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Now this one is a little bizzar, but imagine halloween and having this up only for that time.  I think it would be perfect!

You can find this over at the Altered Posh Shop.

i need good vibes...

It's not you, it's me.
I've done this before, maybe not publicly but privately.  I just need to take a break.  I need a break from TTC blogs, from talk of miscarriages, from anything not successful or not positive.  This is going to include message boards too, especially related to TTC.  I cannot wrap my head around a positive outcome if constantly reminded of what happened to us.  I know it happened and I know it's happening to others, but I can't think about it right now.  I have to stay positive.
I'm not doing this to be mean.  I'm also not singling anyone out, there are plenty of blogs that I follow that I'm just going to cut the cord on for a little while.  I need good vibes.  I need happy endings.  I need positive.  I just can't take it today or this week.  It's adding up and it's only Tuesday... I'm having a hard time and I just need to be surrounded by good thoughts.
Can you send them my way?  Will you think positively for me an…

nice work

I may or may not have eaten 6 cups today within a 20 minute period.  I have a 10 pack on my desk and know that it sounded great at the time but now, I know I'll be the one eating the whole pkg.
I did share 2 but that doesn't count, right?
Nice work, J.  Nice work.

birthday wishes...

Happy Birthday Babe!
You're the best husband, my best friend and you deserve all the best...
I love you.


I just LOVE love love love LOVE the fall!  Love it.
This weekend, I'm very much looking forward to!  It's Sean's birthday weekend and we didn't plan anything for the entire weekend.  Why?  Well, because S doesn't want to do anything for his birthday.  It's the way he grew up doing birthdays and it's the way that we do them now too.  Not really.  I just like to let him think that I'm following his lead.  Really, I'm overjoyed to stay home and enjoy some of the things we long.
On Saturday, I'm meeting some neighborhood friends at the farmers market and then we're going to grab coffee and some girl time.  Then we're going to head to my house for lunch and the football game on our new tv.  We're hopeful that we'll also get to start working on painting my 1/2 bath.  I'm not changing the color, just want to add to it a bit.  I'll do a post on it when it's done.  I'm looking forward to doing it, but I'm a little sca…

another year older

The word you hate to hear... "another year older".

Not for me, but for my husband.

On October 25, he'll be the big 33!

Yes, I do understand that every year, whether you like it not, this age thing happens.  It's just what we were born to do and we do it. 

Him turning 33 is just another year for me that stings a bit.

When we got married, we thought by the time he's 30 and I'm 25 we'd really like to be having a child.  At the time when we were married, I was 21 and he was 26 and 4 years into our marriage seemed like the right time to crank things up.  Yes, we were young when we were married and we're still young now; however, when you're looking into the future and envisioning where you'll be in 5 years, that's where we wanted to be.

Obviously, that road was turned a bit for us and now almost 7 years into our marriage, we stand here still childless.  We'd like to think that someone else has another plan for us and we try very h…

Foto Fun Friday Part 9

This is a table setting that I saw at a antique store that I loved.  I love the use of the ball jars... So pretty.

a year

Do you watch their show on E?  If you haven't, it's basically about their life as busy professionals living in different cities, but the biggest variable that they talk about is infertility.  While I get they are struggling, I don't like they put so much emphasis on "we've been trying for a year and it's just really hard".  My issue (aka: my opinion) is that it gives false hope to people that have been trying for 6 to 12 months that they are now infertile.  This isn't the case.  And, most of us don't have the funds that they do and aren't able to dive right into IUIs and IVFs.  It's just not in the budget.  While I enjoy the show, that is the only bit that just gets under my skin.

I know what infertility is like.  I know what trying for a year feels like with no positive pregnancy test.  I know what 4 years of that feels like.  I've done it.  So, in that case, I feel like I have the right to form an opinion about this.  I'…


Could these {seriously} be any cuter?

I don't know how comfy they would be if you had to walk in them but they would probably keep someone's toes pretty warm! 

Plus, who couldn't resist the matching hat!

You can find these and many more over at Part Time Diva's Shop.


Do you have this problem in your neighborhood?  Or have you seen it on sidewalks before and thought, who DOES that?  Well, it's a problem in our neighborhood and it's not just on one street.  It's on multiple.  I just don't understand it.
Oh the problem?  People letting their dogs use the restroom where ever there want to and usually ending up on the sidewalk.  It's probably someone who doesn't want to walk the dog and when they do, it inevitably needs to use the bathroom and the dog owner doesn't have a bag.  So what do they do, rush the process along ending up with poop all over the sidewalks. 
If you can't own a dog and do the proper dog owner things, then you shouldn't have a dog.  This is gross, irresponsible and embarrassing for all parties.  Not only are you doing it and others are walking through it, but then you leave it to the homeowner of the house with the sidewalk that your dog just crapped on to get rid of it, …

Leslie Joy Evans

I came across this blog through the Faces of Loss website.  I think they posted the picture below on fac.ebo.ok and it just caught my eye (I mean, what a beautiful bride).  That morning, I had no idea what I have clicked on and before I know it, I was weeping at my desk at home.

Anyway, you have to go over to this blog and read about her story.  You will be absolutely blown away.  I know that she's not the only one that this has happened to, but it touched me at the time and I wanted to share it with you too.
Support, learn and read about Leslie Joy Evans and her family, over here on this blog.

halloween board.

Isn't this so cute!  It might be too late to crank this one out this year but maybe you could plan for next year?  Or you could change the colors around and make it for another holiday or something...

You can find how to make this over here...  Too cute!  You should check out the rest of her blog too.  So many cute things that won't take a lot of time, if you have the supplies.  Some cute things that would be good for kids to do too.  Check it out!

Foto Fun Friday Part 8 [on Saturday]

This one makes my mouth water.
This is the lemon pound cake that my mom made for me for my 28th birthday!  So yummy!

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Rememberance Day

From the "I am the Face" website...

Ways to Celebrate Oct. 15th:
Light a candle for your lost child(ren). Do aballoon release with your family and/or friends. Give each person a note card to write a message to your child(ren), and attach to the balloons.Plant a tree in honor of your child(ren).Participate in a planned Oct. 15th event in your area. The way that we are going to celebrate is by being together, sharing our hopes and dreams for what could've been and remind ourselves how lucky we were to have spent 9 weeks and 4 days with our first, Spud.

We plan to plant a tree at some point, but haven't found the right kind of tree or the right location yet.  Someday we'll put it together, but for now, we're still planning.

Here's a link about our loss and what we're remembering today...

Happy Hopefuls - Our Loss

Here are some links to reference for today...

I Am The Face

Faces of Loss

Remembering our Babies, October 15th

Pregnancy and Infant Loss/Remembrance…

Country Living 2010 | Part 3

And this brings me to the close of our 2010 Country Living Fair experience.
Earlier in my series you noticed this same picture but from the other side and you could see more clearly the wooden flowers that were stuck in the hay bails.  Well, come to find out, for $5.95 you can have one for yourself and make it yourself [with some guidance] too!  At first, I wasn't ready to spend $5.95 on it and by the end of the day and the end of my cash, I still was talking about it.  So my friend Lori bought it for me, because she's a good friend and she knows that I loved every minute of it!

Shown below, in all of our concentration, Wendy, Arlene [her darling, sharp, & smart little shopper/helper] and me trying our skill at our very own Longaberger flower...

This shows a better picture of our guide.
Man, I'm really into it.  I think I'm concerning Arlene with my concentration.

And here we are with our final products.  As you can tell, Wendy did hers a little different than min…


These are so cute! 

And there are so many more at their store...  But here are a few for your enjoyment.

From the Sew English Shop...

Aren't these great?!?