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Sprout's Route | Week 25

How am I feeling? Well, this week, I've really popped!  People are noticing my belly all over the place.  I was just saying how last week people were saying "you don't even look pregnant" and now, I'm out there.  It's fun, but as my update from Baby Center said, "my uterus is expanding and may cause back pain."  Like I need more of that.  It's really my only complaint through this whole process and it's not getting any easier to deal with.  I've been doing stretches and things but sometimes I just can't help the pain and just have to deal.

The other update was that I might start to see my "complexion becoming a little spotty"... well unfortunately, that bit was SPOT ON and my face is having a hard time recovering.  For those that have had boys, they say that this is so normal and the testosterone is just making it worse.  Just another thing I wasn't ready to deal with, but here we are...

Food: Still not down with any red onions.  Also, I'm not eating for two.  I try to just eat my meals and then carry on.  I don't try to over stuff.  It happens, don't get me wrong, but I really don't want to be terribly uncomfortable so I'm trying to be more aware and not eat for two.  My main thing that I still like to have around is fruit.  Can't get enough.  It's soooo good!

This week's events: Luckily, I'm wrapping up my last couple of classes for this year.  We had some crazy ice/snow storm that made it hard to get around town.  The weather was unseasonably warm on Friday and Saturday of this last week which was great but then the winter came right back to us like we hadn't missed a beat.  That stunk, but that's the Midwest for ya...

Outside of that, it was my dad's birthday (when the ice/snow hit) and we did dinner at a mexican place that he loves.  Throughout most of my work week, I've been spending a lot of time just putting together my Maternity Leave Training Schedule.  It's been a hard task because there are a lot of things that I do for my company that no one else really knows about.  It's been fun writing them all out and planning to train on them, but also a little nutty because there's so much to write.

I also made another trip to Old Navy this week.  I realize that I need to stop, but sometimes I just cannot help myself.  When they have items on sale for $1.00 it's hard to pass them up.  I was happy to get a few tops for me and a few things for Sprout.  Love their sale items!

I attended a young professionals gathering at a local ice cream shop that not only has decent ice cream choices but also pretty good chicken sandwiches.  It wasn't Chik-Fil-A but still good.  After the YP meeting, my town was hit again with more weather and it was almost a white out.  Lots of vehicles were off the road on the way into work and schools were closed all over the city.

Gosh, after writing this all down, there was a lot that went on last week.

Friday, at my office, we had our yearly auction where the people who are money producers are paired with a support person, we share points and bid on prizes.  I was thrilled to win something big and happy to walk away with a $250 voucher toward a digital camera (so DSLR, here we come!) and a $50 voucher for a massage.  It makes us really excited to dig into this DSLR option and get one in our hands now so that we know what we're doing with it by the time Sprout arrives.

After the auction at work, I went with my mom, sister and friend Mattie to a Women's Hearth Health event in town.  My mom and I had gone the year before and we had a great time so we went again.  This time, it was a little different, but still a good time.  We ended up sneaking out at the end because the "entertainment" wasn't very entertaining and we didn't want to sit through her 1.25 hour show.  We weren't the only ones doing it, so we didn't feel so bad.  It was 9:30pm anyway, and by that time, it was already pass my bed time.

All in all a great week, but can't wait for some serious spring weather!

Dr. Appointments: We don't have any this week.  I believe that I was supposed to, but because of my dad's dinner, I moved it.  So next week you'll see the update.  (My appointment is tonight).

Other than that, Sprout is about the size of an eggplant, he's weighing about 1.5 lbs and measuring about 13.5 inches (head to heels).  Very exciting!

Until next time...


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