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Sprout | Break Down

Okay.  I have to write this post because it's the kind of day that I'm having.

My back hurts.

My bra underwire is digging into my belly.

I don't like to eat much beside cheese, peanut butter & jelly and other bland options.

I hate feeling this way, when all I've ever wanted to do is be here, but this is the true colors for you today...

I just need to say that it's not all peaches and cream....

Tuesday, I wasn't feeling good.  I thought it was because I had a lot of pressure in my upper abdomen but after buying a new bra and relieving the pressure, I still wasn't 100% comfortable just yet.

I went to dinner with my family Tuesday for my sister's birthday and felt fine.  I wasn't as uncomfortable and the food was really good.  Plus, I was enjoying the company and having a nice time.

We come home, get into bed and I'm out like a light.  Before I know it though, I'm awoken from a dead sleep because I just feel completely ill.  I go the bathroom and get on all fours and start rocking.  I can't tell if I'm needing to sit or just bend over the potty.  Before I know it, I'm throwing up.  Not once, but twice.  From there, I started shaking and still not able to find comfort unless I'm on all fours and rocking around.  I decided that after a little while, I wasn't able to take being on the floor anymore, because I was freezing.  I moved to the bed and it took me a while to finally find sleep.

Wednesday, when I woke up, I still was having some issues with discomfort.  I thought that I would just man-up and go to work, thinking the distraction would be good.  So I go.  Unfortunately, like I said in one of my last posts, sitting all day, just sucks.  I got to my office and was still really uncomfortable.  I called into my dr. just to be sure that there wasn't anything to worry about.  They called me back about 30 minutes later.  They asked me a bunch of questions and before I knew it (again) I was asked to head to Labor & Delivery at the hospital that is 45 minutes from my office.

So I head out and before I could get to my car, I was in tears.  I was frustrated that I was asked to go to the hospital because I just was confident that it wasn't a baby related thing.  I was happy to go and get it checked out, but it was just hard to deal with, right then.

I called my husband and he left to head there too.  After being hooked up to the monitors, it was clear that the baby was doing great and after a few more questions the nurse believes that it's either a gastro/intestinal viral infection or a gall bladder issue.  She called and talked to the dr. on call at my dr.'s office (which wasn't my dr.) and he agreed.  I was sent home with a prescription strength pepcid and told that if my pain and discomfort doesn't go away in the next 48 hours, that I'm going to have to go in a see my dr. and talk about gall bladders.

Right now, I'm only 3 doses in and about 24 hours into this process.  Last night I was feeling a little better.  Sitting all day is just the pits and with the discomfort it just wasn't a good match.  I'm hoping that I still feel the relief and eventually I hope to not have to worry about this pain at all.

Funny thing... When I got to the hospital, the nurse looked over my paperwork and said, "Oh you're new to this..."  Meaning, I'm 26 weeks and in Labor & Delivery... early.  I really hope that I don't have to go there again until I'm closer to the end of this pregnancy.  I don't want to be that girl.  But I'm sure that is out of my control.

So, that's my update for this week.  Not what I was hoping to write about, but here we are.

I'll update more at the end of the week as I know more...


erin.patrice said…
Aw. I hope you feel better.
christi said…
oh no, sounds like you are having a rough day. not feeling well is the pits; not feeling well pregnant is even worse. i am sending you speady healing thoughts and if i lived close would bring dinner by and a huge hug.
Krista said…
Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well, Jill! Hopefully it was just a virus and you'll be feeling better soon! Thinking of you...
Allison said…
((HUGS)) I hope you feel better very soon. It's so hard to admit that everything about pregnancy isn't as beautiful as you'd hoped and you ARE allowed to complain once you're there, no matter how hard you worked to get there. ((HUGS))

And by the way, please don't feel guilty about sometimes not being absolutely thrilled by the state of your body right now.

I remember feeling PANGS of guilt when I would complain about being uncomfortable or say, unable to take cold medicine during my pregnancy with Lila. It's like... you wanted this so badly that you think to complain about it would just be wrong... but it's not. It's human.

Give yourself a break, ok?

And I hope you feel better.
Lurker Girl said…
Oh boy--sounds like me when I hit that point. It did end up being Gall Bladder issues and I ended up having my Gall Bladder out when DD was about 5 months old. I felt so much better when it was finally figured out. it was more of a pressure/nausea thing when I was preggers and then a few weeks after she was born, it turned into HORRIBLE pain and puking. it did not affect my pregnancy, it just made for a mommy that lived on Tums :) I popped them day and night.

Good blessings for a smooth rest of your pregnancy--I have been following your story and am so happy for yoU!
Emma said…

Hello I read that your bra wire is digging into your belly. Ouch I had that problem and its very uncomfortable. I posted this link to a bra that saved me from that problem. Just a suggestion. I wore this bra through my third trimester and for about three months postpartum. I got mine on sale at the motherhood store. I feel like they are always on sale. Just wanted to share that. Good Luck!

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