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lost motivation

After my thanksgiving guest left (4 children and 2 adults - neices/nephews/brother/sister in laws), I felt like I had the motivation that I'd been missing to continue through the day picking up the house and putting everything in order.  Once I had done my 5th load of sheets or towels, I threw in the towel.  We had brought up 6 of the 12 Christmas boxes in hopes that I would just dive right in.  I opened most of them and just started pulling things out and putting them on the kitchen table.  I had not motivation to put up "winter wonderland" like I had planned.  I took down all of my fall decorations and put them all away but then when it came to decorating again, I just lost it.

I'm bummed because today is December 2nd and I still don't have my tree up... but it is what it is...

I'll get it up, just have to get it going this weekend and just crank it out!  Saturday will be a little crazy, but I've got to start somewhere!

Where are you with decorating?  Started?  Not doing it?


Allison said…
Done last weekend! Our motivation was the fact that we are hosting a Christmas party this Saturday. We had to make some tough decisions about decorations being appropriate with a handsy toddler running around. Some of our favorite stuff had to get packed away for a long time.
Sarah said…
I started, um only my tree is up. And it's only covered in lights, no ornaments. Sadly, it's been that way since Thanksgiving eve. And I'm thinking it won't be until NEXT weekend before I get around to the rest of the decorations.
Erin said…
Not started yet! I'm planning to decorate this weekend, but I like to wait until the first weekend of December anyway, so I feel good about it!
M said…
No worries my friend, I have half of my christmas things up, and I did not even do it myself, I bribed my little sis to do it on Thanksgiving... you would think a week long relaxing vacation would give me the energy to get stuff done... nope! I say, Sundays are for productivity! Enjoy the weekend!
Alyson said…
Almost done! Tree's up and everything is decorated inside. We just need to get our decorations up outside but D can do that part. :)
snugglebugs said…
We just put our house on the market last week, so we'll keep it simple this year. Just a few of my small trees and some wreaths, maybe. Can't wait to see pics of your decorations!
I hear you on this. Thanksgiving kicked my ass this year! And with both my husband and sister in school, we haven't had much time to decorate....which is a bummer. Right now we have about 7 boxes in our living room with Christmas decorations and a tree. It is so cluttered and annoying, but we just haven't had time to put everything up. I really want to start working on it this week so hopefully everything is up by this weekend - you know only 2 weeks before Christmas! GAH!! :)

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