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Sprout's Route | Week 21

How am I feeling? Probably one of the worst weeks of my pregnancy so far.  I had a cough that turned into a head cold that didn't go away the entire week and even after a visit to the doctor's office, I still felt like crap.  Not to mention the money I had to spend on medicine in order to try and manage the cold.  I did take two sick days home from work to try and heal and all I did was sleep.  It stunk.  What I did learn was that it was safe for me to take Mucinex D, Robitussin and Tylenol all at the same time in order to break down everything that was going on in my head.  Unfortunately, it didn't disappear, but it's getting better.

Aside from my cold, I'm doing okay.  I'm anxious about feeling the baby kick.  I had been feeling things but I just don't know how to confirm that it's actual baby movement.  I know that when it happens, "I'll know"... as everyone has said, but I just want it to happen!

Weight: Well, according to my work scale,…


I've been sick since last Thursday.

I promise to do my weekly pregnancy update this weekend.

Best news for today... I heard the heartbeat of our little boy and it's still ticking away.  132bpm today!  Such a great sound!

More to come soon... just have to clear away some funk in my head to process a post about my week...

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i won't be the one....

I've been very lucky through this entire pregnancy with feeling great!  I also haven't had an awful case of the sicknesses, the tired spells or anything else.  It's been really slick and I'm completely thankful for those things.

With all of that said, we've also (while typically very social people) have cut back a little on our social calendars.  I like to think that it's mostly because it's winter and sometimes it just hard to rally the troops together, but I also think it has something to do with the fact that I'm not encouraging the gatherings and setting up wine or beer nights with our friends.  Plus, let's be honest... no one likes the sober pregnant girl at the party when you're getting your drink on, I get it.

But, what I have been saying all along is, I won't be the one to ruin your fun. 

What do I mean by this?  Well we went to a birthday party at a bar the other weekend.  We carpooled down with our neighbor friends to save on gas …

Sewing - Level 2

Crap, I forgot to post this.

My sister and I signed up for this sewing class.  I hadn't sewed ANYTHING on a machine or by hand since middle school.  Well, come to find out this class that my sister wanted to take was a Level 2 class!  I was nervous.  But luckily, it was just my sister and I in the class and they let you use their machines.

This is me finishing up my halloween/fall holiday runner!

I'm sewing!

It was busy and crazy, but I loved it and can't wait to use it next year.  I finished it this year ON Halloween!

Sorry for the late post... I had forgotten about this milestone.

I'll be sewing more and more now that I got a machine from my parents for Christmas!  So exciting!

small vent

Begin rant (my personal opinion):

Women who are having their first child get a baby shower, typically hosted by her friends/family.

Women who are having their 2nd (3rd, 4th, 5th, etc...) child, even it is after 5 or 10 years, don't get to have another shower.

If your friends want to host a "sprinkle party" for you, to gift you items that you might need because you're having the other gender this time around or because it has been 5 to 10 years since you had a baby, that's fine.  Don't expect it though.

End rant. Again, my personal opinion.


So, I posted about my goals today and then, by my surprise, I've already exceeded one of my goals right before my pretty little eyes!

100 followers! I've got 100 followers!  That's a joy!  I know that if you're like me, you hardly remember to click the "follow" button on a blog because you can just add it to your reader and carry on... Clicking the "follow" button takes effort and I'm here to tell you that your efforts are noticed!  Thank you!

I'm so glad to be here and to share my story with all of you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sprout's Route | Week 20

How am I feeling? I’m still feeling really good.I’m not having any back issues like I was a few weeks ago and those pains have still stayed away through the last few weeks, it’s amazing!Every once in a while, I will get a little twinge, but nothing like I was getting so I’m very happy about that.I am getting another cold and I’m pretty pissed about that.While I’m really loving being pregnant, the only true down fall is being pregnant during the winter when colds and things are on the peak.Just stinks.
I’m also having huge anxiety about driving.I was born and raised in the same city and now just live about 20 minutes from there, meaning I’m still experiencing the same weather patterns as I did growing up.I was never a fan of driving in the winter because you just cannot predict how the roads are, nor can you control the other drivers and it’s just nerve racking.Within the last two weeks, I’ve run into two different scenarios where I’m just cruising along and then all hell breaks loose o…

Goals | 2011

I know that a lot of blogs have done these long listed reflections on what 2010 was for them and what they hope 2011 will be for them.  I've thought about joining in this fun, but I just don't know if I want to set the bar that high.  I mean, if I put it in writing then I really have to hope to meet it or reach it and I don't want to set myself up for disappointment.  I say that and then in the same breath, I've also thought... Okay, let's just go short term goals.  Goals that are reachable that CAN be met before the baby arrives.  Goals that I've maybe had already for the year that I'm still working to achieve.  This might be more doable.

So with that, my wheels started turning and before you knew it... I was off making a list:

Pregnancy/Nursery Goals for 2011:
Paint nursery.Go to Ikea and buy dresser for nursery.Organize closet.Decide on where to register and actually put it together.Plan shower date.Get maternity pictures taken.Plan for newborn pictures to…

Sprout | Nursery

I won't be posting pictures of the nursery or the items that I'm registering for the room until I'm done.

But, on that same note, I just wanted to say....


What a joy!  I cannot wait for it to arrive!

Sprout | His name

I'm married to a school teacher. Discovering a name that doesn't relate to a student from the current or previous year, is challenging.  Over the time that we have been trying, we've had SO many conversations about names that when we finally had a name that we both loved, we kept it and it stuck.  We were working on both girl names and boy names but the boy name has been our favorite all along... For about 3 years, we've had our boy name and we couldn't be happier to actually use it!
It's a name that is a little more unique than most, but we both love it and we have actually started to call our baby boy by his name (only at home or in private).  It's been so much fun!

We're keeping the name to ourselves until he arrives, but I wanted to keep you up-to-date.  For now, he will still be Sprout to the rest of the world.

Sprout | Maternity Clothes Update

Lately, I've been growing more and more.  Since about 11 weeks or less I was wearing maternity pants because it was just more comfortable.  I sit all day at my job and having my regular jeans dig into my stomach was just not comfortable for me.  I knew that I had purchased 3 pairs of pants to wear, so I just started wearing them.

Now, don't get me wrong, they don't all fit me.  I have to wear that bella band thing from Target to keep things up, but it's better than my regular jeans.  I do have my "fat jeans/comfy jeans" that I can still fit into and I do wear them from time to time.  Usually when I do, I end up wearing the bella band thing with them and undoing the top button 1/2 through the day for comfort.  It's working.

Aside from that, I've only purchase a few new tops.  Not maternity, per say.  Just a size bigger for comfort and for room to grow.  I did, however, buy my first maternity top the other day and it was on clearance so I just did it. …

spearmint baby

I was featured because of this link.

You can view my post here!

So fun, thank you Shari!!

Spud, our first...

Today is a hard day.

What we were so thrilled about in May.

Was taken away so quicklyin June.

What could've been the biggest joy of our lives, was just a glimpse into what we could've had.

We are both in pain, but we know that this was the best for our Spud.

We know that the future holds something fabulous, but we will never forget this day.

The day we would've met our first baby.

Our baby that we created without any doctors.

Our baby that had a beating heart that we watched in aww...

Our baby Spud, that wasn't strong enough to join us in the world and thrive for 6 more months in my womb.

Our baby that left us, way too early.

Today is hard.

And we will never forget.

Sprout | Registry Update

Alright, after asking a lot of questions of those that have babies, are having babies or that will be buying baby things... I think we finally came the conclusion of where we're going to register and why.

This was a hard thing for me because of the city I live near and all of the resources.

We have a Buy Buy Baby not very far from us (35+ minutes), a Babies R Us close by (20 minutes or less), a Target (20 minutes), Pottery Barn Kids (15 minutes), and various baby boutiques around town that are just as cute too...

Anyway, as a follow up to this post, we made a choice!

We will be registering at Babies R Us to include a traditional baby store and so that if we have returns, it will be close by.  We will also be registering on Amazon Baby Registry for things that we cannot locate at Babies R Us or for things that are priced better than BRU.  We will also include things around the internet that we won't find at either location that we just love. 

You all know about my love for Ets…

Sprout's Route | Week 19

How am I feeling? I’m feeling really good.My sciatic nerve hasn’t been bothering me over the last week or so, so that’s been really nice.I feel growth pains in other parts of my body but nothing that really lasts or anything like that.I’ve been sleeping alright, but I’m getting up much more frequently to use the ladies room.It’s about every 3 hours or less, just depends.I also think that I’m getting headaches when I haven’t consumed enough water during the day.I’m being more aware of how much I’m consuming, since I’m doing it all day every day, but when I’m low my body is telling me so…
Weight: Luckily, I’m still only up about 3 lbs up from my pre-pregnancy weight.I’m pretty happy about that, but know that someday soon it will come to bite me in the butt.Speaking of butt, I’m looking forward to when my belly surpasses my butt.It’s always been a big component of my body and now I’ve got two of them, in a sense.Hopefully, this will happen soon!I’m approaching 20 weeks and hope for a bit…

Sprout | Book Slings for Nursery

Kids need books but finding the right piece to hold them in is key!  I don't necessarily want another piece of furniture in the nursery or at least, I'm trying to avoid it because I'm sure that the floor space will be easily filled with other things and we might as well use the wall space, right?

Well, I thought that I wanted something like this to hold books.  Something that I could mount on the wall next to the glider for easy access for reading to our Sprout.  It's pretty cute and simple but the cost behind it isn't so cute and simple.

Land of Nod
Then I saw this and while it's massive and maybe better for a basement or playroom, still was cute and simple and allowed for the kids to see the covers which, from what I heard from Whitney, is really big right now to help promote kids to read.  So, best of both worlds but still a little too big and too pricey.
(In White) Pottery Barn Kids
Then Whitney sent me this link showing her next project in her house that she…

for those that love Vera...

Or are having a baby... OR know of someone having a baby...

Her baby bag is on sale for $65.00!  That's a great price and while I already have one of her old style diaper bags, I'm going to hold out until the sale in April to buy one for cheaper than this, hopefully!

Just thought I would share because I'm sure some of you don't get her emails.

Shared with me by M.

Sprout | Gender Scan

As you know, we went in on December 27, 2010 and while it was neat to see our little Sprout bigger than the time before, he wasn't sure about showing us it's goods.  We wanted to make sure the anatomy scan was okay and everything was healthy (which it was) but aside from that, we wanted to find out the gender.

We weren't able to in December.

So we snuck back into the ultrasound tech's office on Saturday, January 8, 2011 and did another scan.

When we were there in December, the tech has said that even though he couldn't get the legs to completely uncross that he could say that it was about a 68% chance of being a boy.

So, when we went back in (and after a little Pepsi) we were able to see clearly that it was...

All BOY!
We're very excited and celebrated by hitting up the Old Navy sale rack!  I bought shorts for $0.58!!!
Oh and we do have a name that we've had for some time, but we won't be sharing until he arrives!

brown bomber

My 1991 Honda finally died.  It was a series of events that lead up to this day, but the day was inevitable.  So, like I had done in the past with some of my other cars, I took one last picture with my car before it was sent off to be donated.

Sad day, but I'm glad to be in a car with air bags and air conditioning.  It's been a long time coming, but I'm very glad to be here.

Our car that we got as the replacement is a 2009 Honda Civic.  It's cranberry color and yes, my husband is driving it.  I'm actually okay with this though, because the Honda Accord is bigger and I like it better.

A win win.  Now we just need our little receipt to prove that we donated our car.  Hopefully it arrives before we do our taxes!

Goodbye brown bomber.  Glad you were in our lives for the time that you were.  You were good to us and we enjoyed having you as our car.  With 199,700 miles, I can say that you did more than we ever thought you would!

little Sprout...

Dear Sprout,

I hope very much that you cooperate today.

Please don't be shy.  Just show us your junk.  We want to know what your gender is so that we can begin to prepare for your world here.

I'm going drink a little caffeine to hopefully get you moving around in there so you can't just sit there and cross your legs.

Thank you in advance for cooperating!

Much love, Your Mama

Sprout's Route | Week 18

How am I feeling?  I still feeling really good.  I really am.  I’m starting to wonder why people have such a problem with being pregnant.  While there are moments when I think, “my body is doing WHAT?” It’s still pretty great that I’m here.  I was actually thinking about this a lot lately.  My body is growing a human.  A little being that will be all mine and it’s because of my husband and I that this is possible.  It’s just a little strange.  I mean, I wanted to be here, we worked very hard to get here, but being here and thinking about what’s actually happening is really amazing.  Can you believe it?  What a miracle. 

I have been battling another head cold that has now been around for a week, but before that it was here before Christmas.  I'm over being sick and being pregnant.  Basically the only thing that I'm able to take is Tylenol Cold and Tylenol.  Tylenol Cold is a joke.  It's like drinking juice and does NOTHING for a head cold.  It stinks.  I actually had to tak…

International Blog Delurking Week

As I was reminded by Stirrup Queen, it's International Blog Delurking Week!

So, if you are out there and you haven't said something in a while... PLEASE DO!  And as she said, even if you leave a comment that says, "here" that would be perfect!  Like I've done in the past too, if you're anonymous, I will allow those too!

So stop over, comment and let me know you're here.

It's what the blogosphere is doing, join in!


So, it's 2011 and while I'm still pregnant, I'm still going to the gym to get in a little workout here and there.  Nothing too crazy, just a 30 to 45 minute workout on a treadmill or EFX machine.  I was told by my doctor that it will only help me in the end and the EFX machine would be really good for my hips and preparing for labor.  So I'm doing it!

I haven't been pushing myself over and I'm well aware of my heart rate, plus it just feels good.  I mean, I'm pregnant, but I'm not disabled or unable to do normal things!

With all of that being said, I went this morning to the gym and while I haven't been in the AM in a long time, I had forgotten how some people just don't have any shame or mercy...

I was peacefully drying my hair after a much enjoyable, hot shower (which is typically unheard of at the gym) and I glance over to see this woman just buck naked facing me!  I'm not saying this to stir anything... but seriously, turn around and put…


This is something that I'm currently struggling with, where to register?

Babies R Us is about 20 minutes from my house and there are several around the city/state that I'm in so it would be really convenient to not only buy things, but also return things if I registered there.

Buy Buy Baby while about 40 minutes away, not as popular country wide and a little unfamiliar to those that don't have a lot of babies in their lives, you know?  BUT, from what I understand, there selection is unbelievable (compared to BRU) and their knowledge of their products is also outstanding.

With all of that aside, not everything that I'd like to register is at those stores, so I was struggling on how else to register.  Should I register at more individual stores or was there some way to register and house everything that I'd want out of one of the stores above.

So, after talking to a lot of my friends and looking around online, I found where Amazon supports a Universal Baby Registry!  W…

belly growth

I was starting to believe that I was really starting to show and then I surrounded myself with two girls that were both about 30 weeks along and very much showing.  Then I looked back at myself and realized that I should just keep everything under wraps until I'm really showing, like they were!

Crazy how much my body and this baby are yet to develope!

I'm SO looking forward to it!