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my week

  • Toby is puking and isn't keeping much down.  We think the culprate is the rabbit poop in our yard.  He's on a bland diet and pepto.  He was doing better until last night at 9pm when he puking all over the kitchen, again.  It was so bad, I almost puked too.
  • I'm getting nervous about shower dates.  I have a few friends that have said that they would want to help host.  Now if we could just get a date on the calendar, everything would be peachy!  I have 12 friends that are pregnant.  I don't want to have them overlap too much.  Not to mention my sister getting married too!  Showers will probably be every other weekend this year... like weddings were for us last year.
  • I'm throwing around ideas for where to register.  I'm partial to Babies R Us because it's close, but I like the selection of Buy Buy Baby.  I've heard that Target is a pain to work with on returns so I'm steering clear.  My other option that I've thought about doing is an Amazon gift list, that way I can add things from everywhere and it would be all in one place.  We still have to decide, just another things to figure out.
  • I'm almost done with Christmas shopping.  I still have a few more things to grab and then I have to start wrapping everything!  I haven't even started that and I know it will go fast, just have to find some time to do it! Thank goodness I have Thursday off of work!  It's going to be filled with a lot of little activities!
  • The nursery is under way... My husband worked on the closet this week; painting, reorganizing shelving and cleaning out the room from things that were left in there from when we used it as a "game room"/"extra TV room"...  It's looking good.  We have the paint for the room too.  It's going to be Serenity by Benjamin Moore and last night I was so anxious to see it on the wall that I had the Mr. slap some up on the wall just for assurance that it's going to look good!  I cannot wait!  Should be starting that painting-the-room project on Wednesday!  It's going to really come together once the wall color is up!

  • Christmas is only 4 days away!  Do you know this?  Holy crap did it sneak up on us this year or what?!?!
  • Work is wrapping up for the year and after Wednesday, I'll be off until 2011.  I'm pretty happy about that and can't wait to crank up 2011!  Should be a good year!
  • I just registered for my Winter 2011 quarter and I'm taking a computer technology communications class.  I'm happy that I was able to register for it and get into a branch location close to my house.  I had to take the last quarter downtown and while it was fine, it freaks me out to be there.  Luckily, my brother was taking a class on the same night around the same time, so we would walk with each other.  I'm glad that's over with and I'll be glad to be back at a branch class!
  • In the last month, I decided to remove some friends from Facebook.  I'm still debating on which ones to keep and which ones to dump.  I removed all work related friends except for a few that are more than just work friends.  Outside of that, I also removed people from my high school that I wasn't friends with or that aren't in my graduating class.  I had a hard time keeping a few people from my graduating class only because they are just not a friend of mine, but I'll work through that during my next dumping spree...  Feels good to release those people back into the wild!
  • Reading blogs has been a little different lately.  Some of my "old faithful" blogs are "taking a break" and others are just not around as often.  I also have a few other blogs that have been catching my attention lately and because of that, I'm not paying close enough attention to some of my other favorite blogs.  It's just a transition and I'm working through it.  Not only that, but I've just not had the time like I like to read blogs.  It's probably going to crank back up a bit over break, but I'm not going to promise anything.
  • This week we're going to a happy hour gathering with some friends to celebrate the holidays and see each other one last time before 2011!  It should be a good time!  Who doesn't love mexican food!  Now, if only I could drink a marg!?!  Soon enough, soon enough!  


Sassytimes said…
Yes, you are right, stay away from Target! They are awful. I love Babies R Us for's easy and convenient for everyone. I like the Amazon idea too, for those people that like to do something unique and different. Wish I would have thought about that way back when.

Love the wall color! It's beautiful.

Merry Christmas!
Leah said…
Sounds like a great week!
Erin said…
That's almost the same exact color of Annie's nursery - I love it!

I didn't mind Target for registering - I knew that was the only place 95% of my family would go so it was a necessary evil!
M said…
Love the color! love that we are going to El V tonight! Sorry Toby is sick, are you feeding him rice, that is what helps our pooch.
Jeannie said…
Sounds like a great week :-)

BTW, I l-o-v-e the color!! I'm always partial to blue, but that shade is not too girly or too boyish... Great choice!
Danica said…
Sounds like a fabulous week minus a sick doggy. :-(

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