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Sprout's Route | Week 19

How am I feeling? I’m feeling really good.  My sciatic nerve hasn’t been bothering me over the last week or so, so that’s been really nice.  I feel growth pains in other parts of my body but nothing that really lasts or anything like that.  I’ve been sleeping alright, but I’m getting up much more frequently to use the ladies room.  It’s about every 3 hours or less, just depends.  I also think that I’m getting headaches when I haven’t consumed enough water during the day.  I’m being more aware of how much I’m consuming, since I’m doing it all day every day, but when I’m low my body is telling me so…

Weight: Luckily, I’m still only up about 3 lbs up from my pre-pregnancy weight.  I’m pretty happy about that, but know that someday soon it will come to bite me in the butt.  Speaking of butt, I’m looking forward to when my belly surpasses my butt.  It’s always been a big component of my body and now I’ve got two of them, in a sense.  Hopefully, this will happen soon!  I’m approaching 20 weeks and hope for a bit ol’ pop!

Food:  I’m still doing pretty good with this.  I have a greater need for starchy foods over anything else.  I enjoy tortilla chips, cheese, cheese dip, mac n cheese, buttered noodles but I also have a huge need for fruit too!  Yesterday I went to the store and bought a bag of cherries, nectarines, apples and bananas… I just love the sweet but not necessarily candy.  We’re starting to cook in more and more and because of that we are able to watch what we are eating too!  I made this garlic shrimp taco thing the other day with cabbage and green chile salsa… so yummy!

Doctor’s appointments: Not that I need to state it again but, we had our appointment on Saturday, January 8 and we found out the gender of our baby is all BOY!  That’s the best news and we couldn’t be happier.  As I said on FB, I celebrated by going to Old Navy and buying about $100 in baby clothes.  I bought 6-12 and 12-18 because I know I’ll probably get plenty of hand-me-downs and clothes from showers to fill in the rest of the months.  It’s so fun buying for a specific gender!  They just have the cutest little things out there for them!

On our animals: I haven’t updated you in a while about out animals, but both William (cat) and Toby (dog) are doing great.  I have this weird feeling that I think they know what’s going on and in turn become very needy of me.  They have to be by my side, with my or near me at all times.  Toby is a mama’s boy anyway and William can be too… I think it’s mainly because I feed them (every morning and most evenings), fill their water, let them out and all of those things… Mr. H does the litter of course but other than that I do a lot of their dirty work.  But here lately, I feel like they are onto me.  They know I’m pregnant.  They know that something big is about to happen that they cannot control.  They know something is up and because of that they won’t leave me alone.  William is also doing STEALER with the whole “not peeing in the house” thing that we were fighting for a while!  I really do think that between his routine and his meds, he’s really leveled out.  It’s just so refreshing knowing that he’s healthy again and feeling better.  I hated knowing he was not himself and out of sorts.  Made me so sad to watch him.  But he’s better now and that’s all that matters!  Toby… he can never complain.  He lives the high life and loves every minute of it.  We have great animals.

On sleeping: To go onto sleeping but to also keep talking about our animals… They’re a little rocked by this whole “going to the bathroom more often” thing which makes their sleeping more interrupted and they don’t know how to manage.  In turn, I think William is retaliating because about every night at 2am, he’s up and on my night stand knocking things off.  It’s waking me up to then go to the bathroom, but it also wakes up Mr. H and he doesn’t like it.  I’ve come to the conclusion that locking him out of our room after he does that one time in the night has cured it from not happening again.  Last night we tried this and about 4:30am he just started meowing so I had to let him back in.  But otherwise shutting him out allows for me to get more sleep.  Poor guys.

On shower dates/planning: As my friends, family and husband can tell you, I tend to be very type A.  I like things in order, I like a plan and sometimes when the plan is broken I have a hard time adjusting because I like plans.  Throughout this pregnancy, I’ve been (without trying hard) very calm and not so type A.  I try to just let things happen, not make plans and all of that jazz.  Unfortunately, with everyone that I know that is around me a pregnant for the first time, I really wanted to write a date down on the calendar for my shower.  I know that I shouldn’t worry about it and I should just let it play out, but I just worried that I would schedule it on a day that everyone else would want, so I needed a date.  I rallied the troops together, brainstormed a little on who should be invited to my shower and then we worked on a date.

Originally, I thought… well I’ll have a shower with my local friends, work will have a shower for me and then I’ll have a family shower too.  Then I got to thinking about it and all of my friends are local friends and those that I would want to come to my family shower should also be included in the local shower.  So I thought one shower would be best.  My work will still have something for me and that will be awesome but aside from that, I’ll pretty much have another one and that’s it.  There is a small group gathering outside of all of this but that I don’t have to worry about much. 

Once we decided on a date, which was Wednesday, I felt like a huge weight was lifted.  It’s going to be awesome because my friends are awesome!  I couldn’t be surrounded by a better set of friends and now that the date is on the calendar, I can just sit back and let it all happen!  And don’t get me wrong, I’m SO looking forward to it!

This week’s events: Well, nothing really that exciting and I’m happy about that.  I have class Wednesday, we have a birthday thing on Friday in town and then this weekend we are going to register!  I’m so pumped!  OH, we did get about 3 inches of snow on Tuesday and it was supposed to be about 5 inches.  It’s still coming down but that’s what supposed to happen in the winter!  People just need to learn how to drive in it and we’d all be good!

Happy Thursday!


Allison said…
lol I was also one that really wanted to get the shower date(s) on the calendar early. Everyone kept telling me not to stress, but it was so hard, especially since there was a lot to coordinate since it was summer, too. I'm glad you've got that detail set so you can relax a teeny bit more :)
Emily said…
Hi there, I'm a new reader and thought I would mention a funny coincidence. I was on Spearmint Baby today and saw her repost from you. I was looking through some posts of yours trying to find when you first found out yall were pregnant (I love those stories!) and saw you mention going to the Hocking Hills. I'm a design student at OU and love Spearmint Baby for all of the room designs. The internet makes the world seem so small! Congratulations on your little boy!
- Emily
I am glad to hear that your cat is starting to "level off". Our cat does the same thing with knocking stuff off and getting annoyed when routines are disrupted. It usually only lasts a few weeks until the new routine is in place and then he is fine.....hopefully that will happen too!

(Love reading these.)
Emily said…
Yay for happy animals!! :)

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