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from you and for you

First, I want to thank both Amber & Mrs. Hammer for being so kind and appreciative of my blog.  It means a lot to have you girls reading along in this journey we're on.  I know that we're not alone and that there is light at the end of the tunnel, it's just a matter of getting to see that light  to make it all seem like it's possible.  You girls have been around for most of those ups and downs and I really truly appreciate your constant support.

Not only have these ladies followed along for some time now, but they also just nominated my blog with a few awards that I'd like to graciously accept and  pass them along to some other bloggers that deserve a little love too...

So here they are:

For those that are nominated below, the rules for each of these awards are that you tell us 7 things about yourself and nominate 15 bloggers (and notify them).  If you take the 3 awards times these things, you're looking at sharing 21 items about yourself and nominating 45 blogs.  While this is completely doable, it seems like a lot to ask.

I'm going to give it a go and see how it turns out...

The 21 things that you may not know about me:
  1. I'm a product of 3 and if we continue to have luck with having kids (god willing) we hope to have 3 children.
  2. I take my dog to the vet every 3 to 4 weeks to get his nails trimmed.
  3. I don't mind clutter, when it's my own.
  4. My parent's live 20 minutes from my house and my in-laws live 7 minutes from my house.
  5. I haven't seen or touched the ocean in about 4 years and it's killing me.
  6. I just got another week of vacation added to my vacation schedule this year and I don't know what to do with it?!? (1st thought, go see the ocean)
  7. I wear an 8 1/2 -9 shoe size.
  8. I prefer silver/white gold over gold any day.
  9. I never had a cat growing up because my dad is allergic.
  10. Besides my brother, I'm the only one in my family to never had a personalized licensed plate.
  11. After going back and forth about shower plans, it turns out that we're going to have 4 showers for Sprout.  My work, husband's work, family shower and friends shower.  Crazy.
  12. I've been drinking a little more caffine lately.  I just think that it helps give me the pick-me-up that I was missing.  It's about 1 can of a caffine drink 2 times a week or less.  Nothing crazy, just helps sometimes.
  13. I love farm animals, especially horses and cows.
  14. I'm getting closer and closer to sharing my blog with my in-real-life-world and not just a select few, not to mention the entire blogsphere.  (Another post to come about this shortly.)
  15. I wish I had an accent.  Like a Southern or Australian accent.
  16. I'm obssessed with chapstick this winter and can't seem to keep it close enough to me.
  17. I have sweaty palms and feet, almost all of the time.  Gross.
  18. I've been blogging since 1/29/08, just over 3 years!
  19. I have 29 draft blogs in my post folders.
  20. I have 196 people that follow me on Google Reader.
  21. I have 105 followers that follow through my blog "follow" link.
Now for those that I'd like to nominate... Keep in mind if this is too big of a task, you are welcome to accept your blog award and do as you wish with it as long as you do the absolute minimum requirements (sharing 7 things about yourself & nominating/notifying 15 bloggers).

So here goes, the nominees:
  1. Erin at Ridin' with the Robertsons (go over and congradulate her on her awesome news!)
  2. Amy at Becoming a Crazy Cat Lady
  3. Wendy at A Couple More Hours
  4. M at Salutations
  5. Leah at Marital-Bless (to hopefully brighten up her week)
  6. Erin at Dishes & Wishes
  7. Amy at abk designs
  8. Kristal at Mama at Home
  9. Erin at it's all happening
  10. Joni at Lay Baby Lay (because I love her style & nursery)
  11. Lori at that's what i thought (because I want her to come back to blogging, when she can)
  12. Steff at Sassy Times
  13. Bethany at Tickled Pink
  14. Kim at NewlyWoodwards
  15. Dana at House*Tweaking (because I just cannot get enough of her/their projects)
  16. Molly at Shockley Family (because she reminds me that anything is possible)
  17. Cheryl E. at Nap Time is the New Happy Hour
  18. Holly at Life in the Fun Lane
  19. M at House of Rose (we're neck-in-neck with our pregnancies...)
  20. Mandy at This Girl's Life
CRAP... I can't think of anymore.  Listing 45 was a hefty goal, so we'll just go with 20.  Seems like a good number to just roll with.

Alright, so have at it ladies!  Your blogs are SO worth it!


Danica said…
Fun! I love learning new things about people.
Thank you so much for the sweet awards. I loved reading your list. I have sweating palms and feet, too. I thought I was alone. ;)
Mandy Rose said…
Thanks so much!! How exciting that we are so close in our pregnancies!! Definitely adding you to my google reader!! Keep in touch!
Cheryl E. said…
Aw yay! Thanks for the awards! I cant wait to follow you through your journey.
Sassytimes said…
Thanks for the award Jill. I loved reading the random facts about you.
Bethany said…
You are too sweet!! Thanks for the awards & I too am obsessed with chapstick!!
Amber said…

I must say... I would not be able to handle having 29 saved drafts. There's something about drafts that drives me crazy. I have to delete or finish/schedule them!! I'm glad you don't have this issue!!
Amy said…
Thanks for the award! I love reading your blog, even if I don't get to read it as often as I'd like to. Glad to hear your pregnancy is going so well. I'm so happy for you and S!

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