little kick tracker to track when this little Sprout is kicking and often.  It's crazy how much I feel him now, but I just it was more predictable so that my husband could feel it more.  My pulse just bounces out of my stomach most of the time and that's enough for my husband to feel. 

This week, the baby is the size of an eggplant or a califlower.

And edited again to say that TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF MY THIRD TRIMESTER!!!


SaraBelle said…
So sorry to hear you are dealing with heartburn! When I was pregnant with my twins (and specifically when I was on strict bedrest) my hearburn was HORRID! Some of the worst pain I've ever felt! I would take all sorts of meds, but honestly the only thing that ever brought me relief was milk. And I hate milk. But I would down glass after glass and it gave instant relief. Just wanted to pass that along.
Hope you are feeling better!
I cannot believe that you are already to the 3rd tri! OMG. You look so adorable, love that sweater-wrap. Is it maternity? If not, do tell where you snagged it!

Pregnancy looks good on you, girl!
Jill said…
subfertilefrugalista - I wish I could just email you back but your link doesn't allow me to... BOOO.

The wrap sweater I bought at Old Navy. I actually tried it on, not knowing it was maternity at first. Then once I did, I thought... multi function, perfect. I've worn it for about 2 years and now that I'm pregnant, it comes in handy. They still sell it at ON and you could get it for yourself. It's probably the most comfortable thing I own that is maternity and not overly maternity looking...

Anyway, thanks for asking and update your link so I can email you! :)
Wendy said…
Your hair is so cute! You look great! :)
I had terrible heartburn/acid reflux with my first and she was bald! The dr told me to take Zantac, an over the counter and I took two a day from 7 months prego on.... nothing like it with my second though and she had a full head of dark hair! Can't wait to see pictures of your little munchkin!
Ugh. Heartburn is terrible. I had it with both L. and V.

You look GREAT and I love your hair.

(I am still so ridiculously happy for you.)

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