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So, it's 2011 and while I'm still pregnant, I'm still going to the gym to get in a little workout here and there.  Nothing too crazy, just a 30 to 45 minute workout on a treadmill or EFX machine.  I was told by my doctor that it will only help me in the end and the EFX machine would be really good for my hips and preparing for labor.  So I'm doing it!

I haven't been pushing myself over and I'm well aware of my heart rate, plus it just feels good.  I mean, I'm pregnant, but I'm not disabled or unable to do normal things!

With all of that being said, I went this morning to the gym and while I haven't been in the AM in a long time, I had forgotten how some people just don't have any shame or mercy...

I was peacefully drying my hair after a much enjoyable, hot shower (which is typically unheard of at the gym) and I glance over to see this woman just buck naked facing me!  I'm not saying this to stir anything... but seriously, turn around and put your lady parts toward the wall!  Don't point them toward someone else or toward to MAIN ENTRANCE of the locker room!  Come on!  Plus, they make towels and other clothing items so that you may go to the gym and still do your thing without showing the world your goods.

Why do some women have more confidence or less shame than others?  Either way, I know now just to keep my head down and never look up above the knee caps.  Seriously.  I was just blow drying my hair and minding my own business and then my morning was ruined!

No shame.  None.


Josey said…
Lol...well, I definitely don't purposely point my lady parts towards people, but I'm also not ashamed of them. I don't have the highest self confidence in the world (ya, the 25# overweight thing hits that hard with a slapdown), but I guess I have no issues being naked either.

I have no idea who this woman was in the locker room with you, but if she's like me, she was probably completely unaware you were even uncomfortable b/c she wasn't. Hopefully that was the case anyway!

As a side note, we have a clothing-optional hot springs right outside of the town I live in that we go to often that ROCKS. It's nice being in an environment where everyone is comfortable with their naked bodies - young, old, skinny, overweight, you name it. Nobody stares - everyone has the same parts (well, one of two varieties)... and it's just...normal! They also have the best natural hot spring pools in the area. :)

I guess it was just the "no shame" emphasis of your post that struck me as odd (totally my opinion - of course!). I just don't believe in feeling shame about being naked. :)

ps - good for you for getting to the gym - every friend of mine that worked out during pregnancy said it made the delivery so much easier b/c she had the strength and endurance she needed!
Sassytimes said…
LOL. I'm very modest...I don't think I'd ever even shower in a public place or disrobe. BUT, my best friend is totally that woman you encountered. She just gets naked, and has no shame. She grew up in the country and that's just how her family was. For my bach. party in Vegas, we had 6 or so girls in a room. She got out of the shower and just walked completely naked out into the room where we were all hanging out. It was like, "umm...hello??!!". LOL. I envy her confidence.
Alyson said…
Too funny!! On working out: Good for you, keep up the good work.
Danica said…
Good for you for continuing to work out!

I hate going to the gym and changing. I dislike seeing someone else's junk. GAG What I do is turn and face away from everyone, but when you're blow drying your hair it's kind of hard!

I am SO uncomfortable in locker rooms, especially when I was younger and playing sports. I mean I am not even comfortable around people with my clothes ON let alone with nothing on!

YAY for going to the gym!!
M said…
haha... this happens at my gym, but for me its worse because the gym is at my office, so I have to then bump into these woman in the halls thinking- I saw you named yesterday... wierd

Glad to hear you are still going to the gym!
LOL!!! I am way to shy to ever do that!

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