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Sprout's Route | Week 17

How am I feeling? I'm feeling pretty good.  I'm not really having as many food issues, I discovered that pasteurized cheeses are good to eat so I'm digging right back into the brie (as long as it's pasteurized or cooked to temp).  My back (sciatic nerve) is still acting up, but I'm getting closer and closer to actually doing something about it.  I was approved to see a chiropractor, so I'm pretty happy about that.

Other than that, I'm doing really good and LOVING the 2nd trimester.

Weight: I'm still only up 2 pounds or something, but seriously it fluctuates daily.  I'm okay with this and know that very soon, things will be changing!

Food: Loving buttered noodles and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.  So much so that I had a dream about the pb&j the other day and almost woke up to make one!  It's wild!  But whatever works.  I wouldn't call them a craving, per say... just something that sounds good.  I like food though and just about any…

cupcake batter

I got this in an email today and I couldn't help but share it with you too...

The blurb on the email said this:  "How sweet of the owner who grabbed a camera instead of chasing the puppy away."

I love it!

Sprout's Route | Week 16

How am I feeling? Feeling pretty good still.  I had a cold that I was battling, but I'm doing much better now!  I also have on and off headaches that having been driving me crazy too, but I'm doing better about managing them.

Food:  I love it!  Especially sweets!  I've been on a mexican kick and a baked potato kick.  I also have a thing for frozen drinks and fries.  I don't talk about them as cravings... It's just what sounds good.

Dreams: I've had these off and on lately, but according to my husband, I'm a really heavy sleeper.  To the point that when I'm almost snoring and he yells "Oh My God, Seriously!" and I still don't wake up!  I still get choked up laughing about him talking about it... I'm out like a light and he's up reading manuals in the garage.

Doctor: We go on the 27th to find out the sex!!

Weight: So far, I literally haven't gained a thing.  This is all according to my scale at work, but seriously, I've fluctuate…


Today is my last day of work before the new year.

It feels good to lead up to this break with lots going on!

We're painting the nursery, wrapping gifts, hanging out with family, celebrating the holidays, being together, having friends over for NYE and much more.

It's going to be a good break, but I can see it sweeping us by so quickly.  Starting tomorrow, I'm going to knock some of these things off my list... Including watching White Christmas, one of my favorite holiday movies.

my week

Toby is puking and isn't keeping much down.  We think the culprate is the rabbit poop in our yard.  He's on a bland diet and pepto.  He was doing better until last night at 9pm when he puking all over the kitchen, again.  It was so bad, I almost puked too.I'm getting nervous about shower dates.  I have a few friends that have said that they would want to help host.  Now if we could just get a date on the calendar, everything would be peachy!  I have 12 friends that are pregnant.  I don't want to have them overlap too much.  Not to mention my sister getting married too!  Showers will probably be every other weekend this year... like weddings were for us last year.I'm throwing around ideas for where to register.  I'm partial to Babies R Us because it's close, but I like the selection of Buy Buy Baby.  I've heard that Target is a pain to work with on returns so I'm steering clear.  My other option that I've thought about doing is an Amazon gift lis…

Winter Wonderland 2010

Here's our Winter Wonderland and all its glory...
Helping to decorate the tree...

My "less than 1/2 percent of alcohol" champagne that I'm going to partake in for New Years. It also has a little Santa suit, so cute.

My most favorite purchase this year... It was only $15.00... What a beautiful wreath for the inside of my front door!!

My dad's sleigh...

Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year!!

I'm suffering from CRS...

CRS = Can't Remember Shit.

I'm seriously having issues.

Last week we were at the DMV and Clerk or Courts and when asked to write down my social security number, I choked.  I couldn't remember it and before long I was writing down a number that I wasn't sure was even right.  I was a mess.  My husband was laughing at me but also (under his breath) saying "you've got to be kidding me write?"  It was so bad.  Even when I was asked a second time, I still said it to her wrong.  It was bad.

Then the next morning, I was driving into work and all of a sudden it came out and I realized that I was SO wrong.  I started with the wrong series and then put a different series in the middle.  Oh man.  It was bad.

Those that have been pregnant before say that this is called pregnancy brain.  I was in complete denial that this would even happen or that it even existed.  I was thinking that it was just another way for pregnant ladies to get away with somethings dumb... and …


We got blasted with some snow recently... nothing like Minnesota, but enough that it made the roads a mess.  I know that it's just a start of so much more that is yet to come our way...
Can't wait to make a snowman this year...

a purchase

Written on 7.24.09.
Because I just couldn't help myself, I purchased this bedding today (on July 24, 2009)!

I couldn't resist it and I bet you couldn't either based on the price!  The bumper was $13 and the quilt was $15, holy moly! You can't find these things for less than that! And, to say the least... I'm in love.

My goal was to make the nursery gender neutral and to incorporate aqua and red.  That has been my goal all along.  Now, for my husband.  He wanted to avoid polka dots and be more gender specific and he also wanted to incorporate the alphabet.  So far, this bedding has met all of those goals (except for the polka dots...).  I'm pretty happy with it!
Now, I just need to get my plan together...  Oh and we won't have this crib, we'll have a white Jenny Lind crib.
More on this another time...

Sprout's Route | Week 15


I'm actually 15 weeks and 4 days right now, but it's totally the current day!  So cool.

How am I feeling? I'm doing really well.  I'm not having as many food issues as I was, but they really just come and go.  I'm not craving anything, per say, but I'm just having food items that I just can't eat.  I'm not as bad as I was in my first trimester, end of my first trimester, but it's supposed to fade a bit now.

Other than that, my back is just hit of miss.  Some days it's really bad and other days it's like it doesn't exist.  I'm still working on getting to the right place for help on this back issue, just haven't made that plunge yet.  I'll probably worry about it in a few more weeks.

Weight: Surprisingly, I haven't gained anything yet.  I've had a few days where I was up a pound or two.  Then I dropped those pounds and I was back down to my normal "pre-pregnancy" weight.  I'm not doing an…

I want to be your friend...

I just wanted to remind you of this and it was Sarah over at For the Love... that was picking up what I was throwing down...

Blogging is about building relationships and talking to people/readers/bloggers through your blog/comments/emails.  If you restrict your blog friends from responding to your comments, your cutting off the relationship.  That hurts my feelings.  There are plenty of people that leave comments that I would love to respond to, but I get the which just makes me sad.

I've said it before and I'll link that post again, in case you need guidance.  If nothing else, create a blog email address and just have the emails go there, if you are worried about them clogging your regular email.  You can also see Sarah's post above that I linked for help too.

We just want to be your friend.  Darn it.

A reoccurring thought...

Today, I would be almost to the end of my first pregnancy with Spud.  I'd be wrapping up my appointments weekly and heading into the 36th week in just 3 days from now.

It's sort of crazy to think about this because while I know what happened, happened for a reason and the last thing that we wanted would be to keep that pregnancy and end up with bigger problems down the road.  And, it was just another hiccup that we were faced with that we have spent many hours overcoming.  We know that because of our miscarriage we became closer and we were challenged to work through another part of our relationship that we could've never planned for.  And we did it.  We made it through those horrible months and we continue to feel better with ever passing day.  We will never forget Spud.

It's interesting to think about how different our life would be right now.  We had talked about when we would've had showers/diaper parties and those dates had already passed.  We actually had a p…

Sprout's Route | Week 14

[written 12.7.10 - 14 weeks 4 days]

How am I feeling?  Right now, I'm 14 weeks and I'm feeling great!  I'm getting more and more tired but I can't tell if that's because my animals are keeping me up or what.  William is doing a lot better and through the last week we've started to leave him out at night.  This works for a little while, but as soon as Toby gets up because I've moved or he's excited about a rabbit in the yard, everyone is up.  William starts meowing and before I know it, I'm taking his butt to the basment.  Other than that, I'm doing okay.  I just told a co-worker that I have a pinched nerve in my back that is giving me fits.  It's not all the time and it's mainly after I've spent the evening on the couch watching tv.  It must be the positioning of my body when on the couch, but either way, it's not fun.  I'm supposed to go see a physical therapist in a few weeks to have them work with this for me, we'll see…

Sprout's Route | Week 13

(Please ignore the cheesy smile... It's my husband's fault.)

Again, another quick update.  I had a hard time updating this week too, because it was Thanksgiving!

But the exciting part is that is when we told everyone!  And boy were they SHOCKED!

This is how the conversation went about HOW we were going to tell everyone:

Me: I think we should do something fun!

Him: Why does it have to be fun, why can't we just announce it?

Me: I want to do something fun.  We didn't do anything fun the last time (aside from the text) so I want to do something fun.

Me: What if we had aprons that had "bun in the oven" on them and we just waited for people to notice?

Him: No, that's too much work.

Me: I've got it!  Let's put a t-shirt on Toby and have him tell our news to everyone when they are all here for thanksgiving?

Him: Ok, where do we get that?

Me: Online, might not get it in time...

Him: Then no.  Let just do something simple, please.

Me: Okay, what?

Him: Let&…

Sprout's Route | Week 12

Honestly, after the 10th week I stop writing these updates because I was being consumed at work and my lunch hours were becoming work hours and I didn't have time.

But the one thing I wanted to note here is that we went to hear the heartbeat on the little monitor thing at the doctor and we heard it again!  We were a little nervous going into this appointment because we just wanted confirmation that everything was working.  It wasn't until we heard it that we could start to relax a little.  Things were working and working much more than they have before.

We were thrilled!

Sprout's Route | Week 10

[written 11.9.10 - 10 weeks and 4 days]

How am I feeling?

Doing better.  Still have a sore chest and while I'd like to believe that I'm starting to grow a bump, I have to remind myself that it's just a bloat thing that I'm getting right now.  At times, like after I eat, it seems a little larger than first thing in the morning.  I'm anxious to see how my body starts to take form.  It'll happen before I know it, but for now, I'm just anxious.


We're still staying steady at no gain and a little loss.  It's flucuating week to week so I'm not really holding my breath.  I'm sure that before long I'll start gaining and I won't be able to turn back...  And then that means that soon enough, I'll be reporting it here.  Oh joy!

I can tell things are changing and shifting though.  My legs don't feel bigger, but I can feel them fitting into pants differently.  I also feel like I'm already gaining on the top half too and as a res…

Sprout's Route | Week 9

[written 11.3.10 - 9 weeks, 5 days]

How am I feeling?

Peeing has slowed down a bit and I don't know if that's because I'm not getting enough liquids (which I know isn't the case) or my body is just getting use to the fact that I'm retaining and trying to flush more fluids than normal.  Either way, I'm a little glad it's not a frequent as it was.  My chest a little more sore than the past weeks and my stomach is starting to feel more and more bloated.  As of right now, we have about 2.5 weeks until we start to tell people.  At that point we'll be 12.5 weeks or something like that.  We're anxious to start saying something and the last couple of weekends with social events going on has been a little trying, but we're doing just fine.  I'm sure there are some people onto us now, but oh well...

We did have friends announce at our house about their pregnancy last week and it turns out that they are about 4 weeks behind us.  Yes, that makes them on …

Sprout's Route | Week 8

[written 10.26.10 - 8 weeks, 4 days]

I'm not showing, I'm not gaining weight and I'm trying very hard to stay positive.  I'm getting a little anxiety about approaching the upcoming days and weeks, but I know we'll be fine.  I have an appointment on Friday and I'm very much looking forward to that!  I'm hopeful that we'll hear the heart again and know that things are still doing very well.

Doctor Visits:

Oh yea, did I tell you yesterday (or the last time that I wrote) that we heard the heartbeat!  Well, even if I did, I'll tell you again!  We went in for our ultrasound and when we both heard the heartbeat, we both teared up.  I mean, we remember what it felt like last time, but we also weren't sure what this one would bring, so we tried to remain positive.  It was a great feeling when we heard it.  Unfortunately, my doctor had a schedule mix up and was running ULTRA late for her appointments so I had to walk out of my appointment with her …

Sprout's Route | Week 7

[written 10.20.10 - 7 weeks 5 days]

How am I feeling?

This week has been one of my better weeks.  I'm not really feeling sick-like anymore.  I don't have headaches like I was getting and I'm not really congested anymore either.  Now, I say that and then this morning, I didn't have a voice.  I'm pretty sure that's because I slept with my mouth open, so I can't really help that one.


Other than that, I'm starting to have these strange, really-real dreams.  They are so weird, but they make me more and more excited about Thursday's appointment!  I'm not kidding.  I really think that if I could base any truth from my dreams, I would really believe that I'm having twins.  I'm not kidding.  I have these dreams that are so real and I'm seriously having twins.  I don't know if it will have any effect on what really is happening, but it seems so real.  Realistically, though, I don't care either way.  As long as they are healthy an…

Sprout's Route | Week 6

[written 10.11.10 - week 6]

I told my husband yesterday that I can already tell that this pregnancy is different from the last and there are a couple of reasons why...

First, I'm getting these headaches all the time.  They are painful but if not medicated, they just last forever.  I'm able to take tylenol and that soothes the pain, but if it gets beyond that, I'm supposed to go to the dr.  I haven't gotten to that point yet, but I hope they start to trickle off because I'm getting a little tired of them.

The other thing is that whenever I think about this pregnancy, I for some reason, always think that we're having multiples.  I know that it's crazy talk, but you just never know and that's just the feeling that I have.  I realize that in just about 9 days I'll know for sure, but for now, it's fun to think about what life would be like.  Honestly though, one healthy baby is all we really want and if we get more than that, we'll be jumping for…