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I've gone back and forth about whether I was going to eventually share my blog with the people that I know in real life.  I've written about this before and my main reason for not sharing my blog and our story with the outside world was because we didn't want it to be someone else's worry.  We wanted to deal with our trials on our own and let the end result be the happy ending for everyone.  When it didn't work out the way we thought it would the first time, it was still hard to think about sharing our feeling, "publicly."

Now that we are beyond a lot of the heartache and we're in a much happier spot, I feel a little more at easy about who knows or reads about what was...

Since thinking more and more about this, I have branched out and shared this blog with my mom and sister.  So far, it's been nothing more than what I expected.  I don't know why I was so hung up about it, just thought it would be a bigger deal than it was...

So, with that going so well, I've thought more and more about who else I would be comfortable sharing it with and I just haven't come up with anyone yet.  Sharing it on facebook or something else seems a little far fetched for now, but it might be where I'm headed... one day.

It's a great outlet.  For me, I love writing and this gives me the opportunity.  I love the documentation of our lives and the events along the way.  I also love the community and the people that I've met throughout this whole experience.  I also love the lives that I've touched or helped through all of the things that we've experienced.  It's an overwhelming thing.  I never knew this commitment would get me to where I am today and make me feel the way that I do about blogging.

Anyway, sharing this blog a little more is on the horizon, just not as far as it once was...


Leah said…
Over the years some of my high school friends have found my blog, friends have been made through my blog, and I've even had friends and family search my blog, but I too have never shared it openly with others.

I just don't know when I'll feel comfortable making that jump.

I'm so glad that it was well received by your mom and sister!
Krista said…
Jill- I've had the same thoughts. Right now, just the community and a handful of friends read my blog. I've often wished the handful of friends didn't because sometimes I want to vent and it feels weird having them read that and see my frustration. It also makes me feel vulerable at I so bad want to be this strong person that everyone thinks I am...but the blog obviously shows I'm not and that I have a lot of doubts, worries and insecurities. I've often thought that once we are "on the other side" of this journey that I may let more people know about the blog (like facebook friends,) but I figure that I'll just have to figure how how I feel once I get there. I think both of us will know when the time is right to share the blog with others. :-)
the grumbles said…
i was terrified to integrate my blog world with the real world. when i finally took the leap into sharing it with people, especially on facebook, i found that not only was it not a big deal, surprising people would come out of the woodwork and support me. so terrifying, but not all bad.
Jill said…
@Leah - Interesting that most of your friends and family don't know much about your blog. Since you post in on Facebook, I just figured you had everyone involved.

@Krista - Thanks for stopping by and welcome! Just know that through your crazy journey to baby... you're allowed to have those mixed emotions and you should write about them no matter who you think is reading your blog. For all you know, more people are reading it than you think and in the end, they are only going to lend support. Be strong, but don't hide your feelings. Get them out!
Cheryl E. said…
I totally know what you are saying here. I feel the same way. Even though I mostly write about artifical things I still want it to be mine.
erin.patrice said…
I've been wrestling with the same thing. Only I know that mine wont be recieved as well due to some content that I'm unwilling to 'hide' or turn into a draft. I'm not all about sugar coating my feelings. So with thtat I know I'll probably never go public with my blog. And ina way, it's a good thing.

I think poeple will benefit a lot from the testimony of your journey.
Krista said…
Thanks Jill. I've been following your blog for awhile...I guess that's the first time I've actually commented though. :-)
Thanks for your advice...sometimes I do sensor myself due to not knowing who is going to read it. In fact, last week I got slammed by "anonymous commenters" on a blog I put up venting some frustration. It made me want to back off even more, but I don't think I will. The more I thought about it the more I thought...this is my stinkin blog...I can say what I want! :-)
...julia... said…
I'm the sister... I knew that Jill blogged (just a gut feeling), I didn't know where and I knew she didn't want me to find it so I didn't go looking. I don't avvidly read all of her posts, not out of disrepect but to be respectful.

I feel that everyone should be able to write about anything they want. With also knowing that if you say it, others will probably read it. :)

I don't know that I personally would share on facebook... I go through various clenses of my facebook friends but it seems to be more facebook-people-I-have-met-once-in-my-life instead of facebook-friends.

While blogging you meet people that have similar tastes and that maybe you wouldn't meet in real life. It's refreshing and very comforting.

:) Happy last day of the month!

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