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I'm taking a Business Grammar class this quarter.

I was already cringing at the thought of taking this class but knew that it would be helpful and that I have just to just muster up the courage to push through.

After the first class, I felt a little lost but knew that I would be back on track after a few exercises and things.

Once I took the pretest to the chapters we reviewed, all it did was confirm how poorly I write OR how bad I am at picking out the proper techniques.  It's awful and so far, I'm fearful as to how this quarter will pan out.

Not only that, but I was hoping that it would help me in my work writing as well as on here, but I'm not going to make ANY promises. 

This should be interesting...........

did you put them away?

Yesterday, I went to the store on the way home.

I brought everything inside, including the groceries and my gym bag.

I went into change my clothes and start making dinner.

When I came back into the kitchen, I was looking all over the place for the groceries.

I couldn't find them.  I asked my husband if he had put them away and then went back into the bedroom seeing if I had left them there.  Then as I came back into the kitchen asked "did I put them away?"

I looked in the fridge and still couldn't find them.

Then, I realized, that yes, I had put them away.  It was the first thing I did when I walked in and when I looked in the fridge to only see 1 yogurt container, I remembered that I had bought applesauce this time and not yogurt.  Which then reminded me that I had put them away.

After this realization, we laughed out butts off for like 5 minutes.

I'm retarded.


How could you not already be in love with this item, based on their store name?

The Tiny House's Shop

And their Wee Little Acorn.

OMG, that's so cute!  Any perfect for fall decorating!


I went on our normal walk/jog with my husband.  We've been doing this for several weeks now and while I'm not a huge fan of running (since I've not been doing it as much lately), I try to do it and have him push me. 

Yesterday was a really good day and I could tell that the gym was paying off.  I had to run up a couple of hills and in the past it would just kill me.  I would have to almost stop and walk up them because it was painful.  Anyway, yesterday was great and felt great! 

I'm so glad to feel the results.  Now, if I could just get the scale to move!

Note: I've been going to the gym 3 to 4 times a week for the last 3 weeks.


I wanted to introduce you to these lovely "new to blogging" ladies:

M, is a friend who I've known for several years now and I think we bonded over a candle at a friends house.  She was smelling it, I thought it was funny but made her feel weird about it and then our conversation went on from there.  We would see each other from time to time and now her and her husband live in our same town.  Over the last few months or year, our relationship has grown.  Our husbands love spending time together and it's even better for them when we're not around because they know that we like to talk.  They'd rather enjoy their beverage and chill. 

She started a blog not too long ago to document her wedding planning, woes and high points and now she's living the married life and transitioning into that new journey on her blog.

You can find M over at Salutations, please go and read and comment!  She is awesome and I'm sure that you all would love her, her style and her…

Country Living Fair 2010

After last year and all the fun we had, we can't wait to go again and it's already THIS WEEKEND!  Actually it STARTED yesterady and it's going on RIGHT NOW!!

Here's the link if you need more info about 2010's fair.

And if you plan on coming and want to meet up for lunch or find a deal that you need to share, email me and we'll exchange numbers so that we can meet up!  I'm hoping to see (if not go with) Lori from T.W.I.T, Wendy from A Couple More Hours, Mattie from Salutations, and Amy from abk design.

Should be a good time and I'm looking forward to it very much.  My plan is to go with my mom and sister and either meet up with those that are there or have them ride along.  Either way, I don't mind.  I just have to remember a bag, a wallet, money, my phone and a camera!

Happy Saturday and Go Bucks!

Foto Fun Friday Part 5

This one just confirms that there is a farm girl inside of me screaming to get out...  Could we get some more pictures of farm animals or what?

I took a picture of the baby sheep at the fair... How stinking cute is this?

upon us

Where I live, we get all four seasons and we rarely miss a season.  Believe me there are still winters that will give me nightmares because of how bad the roads were.... And as of right now, fall is really upon us and that makes me so happy. 

Don't get me wrong, I love the summers but when fall arrives, it just makes all those miserable rides home in my 1991 Honda go away.  Being able to drive home without sweating through my clothes really is a dream and being able to have the windows open for weeks at a time with only closing them for a rain shower or two.  Who wouldn't love that?

Not only that, but it's football season and in central Ohio, it's kind of a big deal.  I look forward to the days of jeans and hooded sweat shirts, cookouts, beers in cozies, hanging out with friends and enjoying the cool breeze.

I think that every time this season comes around, I mention how much I love it because it really is just my most favorite time of the year.

I'm hoping that th…


I don't know my style.  Every time I turn around, there is something different that catches my eye and makes me fall in love.  It's not necessarily something that I would love to have but it's just so darn cute!  And with the wedding planning going on for my sister, it makes me think that this would be pretty cute for a gift.  Maybe not for her.  I know my good friend Nikki would love something like this!  That or her mom.

Isn't that just darling?
You can find this over at the Bragging Bags' Shop.

submit your story

A couple weeks ago, I got a link from a friend's sister in law.  I went there, thought it was cool and then decided a few days later that I was going to do it.

Here's the link to OUR STORY.

So cool!

are you there?

I'm admitting failure.

My first giveaway was a flop.

I mean, I had a winner, she and I have been in contact because it's been a wild ride the last few months and I haven't been able to devote any time into making something.  I decided that I wasn't going to have time and have since put together a little package to send to her.  Then when I went to locate her, her email, her home address... the email was gone!  And then when I thought I found it, I deleted it on accident (in my spam folder).  GAH!

So, if this is your comment and you know who you are!  Then contact me, because I failed.

Comment from winner Amy:

Hi Jill, my name is Amy and I stumbled on your blog. I related to you instantly because I too have always wanted children and have gone through years of infertility treatment. All along with the docs telling me there was nothing medically wrong. I believe it was one of the factors that ruined my marriage.. because until you have lived with infertility you cannot u…


I know this is really a hit blog these days, but I just can't get over how cute these pictures are.  Have you see them?

You can find them here at Mila's Daydreams.

October 15th

It's approaching very quickly.

October 15th,  Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.

It's a big day, a day to remember those that have lost.

I am the face

More info on Oct 15th.

Foto Fun Friday Part 4

This one is just fun!
We went to the fair and this was one of the cakes to be voted on for the best in show (?).  Anyway, isn't it great!  Maybe a little over the top for a wedding cake, but still really fun!

it will be okay

This week would've marked my 23 week of my 1st pregnancy.  It's amazing to think how I would be progressing at this point.  While it still aches to think about the moment I had with our baby, I know that it's all for the better.  The last thing I would've wanted to do was to progress with an unhealthy baby.  And again, if nothing else, it was a positive experience as a result of almost 4 years of trying.

Today, we are enjoying ourselves, trying like mad and hoping that we have another positive result on the horizon.  It's weird to be here already, but it's life.  I find myself just hoping that everything goes as it should and my body remembers how it all went down the last time.

It will work out.  It will be okay.  I will be a mother, someday.

Something you should look into is you've experienced loss.... Faces of Loss.


Look, at Etsy update from a few weeks ago that I did for Wendy on her blog...


That was easy...

cardio theatre

I joined a gym, my membership wasn't supposed to start until October, but they screwed up and now it's on.

I've been last week on Wednesday in the AM, Thursday during lunch and Saturday afternoon.

I went again today and so far I feel good.  My right shin is hurting from all the walking/jogging/running but it will work itself out, right?

I wanted to share that my most favorite part about my job is that they have a cardio theatre that is dark and big like a movie theatre but instead of chairs, they have 3 types of cardio machines (treadmill, elliptical and bikes).  It's so great, especially for those that don't really want to be seen when working out.  Those meat heads are just so intimidating!

Feeling good though and loving the gym membership!

cherry on top AWARD

Thanks to my nestie friend Lori, I received this ubber cute award!  It's been a while since the blog awards have gone around but I'm pumped to have been given this!  Thank you!

In order to accept and receive this blog, I have to answer 1 question (piece of cake, right) then forward it onto fellow bloggers... So here goes:
1. If you had a chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be?
This is a loaded question, if I do say so myself!  Although I strive to be very honest through everything in this blog, our journey and our life.  There are still some pieces and parts that are missing.  Some things that I don't think to share or some things that I just want to keep private.

With that said, the one thing that I would go back and change would be the first few years of our marriage.  We had a rocky start.  We were young.  We were still figuring out what our life's goals were on a personal level and not as a couple.  We were hard on each …


After my boss pulled me into a conference room this morning to ask how I was doing.  I wanted to remind myself when he said.  "You will never get everything done."
So even on days when I feel like that little guy in the picture, I have to remember, I will only get done what I can and when I can't get it done, I'll remember it will just on another day.
Between things at home, summer ending, taking care of our cat, busy weekends, co-workers having babies, hiring a temp, training a temp, trying to complete my own tasks and still do a good job at all of those things, I've been feeling like this hampster.  It's been an adjustment and while I feel like I'm getting nothing done, I know that's not the case.  It's just learning to manage it all and adjusting to all the change.
It will get done, just not today.

Foto Fun Friday Part 3

The day Mr. Hope sent flowers for no particular reason.

Other than to make me smile and love him more.
Please forgive me and my messy desk.  After I took this picture, I cleaned it up.

Updated 9/13/10:
Actually, my husband sent these to me for a very good reason.  Because I was having a hard week.  I was dealing with a lot emotionally and he knew even though it was something I didn't have control over and something that I've had to deal with time and time again, that he had to just let me cry it out.  And he did.  The night before these flowers came.  He just hugged me and let me vent my frustrations, even though he didn't see why I was so mad over something that really means nothing, in the whole scheme of things. 
It was really nice, and even though I teared up at my desk, it made me feel better.  And it reminded me that everything will be fine.  What is bothering me now will pass and things will be okay.
I love that man and I'm so glad he's mine.


Remember when I was telling you about my 28th birthday and the quilt that my mom madefor me but hadn't been able to finish, not only because of time but because of the lack of the right tools.  Well, my aunt did finish it, like I had said and she used this fabric on the back.

She wanted to make it a surprise and so she took my aunt and sister to pick it out and I couldn't be more happy with it.  The front is all hand stitched quilting that my mom did after I was born, what a memory that will be...
So, because I was so excited about it, I thought it would be fun to incorporate it into some other items that I might want or need in the future.  So I went to my obsession site to search for this fabric.  Lucky for me there were tons of options.
I found this:

A diaper/wipes case that you could easily carry on your wrist to a bathroom to change your little bug or throw in your purse for a quick trip or in your diaper bag, just for back up.  Cute, right?  Especially with the green app…


In Erin's most recent post, regarding some frequently asked questions, she mentioned some things that I wanted to document.  Not only were her point very useful, but the point that Nautical by Nature used, were also very helpful.

If you look at Nautical by Nature's post, take a look at #1.  To me this is most important because it's a quick and easy way to get back in touch with those that are ready your online journal blog.  If you can't reach out to them, it makes it difficult to connect with your readers on a more personal level.

While my blog doesn't have the same amount of followers that these blogs do, I still enjoy my readers and love to be able to reach back to them when they leave a comment that deserves a reply.  It's one easy step you can do and like they suggest.  Just open and new email just for your blog.  Nothing special, just a place to connect with your online readersbestiesstalkersfamily friends.

Read these posts and educate yourself a little m…


The other day, Wendy, posted about some more halloween finds on etsy.  I'm a huge fall fan and love to decorate and I was just eating up the pumpkin pillow she posted!  So I went over to the Uneek Pillows Shop and absolutely FELL IN LOVE!

Look at these:

I have an Americana theme running throughout my house. It's not over kill, just something that I love and spread through my house.

This is perfect for me, especially since I dream of being a farm girl...
And lastly, for the love of fall...

And the best part is that the price point ROCKS! 
Go check them out!  I'm sure you'll find one to suit your fancy...


Well, this sucks...

September 5, 2010.

in the saddle

Okay, so after last Friday when I thought I was approaching the promise land with my cycle coming, IT DID!  Full flow on Saturday and everything went as normal!  It was AMAZING!

It's sort of overwhelming to think that we're really back in the saddle again.  Our goal is to do everything that we can do in order to hopefully get pregnant as soon as we can.  There's obviously no guarantee that it will work immediately, but you just never know.

It's an exciting and nervous feeling to be here again, so soon, but we're happy and we're moving forward.

Foto Fun Friday Part 2

This is from our side/back yard.  This project my husband completed during his summer break.  We're working our way around our house making these little capped beds to make the landscaping look a little more appealing.  I thin it looks great and can't wait for the rest of the beds to look the same!

skirts vs. pants

In the summer, I find myself wearing skirts and dresses a lot more often than pants or jeans, especially to work.  The reason is because they are just more comfortable and because when I drive home in my car that doesn't have a/c I want to be cool.

Well, the other day I went to Ann Taylor Loft and hit some deals.  I bought 3 tops and 2 dresses for $36.96!  It was great.  The next few days I wanted to wear my new items, so I did.

I put on my bigger dress pants, thinking they'll fit...

Well, they were a little snug.  Throughout the day, I was thinking, "I've got to lose some weight and work off these thighs again, it's getting out of control."  And it is.  We're been walking 7 to 8 miles a week and running 3 to 4 miles a week.  It's been fun but I obviously need to either do it more or watch more closely what I'm eating.

Last week, I noticed that I did lose 5 lbs since we've been doing this.  So I just have to keep it up.  Our goal was to just d…


Again with the baby item...

But how can you resist?

The only issue with this listing is that you actually have to make these cute bibs yourself.  I'm warming up to the fact that someday I could sew but as of right now, I'm dealing with not-a-clue-where-to-start issues.

This shop has FABULOUS items, and all are patterns.  But how cute are those?!?!  And they probably are fairly easy, you just have to be creative with the fabric!

You can find these and many more at the Precious Patterns shopand lucky for you, this pattern is on sale!  GO GET IT!!!