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Sprout's Route | Week 10

[written 11.9.10 - 10 weeks and 4 days]

How am I feeling?

Doing better.  Still have a sore chest and while I'd like to believe that I'm starting to grow a bump, I have to remind myself that it's just a bloat thing that I'm getting right now.  At times, like after I eat, it seems a little larger than first thing in the morning.  I'm anxious to see how my body starts to take form.  It'll happen before I know it, but for now, I'm just anxious.


We're still staying steady at no gain and a little loss.  It's flucuating week to week so I'm not really holding my breath.  I'm sure that before long I'll start gaining and I won't be able to turn back...  And then that means that soon enough, I'll be reporting it here.  Oh joy!

I can tell things are changing and shifting though.  My legs don't feel bigger, but I can feel them fitting into pants differently.  I also feel like I'm already gaining on the top half too and as a result, there is some skin on skin action that I'm not really happy about.  This will work itself out or get worse, either way... it's just another joy of pregnancy!

Which leads me to......


Boy, is this a little bit of an issue... My jeans are just becoming more and more snug around my waist and while I'm not gaining, things are shifting and my pants just aren't fitting around my waist anymore.  Well, at least comfortably.  I sit all day, for the most part and the last thing that I want to do is have my pants dig into my waist line.  I realize that it might be a little too early for maternity pants, but seriously, it's the only thing that is relieving my pain and discomfort.  So today, 11/12/10, is my first day sporting the maternity jeans.  I'm only in a little discomfort because they are just a tad big... so I had to add a belt to keep them up.  After this time passes and I have more growth, this won't be a problem. and I'll be able to wear them without a belt!  Oh joy!


There aren't really any to report this week.  I had a dream about tomatoes but it was unrelated to our baby... so that doesn't really count.

This Week's Events: (new item)

Well, starting with last weekend... we went to Hocking Hills with our friends.  This was our 4th trip to Hocking Hills with them in the last 2 years.  It was fun... but unlike the other trips, I was participating in any of the drinking or hot tubing.  I stuck my legs in for a bit but it was like 30 degrees and I had to be fully dressed from the swim suit bottoms up.  It wasn't comfortable so I hoped out after a little while.

This week we don't have much going on and because of Veterans Day, I don't have school, which I'm fairly excited about!  I will be visiting my best friend (from high school) Lauren this weekend!  She's expecting and due Christmas day (which at this point, that you are reading, it is about 20 days away)... I'm excited to spend time with her and go through all of her shower gifts that she had received from the week before.

Wednesday I had a dentist appointment and I had to update my records to reflect that I was pregnant.  It was a little exciting to talk about it but I felt a little guilty because this would only be the first few people that would know.  I'm anxious for my upcoming my appointment and I'm just waiting to confirm that everything is still going well.

Thursday we're headed out with some friends for a trivia game night at a bar... should be fun!


Yesterday was a hard day for lunch and dinner.  I had things in mind for both meals and then when it came down to it, I totally flaked.  I was sitting at my desk and knew that I had to run an errand and then I was going to return and eat my food that I brought.  Then, I started to smell guac... hence this post... and before I knew it, I was waiting in line at Chipotle for guac.  That's all that I had to eat for lunch too, because nothing else sounded good.  Then dinner came and that was hard too.  I have a stromboli that I've been wanting to make, but it just hasn't worked out.  I was going to make it last night, but wasn't sure how long it would take and then again, before I knew it... I was eating a (fully cooked, steaming hot) hot dog, cooking grilled cheese, warming up Country Crock's mashed potatoes and cutting up an apple.  My husband has been really good about just allowing me to satisfy my craving because he knows that I wouldn't be acting this way unless I really felt this way... And I do.  It just is something I can't control.  Things don't smell good to me.  When I think about them they make me sick and then I just have to resort to what sounds good, even if it's a weird mix.  I can't explain it.


Like I said above, I'm anxiously awaiting my next appointment with my doctor.  It's going to be the week of Thanksgiving... so that we can hear the heartbeat again and have everything confirmed as moving along perfectly.  From there, we're going to start sharing our news.  It's exciting and we can't wait until it's here!


Allison said…
Wow, I had really almost forgotten about the food stuff. We weren't able to do any meal planning at all when I was in my 1st trimester because we had to go off whatever sounded good for the day. And I ate a lot of Chipotle guacamole, so I can sympathize!

Also, I loved maternity clothes. I feel like the only one in the world, but I miss them! But the weight shifting and gain...that was a bit frustrating and the worst part of my pregnancy.

I hope you're feeling good now!
Still love reading these! :)
lena said…
Congratulations!!! Could not be happier for you and the mister.

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