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Sprout's Route | Weeks 4 & 5

Taken at 9 weeks...

[written on 10.5.10 - Week 5]

Yes, you read that right...  We are pregnant [again]!!!  We found out on September 28th and this time, we found out together!  It was pretty cute. 

If you remember this post when I just couldn't find the groceries... part of my problem was that I came in the house, put most things away then went the bathroom to take my test and brought some things with me that went into the bathroom.  When I took the test, without telling Mr. Hope what my plan was, I decided that I would pee on the stick and then leave it in the bathroom for him to see.  I went into our 1/2 bath and was fixing my hair because I had just gotten home from work and I didn't want it up anymore.  I told him he needed to go in the bathroom and see the results.  He was kind of nervous.  Asked how long he was supposed to wait and what it would look like if it were positive.  We went over the options and before I knew it, he was in there checking.

I was still in the 1/2 bath and I yelled in, "what did it say?"  Only to have him come right around the corner and say, "it worked, it's positive!" And immediately we hugged.  It was pretty cute.  We're both so excited and being very cautious about what we do or say until we know that we're in the clear.  I actually go to the dr. on Friday [10.8.10] to make sure that everything is in order for this pregnancy.  I'm not sure that she'll actually tell me anything other than take it easy and take your vitamins, but I wanted to check.  They weren't reluctant to get me in, so I'm just going with it.  Plus, it will be good to see my dr. again and tell her that we're pregnant.

Over the last few weeks, I've not been feeling good.  Before we found out that we were expecting, I started to get a scratchy throat, that turned into a drainage thing, and then it turned into a sinus headache.  I'm working through the sinus headache now and before I knew I was pregnant, I was doing theraflu cold and cough.  Only to know now that I couldn't take that.  So today, because my headache is getting so painful, I called my dr.  She said that I can take Robitussin, Tylenol Cold and Tylenol but not the two Tylenol's together.  My only problem today, is that I don't have any of those things.  So I'm just suffering through it.  They did say that if my headache wasn't soothed by those things that I needed to see my family dr. or visit the urgent care/emergency room.  It's not that bad but I'll keep that in mind, just in case.

Other than that, you'll see that we have a new name for our embryo, Sprout.  It's an "s" name, I know.  But it's super cute and I really like it!  And yes, Mr. Hope came up with this one again... He's good like that.

Outside of my cold, I've had a few moments of nausea but nothing that wasn't cured by drinking some water, taking a nap, laying down, or eating something.  It's been pretty managable, just annoying from time to time.

I feel pretty good and I'm axious to meet to with my dr.  I'll write about that once I've met with her on Friday.

Oh yea, and it appears [from all the online pregnancy calculators] that we're going to be due around or on June 4th, 2011.  In our minds this couldn't be a more perfect time, because with my husband being a teacher, he'll be in his final weeks before getting out for summer as we stretch to meet the due date!  And once I'm done with my maternity leave, he'll still be on break.  What a joy!

More to come...

UPDATED TO SAY: Today on December 6, 2010, I'm 14 weeks and 3 days.


Josey said…
Oh my gosh Jill - that is awesome news! Congrats!!!
Sassytimes said…
This makes me so happy!!! Thinking good thoughts for you!
the grumbles said…
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! no wonder you've been so quiet over here!!

I am SOOOO happy for the two of you! How fantastic that you were able to do this again on your own, that is such a great sign! I will be thinking of the THREE of you and can't wait to read all about it!

Yay! That is such awesome news. Congrats
Mrs. Dirnberger said…
I am thrilled for YOU!
I can't wait to KEEP up with all your baby fun :)
Nadja said…
Oh I'm so happy. So so so so happy. I'm all teary and emotional over here.

Congratulations to you guys. What a wonderful blessing.
Jeannie said…
Oh my gosh...I was totally thinking when you posted about the Brussel Sprouts, I wonder if she's pregnant again!? CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm so happy and excited for you and your hubs!!
Mickey D. said…
I got the chills reading this! A big CONGRATULATIONS to all of you! I can only imagine how thrilled you both are.

What a great gift this time of year! Best wishes for a happy pregnancy!
Wendy said…
Oh my goodness CONGRATS! What awesome news!!!! Yaaaaaaay!
Kristal said…
Congrats Jill!! I'm with Jennelle - the brussell sprouts tipped me off. Glad to know my hunch was right! :)
Whitney said…
How 'bout this? I KNEW, and the brussell sprouts post meant NOTHING to me. HA!
--your dense friend
Allison said…
Congratulations!!! So excited for you!
Danica said…
I am so happy for you!!!!! Congrats.

What a great birthday! That's my brother's birthday and mine is June 2.
Maria said…
Congratulations!!!! So happy for you.
Dre said…
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am so happy for you! And impressed for your secret-keeping abilities!!! I hope this is a joyous Christmas, and the last time you will have a Silent Night for Christmas Eve!
JJ said…
What FANTASTIC news! Made my day! So happy for you, Jill! xoxo
Sarah said…
What wonderful news! I am so very, very happy and excited for you and Mr. Hope!

I wish you a happy and comfortable pregnancy. I can't wait to read your story as it progresses and can't wait to see pictures of your little bean!
Faith said…
Congratulations! Welcome little Sprout!
Lydia said…
Praise the Lord this is the best news I've seen in a long time!!!!! June 4th is a great day but June 7th is an even better day! ;-) Congratulations you two!
YAY!!! I was so excited to read this! I am so very happy for you again!
Mandy said…
Congrats! I'm so happy for you and Mr. Hope!!
Moore Family said…
Woo HOOO!!!!! Still been stalking your blog waiting for the good news! Congrats,congrats, congrats! Positive vibes headed your way :-D
Erin said…
So happy for you!!!!!
abkdesign said…
congrats!!! this is just the best news ever!
OMG!!!!!!! YAY! OMG.
I am SO happy for you!
molly said…
YAY! Congrats. I must tell you that I've known for awhile and it is only a fluke that I have! I went to The Bump one day because someone nominated me for Best Working Mom blog and I saw a question that was "featured" on the one of the forums.

When I clicked on it I saw you had answered and I saw your new ticker and was confused for a split second. Then I realized that duh, you probably wouldn't be telling anyone for a little awhile.

I was BURSTING to tell you congrats but was just waiting for the post :)

I am So SO SO happy for you, Jill. I wish you a happy & healthy 9 months!
Sarah Dee said…
What a cute story! Many congratulations!
Ashley said…
I've just been going backwards and reading all of the exciting posts to get to here! I'm sorry I wasn't following along; I was just thinking about you and wondering how you were doing. I'm so happy for both of you and can't wait to "meet" this little guy. Congratulations!

P.S. I also can't believe this site had been a secret from your family--amazing!

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